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  1. johann morris

    Morris C8

    I think the 2 u sections marked as n0.4, are from the front of the rear body and are part of the spare wheel attachment. The other parts I don't recognise, sorry. Jon
  2. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Fantastic and thanks. Jon
  3. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Now that is sexy, a Panzerkampfwagen ll D/E Flammpanzer turret. Very, very nice. Have you got the rest of the tank? Sorry to ruin the thread and I don't want to keep asking favours but is there any chance of taking a picture of the of the Morris's tail gate chain anchor on the tail gate and in the rear body, Please! Regards, jon
  4. johann morris

    Morris C8

    I can't quite make it out but from the relieved corner, it looks suspiciously like one of these. Jon
  5. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Thanks for the pictures Sigve, these will be a great help. Please keep us updated on your progress. While studying the pictures I couldn't help notice, what looks like the turret from a pz38t. Is it, could it be? Jon
  6. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Sigve, Thanks for the pictures, if possible please take one of the passengers seat back rest as I need to make one. Seeing as the vehicle appears to be in such an untouched condition, I think as many pictures as possible would be good for future reference for anyone tackling a restoration. Pictures of original untouched C8's seem to be quite scarce. I would think that the loop is for a cabling route, maybe to the battery but that's just a guess. Regards, jon
  7. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Could you take a picture of the passengers seat back rest and if possible more details of the padding around the passengers observation hatch, please. Jon
  8. johann morris

    Panzer 2 turret

    I have just spoken to the gentleman an CVRTpro and it would seem that a CVRT gearbox would be ideal. Jon
  9. johann morris

    Panzer 2 turret

    Eddy, The track links would be very welcome, could you find out how much he wants for them, I expect shipping would be expensive. I thought the gearbox and final drives were going to be expensive, it may be back to plan A and cobble something up, in a very English sense. Jon
  10. johann morris

    Panzer 2 turret

    David, Not a bad idea but I wonder where one might source the cvrt components and no doubt, they cost a kings ransom. Anyone know where such items may be purchased? Jon
  11. johann morris

    Panzer 2 turret

    I will be honest, apart from fiddling I have done bugger all but I have been down to the tank museum and got the measurements that I require to start again. The journey down there was hell, 7 hours, an hour of that was spent in a traffic jam outside Marlbourgh, which turned out to be caused by the bin men collecting the roadside rubbish bins, only in Britain could that happen. I am waiting for a metal deliver and then its offfff. I decided in the end to get a jaguar straight six petrol engine, so now I have a spare 300tdi Land rover engine to use somewhere. Jon
  12. johann morris

    morris C8

    I have had a bout of the dreaded man flu and as I am unable to sit still for too long, I decided to rise from my death bed and start the canvas covers for the seat bases. I have an old back rest cover for the drivers seat, which I can use as a pattern to make a new one but does anyone have a picture of the passengers seat back rest. It's attached to the rear bulkhead by four turn buckles but that's all I know. I don't want to assemble too many parts to the front of the vehicle before I fit the engine and as we are now in week five of a four week production schedule for the engine and that's before I get it back for rebuilding, I decided to start the rear body. There's not much of the original body left and what is left is very rusty, so its start again. There are some sections that I can use, the front bulkhead but the lower section was rusted out and needed replacement. The strengtheners for the wheel arches that are in excellent condition. Front body corner sections that need repair And the wheel arches that are in fairly good condition. The new base, is based on a picture that I took at the Coberton collection, I assume that it is original, I think that I may have gone over the top a little but surprisingly, in its current state, its no heavier than the old body, but then as my wife pointed out rust doesn't weigh that much.
  13. johann morris

    Royal Artillery markings/Guy Ant Quad

    It looks like a lovely project. Personally I would restore it but as sympathetically as I could, trying to retain its originality but preserving it for another 70 odd years. Jon
  14. johann morris

    morris C8

    The wiring is nearly finished, it just needs connecting to the various components. I am a bit reluntant to assemble any more of the front until after I fit the engine. Jon
  15. johann morris

    morris C8

    Over the last couple of days i have just been trying to clear some of the smaller items that needed mending, remanufacturing and the last two major components pertaining to the drivers cab, the doors and the windscreen frames. All the rails for the windscreen frames were in a very poor condition but repairable, apart from one and for that, I just made a new one.