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  1. Evening All, A week of lock down done and I heard on the radio it could last for 13 weeks, so progress will slow right down but it will continue until the materials run out. I have finished the mould for the drive wheels, it's made on the same principle as the return roller mould but bigger. I am worried that because of the amount of polyurethane required, about 6.5 litres, it will have problems filling from a single pour and although I am loth to use a double pour, I have constructed the mould with two pouring holes. Jon
  2. Bloke near me built a barn to keep cattle in, he never owned or had any cattle, then he applied for a house so that he could be on site 24/7, still no cattle. Then he applied to build 4 luxury holiday chalets in some woods above his house, extended the barns so his son could dismantle 4x4's. Recently he has carved up more wood land and extended the road ways for more holiday chalets, without planning. He is one of a group of locals that belong or have close links to the community council or as I refer to them "those that can do no wrong". As one ex-councillor told me, build it first and if someone complains, then apply for retrospective permission and 99% of the time it will be granted as the council can't afford court cases.
  3. You will struggle to insure a 17 year old on a classic policy unless you want to pay a lot of money, I have tried with my 17 year old son and given up. I use Lancaster insurance for two of my Land Rovers and Carole Nash for another but neither company would insure my son to drive. Jon
  4. Evening All, I hope that you are all safe and well. I haven't done much since the last update as the sun's been out and it's time to get the garden done. I have started the polyurethane casting mould for the road wheels but I am waiting for a new cutter to arrive for the milling machine and at the moment it takes a little bit of imagination to see the finished item. Apart from that, I now have eight track return rollers with tyres on but not finished, as the polyurethane takes about eight days to go off and I can't finish machine them until they have hardened. Jon
  5. Evening All, Well, I finally got my arse into gear and cast the first tyre on the return roller. It went fairly well, the only problem being that it was quite hard to free from the mould. I used a silicon release agent and as I couldn't get the roller to release from the base I ran a stanely knife around it, which scuffed the face but not badly and I can tidy it up, so no problem really. I spoke to the supplier today and they suggested using Vaseline, so I have used that on the one currently in the mould. Jon
  6. Fantastic information, thanks for posting it. Jon
  7. Afternoon, I am feeling a bit crappy so I decided to follow the Governments advise and self isolate myself in the workshop. I finished the lining panels along the inside of the hull and made the box for storing the radio operators head set, other than that there nothing to report. Jon
  8. Maybe, just maybe, I am going over the top on the detail but I am enjoying it and it really brings home how cramped these tanks were. I wouldn't have wanted to be in this one when it met it's end. Thanks for commenting, Jon
  9. Evening All, I am trying to finish all the components in the area around the radio operators seat. The loading plan shows the gas mask container holder, a water bottle or feldflasche holder ( marked in blue) and a bracket to hold the morse code key (marked in red). You can see the morse key and the water bottle brackets on these two internal pictures in the panzer ll at the tank museum. And my attempt. I have two more items to make and then on to more important items. Jon
  10. Anyway, I digress, so onwards. The ammunition for the MG34 machine gun, in the early versions of the Panzer ll, was loaded into saddle drum magazines, these were stored along the hull side behind the driver. The saddle drums were expensive to manufacture, bulky to store and apparently they had a tendency to cause stoppages, so later models were supplied with Gurtsacs to hold the ammunition. A canvas bag with a steel top, it was still quite complex but easier to store and cheaper to manufacture. The Gurtsacs were stored in the same area as the saddle drums but the storage method was far simpler to manufacture, being just a horizontal lip that the Gurtsacs slipped over. You can just make it out on the picture below. The above picture is from the Tank museums Ausf F and as I have no pictures of the interior of a Ausf C with the MG34 ammunition stored in Gurtsacs I have had to base my work on the information that I have. Bolted to the upper left hand side of this structure, would have been a carrier for the radio operators gas mask canister. Jon
  11. Morning Henry, I know that you ment no offence, I just wondered what you based your comments on. I have to agree with you regarding compound curves, but it's something I do not have the knowledge or experience to achieve and so I wouldn't attempt such a complex project. However apart from that, it is quite a simple construction and as you can buy all the relevant panels, all you need is the available cash. A company to try for Kubel and swim components is https://en.kdf.cz/ I have found it to be a less complex route for my purchases. Jon
  12. Henry, Please don't take offence but have you ever built a tank? A schwimmwagen would be relatively easy and I have already considered it but want something more challenging. Personally I would buy all the profile panels, the drive components aren't a real problem as I already encountered this issue when building my Kubelwagen, although the 4wd would be an interesting problem to overcome. Jon
  13. That's a very good question, I have a 1942 Steyr to restore and of course the Bedford but long term, from scratch, I am looking at several different ideas and every time I think that I have made a decision, a late Panzer iv keeps haunting my dreams. First I have to finish this one. Jon
  14. Brilliant, thanks for posting. The crew members certainly couldn't be chunky monkey's if they wanted to get in and out in a hurry. Jon
  15. Evening All, Manufacturing the radio operators seat was next on the list, the only picture that I could find of it is this one and I think that this is a pre-production version but it's better than nothing. My version. It can fit in two positions but personally, I wouldn't want to be in either, as it is so very cramped and how you would get out in an emergency is any ones guess. I don't think that you can appreciate just how little room there is inside this tank until the upper hull and turret are in place, it must have been hell in the European theatre, I can't imagine what it was like in the heat of North Africa. That's all for now. Jon
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