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  1. Thanks, I suspected something of the sort. I’m after a T5 direct for the MJ but will leave this one to find another LD. ATB
  2. My understanding is the Turner T5 300 box is an upgrade and will fit my MJ, but just wondered if this turner box will. It's a direct 5th which is what I'm after, but can anyone throw any light on the difference between the 300 & 350. Is it a later version of the 300 or truck specific? Thanks and regards Chris
  3. Thanks Iain, It would appear we have a bit in common, although I note the "too many" bit in your footer! I leave opinions like that to others:) Vy 73 G1rpo
  4. Hi Group, Apologies for this somewhat late intro,but I'm not Known for my speed at getting things done! anyway's, main interest is forces radio, and now extending to vehicles in a small way. I have a Zil 131 comm's wagon in the workshop at the moment (not my 1st choice, but it's complete) and I'm just fitting a electronic repair body on a MJ which strictly speaking should have been RL or MK, but there rather more scarce, and have a v8 40kva genset to get back up and running for the field day kettle requirements. I like big radios especially the ones that need wheels to move them, and druel over 19" racks! great site and fabulous info from very knowledgeable people's. Thanks for letting me join. Onewatt
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