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  1. Thanks Niels, i have already been given their contact details on another forum but i have yet to make contact with them. Evening All, I have been concentrating on the petrol tank cover, on the original this was an armoured cover welded to the hull, access to the fuel tank would have been from under the tank via a removable plate in the floor. To remove the cover in mine, you would have to lift the top of the hull but I have added inspection, maintenance covers for the fuel sender and the fuel pump. I have also made the cover in two parts so that I can gain access to the engine electrics without having to remove the whole cover. Jon
  2. Thanks John but the Panzer II and III are totally different monsters, I have emailed the Tank Museum to see if they hold any information. I have finished the floor in the crew compartment and the battery box and yes I know the tread plate is the wrong pattern but I couldn't find any of the right patterned stuff. Jon
  3. Not brave just stupid. The vehicle has been so cut around that there seems little point in trying to restore it to it's former glory, so as I liked the model of a portee that I made when I were a nipper, I thought why not. Interesting history thank you David. At about the time that I removed the cab, we found out that my 85 year old Mother has a rather bad case of cancer which has spread and is so advanced that there is nothing that can be done. She is now living with us but her loss of mental faculties is affecting her more than the cancer and she is relying on me more and more, with the result that I have very little time to spend on any of my projects. Hopefully I have many years in which to complete my projects but as I don't know how much longer my mother has, my earthly encumbrance's must go to the back of the que. Jon
  4. Any pictures of how the actual restoration of the vehicle is going? Jon
  5. I think that if Land Rovers didn't exist, there would be a lot of half empty fields at Military shows and anyway Land Rovers are like Marmite, either you love them or hate them, but for me you can't beat the old ones. Jon
  6. This is a long shot I know but I am looking for details, pictures of the munitions storage in a late Panzer ll Ausf C. I have a copy of the storage plan or Beladeplan, dated 1038 but that shows the storage for saddle drum magazines for the MG34 and not the canvas Gurtsacs as used in the later versions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have emailed the Tank museum and I am awaiting a response. Jon
  7. Evening, I have achieved bugger all this week, part from adding the floor supports in the crew compartment. The floor is raised to allow for services and a rotary connection that attaches to the commanders chair support. Jon
  8. Not very good in my opinion. It states that you should inform the appropriate national authority but who is that, I cant see an address, email or otherwise. I assume that this is likely to be the local plod, which means the next step would be to licence all deacts, I wonder why they didn't do that in the first place. This will not solve the perceived problem as only the law abiding will comply. Jon
  9. Evening, I have managed to get the drive shaft cover finished. It took two attempts, as I decided that although the first design looked more in keeping with the original, it would have been a right pain had I had to take it apart for maintenance. Jon
  10. I had the same problem with my CMP HUP, in the end I had some made by this company: https://www.gbengineering.co.uk/wp-content/themes/theme49645/images/logo.png They offer a very good service and unlike some they actually deliver the goods on time. Jon
  11. In the original tank between the brake drums there was an extraction pipe that was connected to the radiator cooling fan via hoses, the idea was that the suction caused by the fan, would draw heat and fumes from the brake drums. I know in my vehicle none of this works but I made it because I wanted to. Jon
  12. Evening, While it was raining today, I made the holding bracket for the magnetic light canister, a nice little detail that needed making. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I must try harder in future.
  13. Evening All, I have at last finished the brake assembly, well apart from 5 springs. John F pointed me in the right direction for the magnetic light, container and holding bracket, so my thanks to him. I couldn't find a tin of the correct dimensions but I did have an old bit of tube. And I have got a lathe so...…. The light is nicely dated 1940 so now that I have an original item, my Panzer ll must be original. The Holding container is a lot bigger than the lamp but apparently the lamp should have 6 meters of cable attached, so I assume that with the plug this would fill the container. Jon
  14. Hello Gary, For some reason I have only just found this post, so please forgive me for not responding. I feel your pain, I had the same problem when I started, no one would give me the slightest help, it was so frustrating. One owner at a show even wanted to charge me £15 for taking pictures of a HUP. Then one day I had a message from a gentleman from Canada, one Robert Morrison who had a HUP, he offered to take pictures that would include a tape measure to help me with the dimensions. Without his help, I still wouldn't be finished. My intention had been to do a complete set of drawings for the body and then post them for everyone's future reference but when I mentioned this to another member his response was " they haven't helped you, so f..k them, I wouldn't help them". It's not the right attitude but at that point I lost heart and gave up. If you would like a copy of the pictures, let me know. Jon
  15. John have you got a link to the descriptions that you mention. Jon
  16. Thanks John, I am not sure if that is actually the correct light but the dimensions look very close. I think more research is required. Jon
  17. Evening All This is the plate that I was referring to in my last post, having made and fitted the plate it answers a question. One thing that has always bothered me was, what would happen to all those bolt heads should an impact occur on the side of the tank, in the real tank world. One would have thought, that some would have sheared off and ricocheted around the inside of the tank, causing injury or death. Now that I have made this plate, I think that I understand. The plate, along with several others, are not bolted directly to the hull side but stand off by about 20mm, in other words there is a gap between the hull and the plate, if there is an impact and the heads are sheared off the plate would stop them from flying around. The plate should hold a first aid kit, that's the horizontal box, a tool kit, which I have yet to make, a spanner, feldflasche, and a magnetic lamp. I need help with the magnetic lamp, Item "a" in the first picture, I cant find any pictures of one so, HELP!!!! Jon
  18. Welcome to the forum John, i am glad that you have enjoyed my project so far and i hope that you will in the future. There are some other fantastic projects that other members are currently undertaking, so when you are on the forum take a look at those as well as they are very inspiring. I have done a bit more work to the brake drums, just to try and make them look more realistic really. There is a plate, that is bolted to the hull just behind the brake drums, it carries items of equipment, I need to replicate this plate and bolt it into position before I finish the brake drum linkage just in case it causes clearance issues. Jon
  19. Thanks Bob and Enigma, your support is much appreciated. I managed to get the brake drum cover finished today. Jon
  20. Evening All, I have been trying to get out of this corner but it's been a very time consuming process. The first part of the drive shaft cover is on and the fake brake drums are now secured in place, the vertical bracket securing the drive shaft cover wasn't on the original and will be hidden by a cover that goes over the area. That's it for now, Jon
  21. Thanks Highland_ laddie. It might but there isn't space to get a fag paper between the steering box and the hull side on the right hand side. Thanks for the support.
  22. Thanks nightmare, I have already emailed James earlier in the year but he wasn't available at the time, I have every intention of paying him a visit in the near future. Jon
  23. Fake brake bands, obviously not perfect but they give the right inpression i hope. Jon
  24. I suppose that I will have to as I can't imagine finding one cheap.
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