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  1. Thanks for the input everybody, I think I heave all the information that I require. David, I have put an oil cooler in for the steering box but because of it's position it will probably be of little use. I couldn't fit it under the radiator with the others, so If it is actually required, I intend to fit the dust extraction / cooling ducts, that were on original PZll's. These ducts ran from behind the radiator, where the fan caused suction, to the steering brakes. My plan would be to fabricate a housing around the oil cooler and connect a duct to this housing, of course how efficient it would be is open to debate and testing. You can see the duct in the picture below. Jon
  2. It's hard to imagine that the steering box holds 26.7 ltrs of oil but that is what is states. Jon
  3. Thanks Andy, It's for my panzer 2 replica so I didn't think that buying a manual was worth while. I saw a video on you tube which showed the dip stick but my unit hasn't got an integral dip stick so I assume that the 430 series has a reservoir for the steering box oil which is where the dip stick is situated. Jon
  4. Can anyone tell me what grade of oil to use in a 430 series steering box and how much should I put in. Thanks in advance, Jon
  5. Thanks Steve and Steve, Detent, latch, both describe the "thingy", at the time I had a complete mind blank. That's what happens being male and having to multi task. Jon
  6. Evening All, The gear shift lever is now attached to the chassis and connected to the gearbox, it all seems to operate smoothly. The next question was what to do with the shift lever knob either the original Jaguar sports look, a furry bunnies head or something more Germanic, obviously the bunnies head won, not really. Two images from surviving tanks , the knob on the right hand image is not, as far as I can ascertain, original. I think the knob would have been Bakelite but I haven't got one so I decided to make from steel. Under the knob there is a thing ( I don't know what to call it) that you lift in order to release the shift lever, enabling you to change gear. I forgot to take any pictures of it as I made it. The completed shift lever assembly. Jon
  7. Thanks for all the comments, as I have already bought a clansman system I have ordered a throat mike, head set which hopefully I can rearrange to look like a ww2 panzer set. Jon
  8. Thanks Dean. What about using throat mikes ? Jon
  9. Why have you given up on your dreams before you have really started, it seems such a shame and £12,000 for a restoration project, I think that you may be disappointed but who knows. Anyway, good luck, jon
  10. Silly question but how good is the opposite rail now that you have taken the kink out of this one? Jon
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