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  1. Thanks lowfat and tapper02. It's been such a lovely day that I have been gardening so only one picture today. Jon
  2. Those holes were drilled by hand on a very old Medings pillar drill that my Father and I went halves on, it cost a whole £10.00. Every time I use that drill I think of my father. Jon
  3. Evening All, I think that all these pictures are overloading the system, as it keeps playing silly buggers. However, on to more important issues. One finished exhaust silencer. I have been having problems finding information and pictures of the silencer retaining brackets, the Tank Museums Panzer II is a later model, so the silencer is different. Armed with the information that I do have and some artistic licence this is what I have come up with. On the original tank, where the exhaust exits the hull, there is an armoured cover. This is my version. Over the silencer there should be a heat shield, I have looked at loads of pictures and the variation of the hole configurations seems to be quite varied, so I have settled on this one. In total, 568 holes to drill, bugger. And I am not quite finished drilling holes yet. Jon
  4. Eddy, They are perfect I will pm you. Jon
  5. Evening All, The two into one manifold is all welded up and ready to be assembled onto the exhaust manifold. The cooling unit now looks more like an air conditioning unit and I have completed the airflow tract around the rear of the engine bay. To complete the exhaust I need a silencer, here goes, although silent probably won't be the word. Jon
  6. Evening All, And back to reality. The cooling unit is complete, although quality control, the wife, has questioned my decision of not welding every join. It all fits ok as does the drive belt. I will now have to make the tensioner. next on the list was the exhaust which entailed replacing the stripped manifold studs. Out of the three that needed replacing, one came out ok, the others had to be drilled out and re-tapped. I centre popped the broken stud, drilled it with a 5mm drill before opening it out to 8.5mm and re-tapping the hole to 3/8" UNF. I haven't got any of the original components for the exhaust, so I am making it from scratch, although I will be using flexi pipe to join the manifold to the silencer. First I needed to make two flanges to suit the manifolds. I marked around the manifold flange and then cut the flange out with an angle grinder and ground it to shape. The bolts are there until the correct studs turn up. Then on to the exhaust pipe. I am using sections from a cut up Land Rover exhaust as these are the cheapest source of material. That's all for tonight folks. Jon
  7. A fantastic result from the outside, I wonder if the inside will be the same. Unlike my project, it looks like theirs is a "money is no object" project. The tracks are very nice but different to a Panzer II. If I could afford it, that's the one component that I would spend money on. jon
  8. You are a good man Eddy. Jon
  9. Thanks for the offer Eddy, I will keep it in mind. I have to make a decision on which way to approach the final drives, as this will dictate the drive chain between the gearbox and steering box. What ever I decide I anticipate having to have a reduction box between the two so I am not sure whether any of the original 430 series components will be of use. However, I will need the drive shafts and couplers that run between the final drives and the steering box, even if they have been snapped. Jon
  10. Have you tried simply bearings. The first bearing 30 x 62 but 24 wide is £ 35.00 and the second one but 23mm wide not 25mm is £20, shipping is free and usually, if you order by 5.30, they are here in the next days post. Jon
  11. Morning All, Somewhere in this thread, I said that I didn't want to have too many engine electrics in this project, just hold that thought. I have been plodding along manufacturing the cooling unit, although I had made the bearing housing the other components needed to be manufactured. The fan shaft. Then there were a couple of spacers for the shaft. The original unit appears to have had a fly screen, for want of a more descriptive word, in front of the radiator. Not wanting to restrict the air flow, the one that I have made has a bigger mesh size and in reality is there more to stop the radiator from getting damaged by the movable cover in front of it. The other items that I have been trying to finish are the air ducts in the main cooling unit, so far I have only finished the rear one. I have been dealing with a company called Alders Classics in Norfolk for the engine and transmission, I think they were a bit surprised to find out what I wanted the components for but they have been really helpful and the electrics...….. Anyone good at jigsaws! Jon
  12. Inlet 0.004" Exhaust 0.018" Hope that helps. Jon
  13. Evening All, Thanks for your continued support and I am glad that I am not the only one that is enjoying the process. Thanks Rolling thunder and yes i have seen the site. A lot of the information is contained in the Panzer tracts 2-1 book which has been a most useful source of information but please, if you come across any information or pictures don't feel shy, post them. I am always surprised how much information can be gleaned from seemingly ordinary pictures, especially if the vehicle has been blown up. A few more pictures from todays playtime, all self explanatory but if you have any questions then fire away. Once the warm air is blown out of the rear of the cooling unit, it is blown up this channel and out through a vent in the hull roof. There's still a lot of missing pieces to add to the jigsaw in this area but I have it all planned. Jon
  14. Morning BRDM, As usual I have no real information to go on only this drawing. I will follow it as far as I can but I have and will make some modifications to suit my own constraints. Interestingly, well to me anyway, I assembled the cooling unit into the hull, I then took some scaled dimensions from this drawing and compared them to my version and they were almost spot on. Jon
  15. Evening, I have been working on the radiator / fan assembly and it's become quite interesting, if that's the word. I am making it as one unit, so that it can be removed as one unit, once the coolant has been drained, leaving the oil coolers in place. There's lots of parts, so lots of pictures. The first pictures are of the fan outer bearing housing This is then welded into the fabricated fan housing. The fan isn't attached I just placed it there so that you can see where it will go. The actual fan bearing housing, which gets bolted into the outer housing. It's made using the same sequence of processes as the outer housing but is machined all over. As a complete unit it has a bearing and oil seal in each end. The beginnings of the cooling unit. The oil coolers will sit under the radiator. I can't do much more until the fan pulley turns up, when that appears I can make the fan assembly shaft and the get the position of the fan pulley in line with the engine pulley, then I can finish the main unit. Other than that, there are a myriad of holes to be drilled for the coolant pipes etc. and of course, all the air ducting covers. I think I need a drink now. Jon
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