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  1. johann morris

    Panzer 2 turret

    Evening All, I have been itching to get on with the Panzer but kept finding other things to do, so today at last some progress, I made the two idler wheel shafts. Jon
  2. johann morris

    ww2 Hetzer for sale

    G13's were built post war and as with Jon Philips Marder iii, they will never be ww2 German armoured vehicles, very nice all the same and representative but not ww2. Jon
  3. johann morris

    morris C8

    Thank you David, I appreciate your comments and posting those wonderful pictures, have you got any more, I could look at old pictures like those for hours. Its a bit cold today but sunny so I decided to get the old boy out and do some vacuuming and tidying up as the mess was irritating me somewhat. As it was the first, albeit short drive I expected to find something wrong but it was only when I crushed my hand against the oil filter housing that I found out that the gear stick had been in the correct way to start with, ouch. Other than that all seemed ok, lets hope that it continues so. I think that they make a lovely couple. Jon
  4. johann morris

    ww2 Hetzer for sale

    Someone sent me a link to this, again it's in the Ukraine. They only want a 75% deposit, they must think people are mad. Jon https://ebay.us/ttg4bT
  5. johann morris

    morris C8

    Goodness me no Wally, if something is wrong let me know, if it's not right I will change it, if I decide that I can't live with it. The gear stick is now the correct way around thanks. Jon
  6. johann morris

    morris C8

    Welly spotted Wally. The gear stick I have no excuse for, why didn't I see that. As for the markings, they do my head in. Why can't they have made it simple, or am I simple, I have studied my books, looked on line and there seems to be so much contradictory information especially for the arm of service. Someone needs to publish an idiots guide, Division, that's the easy bit and then the arm of service, simply, not. Thanks again, Jon
  7. johann morris

    Nissen Hut Frames Wanted

    We had one when my wife bought our house, I crushed it and then found out that it had once been part of the prisoner of war camp in Newtown, which coincidentally was where G &T Evens is now situated. Was I ever pissed off. Jon
  8. johann morris

    Nissen Hut Frames Wanted

    A company called "G&T Evens" used to make them, 01686 622100, they are in Newtown Powys but they ship them all over the place. Jon
  9. johann morris

    morris C8

    I need to buy some more canvas next, so that I can make the two tilts and the pads that go around the observation ring. Does anyone know of a jack for sale? Jon
  10. johann morris

    morris C8

    I have been trying to finish all the odds and sods, its supprising how much time it takes, just when you think that you have finished you find something else. One of the items that i can't find pictures of, is the box that fits over the battery, assuming that there should be one. Today it's been minus degrees and snowing, so I have made the number plate mounting plates and painted stars. Tonight I need to make the census number stencil and get that painted on. I could then do with a dry sunny day to get it out and clean up but that's something I can't control. Jon
  11. johann morris

    British Army Robot Wars

    All of which would be totally useless as if there were a major conflict conscription would be introduced. According to CMV this month, in 2018 there was a joint exercise between the Russians and the Chinese forces in Siberia and Mongolia, taking part were 300,000 troops, 36,000 tanks and 1000 aircraft. You cant honestly think, that apart from the nuclear option, there is any chance of those pathetic remote controlled tanks, that would be made hacked and made inoperable anyway or costly technology that we cant afford, can have any chance of success. When it comes to war, a great general once said that God sides with “whichever side has the biggest battalions”.
  12. johann morris

    Morris C8 gs data plates

    Its a long shot but would it possible for someone who owns a Morris c8 gs 1944, to take a picture of the small brass data plates on the engine cover in the cab. I need the wording and the overall size of each, please. Thanks, Jonathan
  13. johann morris

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    As I said, just about everything worth collecting. I wonder what they are offering in compensation to the owners of any of the above, if they are now forced to dispose of their collections. I don't know how true this is but it would appear that the German government is also trying to introduce a law "to make criticising the government on such things as immigration policy a criminal offence". Orwell was right, just out by a few decades!
  14. johann morris

    42 GMC cckw

    In that case, when I finish my Bedford QL portee, will I be legally allowed to drive it MOT exempt with the 6pdr on the back cargo bed or will the 6pdr have to be physically bolted to the cargo bed, therefore becoming a fixed part of the lorry. Jon
  15. johann morris

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Some one kindly sent me a link its all in German which I cant understand. if you scroll down about half way there is a list of forbidden items. I have google translated bits and it would seem that everything worth having is banned but you are allowed to breath. https://www.bgbl.de/xaver/bgbl/start..._1547491088119 §4 Verbote (1) Kindem und Jugendlichen ist der Umgang mit unbrauchbar gemachten Kriegswaffen verboten. (2) Der Umgang mit einer fahrfähigen unbrauchbar gemachten Kriegswaffe der Nummer 24 der Kriegswaffenliste oder mit einer fahrfähigen unbrauchbar gemachten Panzerhaubitze der Nummer 31 der Kriegswaffenliste ist verboten. (3) Es ist verboten, 1. eine unbrauchbar gemachte Kriegswaffe der Nummern 29, 30, 37 oder 46 der Kriegswaffenliste für Dritte erkennbar zu führen oder 2. mit einer fahrfähigen unbrauchbar gemachten Kriegswaffe der Nummern 25 bis 28, 31 - ausgenommen fahrfähige unbrauchbar gemachte Panzerhaubitzen -und 33 der Kriegswaffenliste umzugehen. Satz 1 Nummer 1 gilt nicht für die Verwendung bei Filmoder Fernsehaufnahmen oder Theateraufführungen. (4) Die zuständige Behörde kann im Einzelfall eine Ausnahme von den Verboten der Absätze 1 bis 3 genehmigen, wenn besondere Gründe vor1iegen und öffentliche Interessen nicht entgegenstehen. These are the now forbidden items: Quote: IV. Kampffahrzeuge 24.Kampfpanzer 25.sonstige gepanzerte Kampffahrzeuge einschließlich der gepanzerten kampfunterstützenden Fahrzeuge 26.Spezialfahrzeuge aller Art, die ausschließlich für den Einsatz der Waffen der Nummern 1 bis 6 entwickelt sind 27.Fahrgestelle für die Waffen der Nummern 24 und 25 28.Türme für Kampfpanzer V. Rohrwaffen 29.a)Maschinengewehre, ausgenommen solche mit Wasserkühlung, b)Maschinenpistolen, ausgenommen solche, die als Modell vor dem 2. September 1945 bei einer militärischen Streitkraft eingeführt worden sind, c)vollautomatische Gewehre, ausgenommen solche, die als Modell vor dem 2. September 1945 bei einer militärischen Streitkraft eingeführt worden sind, d)halbautomatische Gewehre mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die als Modell vor dem 2. September 1945 bei einer militärischen Streitkraft eingeführt worden sind, und der Jagd- und Sportgewehre 30.Granatmaschinenwaffen, Granatgewehre, Granatpistolen 31.Kanonen, Haubitzen, Mörser jeder Art 32.Maschinenkanonen 33.gepanzerte Selbstfahrlafetten für die Waffen der Nummern 31 und 32 34.Rohre für die Waffen der Nummern 29, 31 und 32 35.Verschlüsse für die Waffen der Nummern 29, 31 und 32 36.Trommeln für Maschinenkanonen VI.Leichte Panzerabwehrwaffen, Flammenwerfer, Minenleg- und Minenwurfsysteme 37.rückstoßarme, ungelenkte, tragbare Panzerabwehrwaffen 38.Flammenwerfer 39.Minenleg- und Minenwurfsysteme für Landminen VII. Torpedos, Minen, Bomben, eigenständige Munition 40.Torpedos 41.Torpedos ohne Gefechtskopf (Sprengstoffteil) 42.Rumpftorpedos (Torpedos ohne Gefechtskopf - Sprengstoffteil - und ohne Zielsuchkopf) 43.Minen aller Art 44.Bomben aller Art einschließlich der Wasserbomben 45.Handflammpatronen 46.Handgranaten 47.Pioniersprengkörper, Hohl- und Haftladungen sowie sprengtechnische Minenräummittel 48.Sprengladungen für die Waffen der Nummer 43