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  1. johann morris

    Morris C8

    Nice find!
  2. johann morris

    Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    Are these tyres road legal? speaking to a gentleman in Canada who informs me that if they are the one manufactured in the USA they are not DOT approved and therefore not road legal. Is this the case for the UK? Jon
  3. johann morris

    morris C8

    Monday evening we managed to get it back on four wheels.
  4. johann morris

    morris C8

    Evening All, Chassis and axles in green, ready for re assembly. I have decided to do something that i have never done before and that is to reuse some of the old nuts and bolts. I Lot of the 3/8" and bigger bolts are in such good condition it seems a shame to scrap them, so I am cleaning, re threading, dipping them in rust killer and the dipping them in a thin 2k black mix. it does require some planning, as it has to be done about 12 hours before use but I think its well worth the trouble. I cleaned the gearbox today ready for painting and found that the original colour was in actual fact brown, so I am now in two minds as to what colour to paint it. Jon
  5. johann morris

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    So a phone call and a possible trip down to the shopland collection is in order. Anyone know how helpful they are? Jon
  6. johann morris

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    Thanks Wally, I really appreciate the assistance. I am off to the Tank Museum later in August, so a phone call might be a good idea. I understood that the information that I require would have been held by the Royal artillery but if your information came from the Tank Museum then that sounds good to me. Thanks, Jon
  7. johann morris

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    A couple of years ago I bought this rather sad looking Bedford QL and believe me, sad would be an understatement. At first I couldn't establish what version of QL it had started life as but after a session with the cutting torch and 9" grinder, I at last found the chassis number. It was manufactured in 1944 as a QLD and has since been used, abused and comprehensively destroyed. What to do with it was the question, really it was only any good for spares but the fact that it was road registered gave it some brownie points. After a long hard think, actually not long or hard, I have decided to recreate a 1941 QL 6pdr portee. I am not likely to start in the next 18 months, so I am looking for information, plans pictures, dimensions or even the whereabouts of "Mary". I have already bought a lot of the required replacement automotive components and if in doubt, an Airfix 1:35 scale model but actually dimensions would be very welcome for either the QL or the 6pdr. I did try contacting the Royal Artillery museum in Woolwich, London before it closed but they had already closed their library. Any information would be good, I always live in hope. Thanks, Jonathan
  8. johann morris

    morris C8

    Evening All, Things are proceeding spiffingly well, the chassis is stripped, pressure washed and ready for paint prepping. While I was stripping the components off of the chassis, I found several areas where the original paint had been left untouched and from what I can see it appears a lot more olive green than the bs381 298 that I have been supplied. There are a couple of areas that needed to be repaired but all in all it is in very good condition. Driver /passenger compartment painted and ready for re assembly. Hopefully by the end of next week I will start reassembling the chassis, axles etc. Jon
  9. johann morris

    morris C8

    Prague, I am glad that you like it. I am on a mission at the moment and have given myself until the end of September to have the chassis and front cab complete and reassembled, then as time allows over the winter, I can sort the engine and rear body. That's the plan...……………….. Jon .
  10. johann morris

    morris C8

    First batch of components drying in the heat. Jon
  11. johann morris

    morris C8

    And the Lee Enfield fits. Even poor old Monty looks board.
  12. johann morris

    morris C8

    Morning All, I decided that I would repair the tilt sticks before disassembling it all and am I ever glad that I did. To do it I had to take the windscreen apart and found that it had been welded shut and is in pretty poor shape. The tilt frame locations, either side of the windscreen frame, had been repaired but at different levels which put the frame on askew. The observation hatch was a bit of a problem as I didn't have any dimensions. As I told my poor wife, it would appear that this is a very rare vehicle, in fact probably the only one in existence or the level of support within this community is unbelievably poor, as no one could be bothered to get tape measure out but no real concern, I got there on my own. I really don't understand the attitude, I had the same when rebuilding the HUP, I know that there are vehicles out there, I know that the owners read this and other forums, so why not help, is it really that hard or is information power and if you divulge such information then I will be as clever as you? Forget it, Rant over. One interesting discovery, to me anyway, is that the anti vibration pads for the radiator and the rear of the driver / passenger compartment are made of a fibrous material which appears to be felt, I had assumed that it would have been rubber. Jon
  13. johann morris

    Morris c8 wiring

    I think that you are right and I am going to use a colour coding, in fact I have been a very lazy boy and ordered one from Auto sparks. Jon
  14. johann morris

    morris C8

    As usual tide and time wait for no man. All the tin work, from the bumper back to the bulkhead behind the drivers seat, has been repaired or remade and test assembled. Tomorrow I am going to repair the frame for the canvas tilt over the front cab, although looking at the state of it, remanufacture would be more appropriate. If there is anyone reading this who has a C8 with the observation ring above the passengers seat, could you please measure it for me. I need the inside diameter, outside diameter and the height of the inner vertical, in fact any dimensions that you could give me would be appreciated. It was only when I was repairing the passengers side mudguard, that I realised that the mudguards are in fact different and I assume, either from different models of the Morris or one of them is from a different vehicle, although I have no idea what vehicle that would be. Thanks, Jon
  15. johann morris

    morris C8

    Some confusion I fear. The part that I was referring to, was this component, that attaches to the very bottom of the rad cover. Jon