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  1. Welcome to the forum John, i am glad that you have enjoyed my project so far and i hope that you will in the future. There are some other fantastic projects that other members are currently undertaking, so when you are on the forum take a look at those as well as they are very inspiring. I have done a bit more work to the brake drums, just to try and make them look more realistic really. There is a plate, that is bolted to the hull just behind the brake drums, it carries items of equipment, I need to replicate this plate and bolt it into position before I finish the brake drum linkage just in case it causes clearance issues. Jon
  2. Thanks Bob and Enigma, your support is much appreciated. I managed to get the brake drum cover finished today. Jon
  3. Evening All, I have been trying to get out of this corner but it's been a very time consuming process. The first part of the drive shaft cover is on and the fake brake drums are now secured in place, the vertical bracket securing the drive shaft cover wasn't on the original and will be hidden by a cover that goes over the area. That's it for now, Jon
  4. Thanks Highland_ laddie. It might but there isn't space to get a fag paper between the steering box and the hull side on the right hand side. Thanks for the support.
  5. Thanks nightmare, I have already emailed James earlier in the year but he wasn't available at the time, I have every intention of paying him a visit in the near future. Jon
  6. Fake brake bands, obviously not perfect but they give the right inpression i hope. Jon
  7. I suppose that I will have to as I can't imagine finding one cheap.
  8. Evening All, Things have been happening rather slowly at the moment due to influences outside my control but i am making progress. I have managed to get the throttle fabricated and the linkage made up to a point but I need to complete some other items before I can connect it all up to the engine. The original linkage, as far as I can ascertain, was a series of steel rods routed around the front and over the gearbox and then a steel cable, in conduit, from there to the engine. It would be difficult to replicate that on mine, as the steering box takes up a lot more space, so I have used a cable from a cam on the end throttle shaft, up along the side of the steering box to an intermediate shaft, across the top of the steering box and then eventually to the engine. The clutch and brake pedals are just there to try and replicate the original but they don't do anything. In the original vehicle, the steering / brakes are on either side of the hull, I am going to make dummy brakes, on the left side where they will be visible, just to make it look as realistic as possible. Jon
  9. Fate has yet again intervened and the Bedford has found itself jumping the que for restoration. In short, I have as usual bought a sows ear but as a dreamer, I can see a silk purse or portee.
  10. Interesting but it's not worth going to the war weekend now that the German's have been banned. Jon
  11. Another conversation that I have had, is over the floor level within the tank. The floor level behind the drivers seat is approximately 200mm higher than the base of the tank, that's about 100mm higher than the drivers seat level. That makes it impossible to lay the back rest of the drivers seat right down. There is evidence of this in several books but very little that I can find online. One of the reasons for this, is that the batteries are under this floor but the floor area below the turret isn't one level, as you would expect, there is an area that slopes down making a perfect trip hazard. The picture below, from a 1/6 model, is the best visual explanation that I have. If anyone has any differing information then let me know. Jon
  12. Now that would be offer that I couldn't refuse
  13. I had a very informative and enjoyable conversation with a forum member this morning, the reason for the phone call was to give me the benefit of his experience regarding the brake / steering levers, in other words I had dropped a boo boo. I had produced the levers to operate as a standard handbrake does, in other words the ratchet locks as the lever is raised, to unlock it you depress the knob on top. I didn't realise, because I have never driven a tracked vehicle, that the levers are free running, for the application of the handbrake, once the levers have been raised into the correct position,you depress the knob on top which locks them into position. The assembly has now been modified and I would just like to thank said gentleman, for his time and extensive knowledge. Jon
  14. Steering / brake lever assemblies finished.
  15. That was bloody quick Rob, lamp received and well chuffed. many thanks, Jon
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