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  1. Thanks again for the comments, they are all very encouraging, especially during the periods where enthusiasm is lacking. I always try to finish my projects as though they have just left the factory and then allow them age with use, which I don't think will take long with the tank, bearing in mind that you have to climb all over it to get in and out. Talking of which, climbing in and out to work on the interior plays havoc with the knees, I will be glad to get the upper hull off again and sit it on it's stand to finish things off. Not much to report as I have been getting on with some other projects but I have managed to make the engine compartment hinges and the lifting hooks and the rest of the resin was delivered on Friday, so back to casting next week. Jon
  2. Evening All, Sorry John if it were easy I would put it on just for you but I am afraid that you will have to wait. The upper hull has had it's attachment flanges added and the whole structure has been bolted to the lower hull. I have manufactured and welded the track guard brackets to the upper hull, so now the tract guards are secure. Most of the rear engine deck has been completed but it needs removing to finish welding the inside edges. The cover on the left covers the radiator and air exhaust tract. I have had to add a hole that wasn't on the original in order to access the fan belt tensioner. The large access panel below that, gives access to the fan and the fan belt tensioner locking nut. This cover also houses the radio operators escape hatch, which itself is part of the cooling system and contains a fresh air inlet for the radiator. The cover seemed to take ages, as I had to work out what the hinges looked like and how they worked, so that they gave clearances for opening. The radio operators means of escape is very tight, as you can see. The cover to the right covers the engine bay. I was worried about access to the engine but although tight, everything seems fairly accessible. In the righthand side of this cover there are air vents that allow the fan to draw air over the engine. The air is the drawn through the fan and exhausted out of the rear of this same cover. And there endeth the lesson for today. Jon
  3. A lovely vehicle and something that I would really enjoy restoring but way over priced for it's condition. I can just imagine the conversation with my dear wife. Jon
  4. That really does look the dogs dangly bits! Jon
  5. Yes, I only spray with it and it gives a nice finish. Jon
  6. I use a polyurethane matt, which is in actual fact slightly satin and very hard wearing. The company mix which ever colour you want and it's £57 for 5 litres. https://tools-paint.com/7-511-polyurethane-matt-topcoat-5-litre-18765-p.asp jon
  7. Evening All, Six road wheels finished and now I have to wait for more polyurethane. This is the new Panzer ll sports model. Today we pushed the hull outside to give the track guards a coat of under coat and to put the upper hull in place so that I can start to construct the engine deck. Someone asked me how I had made the turret ring, well this was my design. A series of bearings spaced around the turret ring circumference, eight vertical and eight horizontal bearings trapped between an upper and lower flange, so that the turret can't come off. When I described what I had manufactured, I was told that it was the same as on an American Stuart light tank but as I have never seen a Stuarts turret ring, I can't comment. Jon
  8. Plan John, did someone mention a plan, I thought I made it up as I went along. In truth the tracks are the one unknown. I could try to find enough originals or have some cast or even fabricate them, cost is a huge factor. So now you know as much as I do and that's not a lot, lets wait and see what turns up. Jon
  9. Thanks for the comments It was obvious from early on, that the retaining clips that go around the exterior of the mould weren't going to give a very long life, so after casting the second tyre I decided to make a modification. It's a much better solution. My wood workshop has now become a casting shop for the duration and one of the other water tanks has become a make shift oven for drying the wheels after washing. Jon
  10. Afternoon Again, Several years ago I bought a small shot blast cabinet but as my projects get bigger, I have out grown it. I have been looking at larger commercial cabinets but they seem very expensive for a box, so I thought that I would make one. When we bought the house there were several galvanised water tanks around the land which I was tempted to scrap but instead, I shoved them in a hedge for safe keeping. The larger one is an ideal size, the shot media reservoir is an old bucket welded underneath and the door some 3/4 ply that was left over from another project. I bought the gloves but made the arm hole surrounds from some odd bits of steel. It's all a bit bodge it and scarper but it works really well. Jon
  11. Afternoon All, First road wheel out of the mould. Jon
  12. Oh, as usual, after months of searching and just as I finish, a possible supplier of the correct plate has been located.
  13. All of a sudden it has grown and made, what would appear to be, a massive leap forward. The remainder of the resin has arrived, so I can now cast the tyres on road wheels. next job is to get the upper hull in place and start fabricating the engine deck. Jon
  14. Evening All, I have started fabricating the track guards, they are not as straight forward as one would think and as I haven't got the machinery neccassery to bend steel angle there is a lot of fabricating to do. The retaining brackets are a multitude of different angles and took quite a bit of research but I think that they are some where near. I haven't had any luck finding the correct steel for the guards at a sensible price, so at present I am just going to use modern diamond tread plate but I am making them in such a fashion that if some plate in the correct pattern does become available, it won't take much to change them. It took ages to find a horn of the correct diameter and I thought the chrome effect would look quite flashy in a combat situation. The piece of tube sticking out is a stop for the drivers hatch and will have a rubber bung in the end when I have made it.
  15. Thanks for the thought mtskull, it's something that I have never paid much attention to, how it works is a mystery and for others to decide but I suppose, as in real life, it depends on how your face fits. As for fizzers, I have no idea what that means. Jon
  16. Sorry it didn't work very well so I have changed it to a youtube video https://youtu.be/LyIzzA4MhoU
  17. Thanks all, hopefully the detail will add to the realism of my creation. Today, was the day, when it was all tested. Sorry for the sound quality in the video, it's the camera's fault. Everything worked as it should do, there were no oil leaks, so I am a happy man. Although there are some small modifications that I am going to make. Now that the engine has a load on it, even if it is no where near what it will have to deal with, it's exhaust note has changed and is quite pleasant, in a noisy sort of gruff way. https://youtu.be/LyIzzA4MhoU
  18. Personally, I don't see a problem with what you have done. Keep up the good work. Jon
  19. Evening All, In truth there's not a lot to show you at the moment, I have stripped the front interior out of the tank in readiness for testing the final drive set up and I am in the process of reinstalling everything but this time the drive chain will be in it's finished state. I have rebuilt the final drives and waiting for some parts to be delivered before I can fill the steering box with oil. I am on the third and final version of the steering box filler cover, that's it, no more changing my mind. I have also made a more representative version of the Morse key holder, as it was pointed out earlier in the thread that this item was originally adjustable, well now it is. Jon
  20. Sorry, I am not sure that I understand the question, do you mean for the gun sight? Thanks, I was indeed very lucky to be taught in the old school of engineering and I am very lucky to have the space to create but it is never too late to learn and there are plenty of small projects waiting to be undertaken. Jon
  21. S Still very nice and looks like a well done project, lets just hope that they are honest regarding what it actually is unlike some others. Jon
  22. Hello Alfie and welcome, I like the DKW, it's very nice indeed. Jon
  23. I don't know about hobby weld I use the large commercial bottles. Jon
  24. I bought one new for £80 and it was well worth the cost, especially looking ta the amount of welding you have got to do. Jon
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