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  1. Perfect, having looked at pictures etc I was estimating about 11"-12", Just bought the plywood so going to get on to it this week! cheers.
  2. Dan, what was the approx width you used for the wheel arch/toolboxes? About 11" looks about right? nice work bye the way! danny
  3. I like it! With the correct hoops does an of the shelf canvas top fit? Just wondering if the jago dimensions are exactly the same as the ford/willys?
  4. That's a good idea, might try that on the ridge thingy at the front of the door opening! I guess a thick coat of PVA on the steel sheet as a release agent, a nice clean finish on the inside too.
  5. Here's a pic, I cut out the flare and slid the arch in and fibreglassed it in from the inside with a 1/4 ply filler piece, the bolts just to hold it in place. Also removed the filler,as it already had a stainless tank on the inside. sorry for hijacking your thread dan!
  6. I think it's the best compromise, I guess you could alter the chassis and move the crossmember further in,but In reality I don't think anyone is going to notice, the bumperettes definitely make the back look a lot better. ive started removing the flared arches at the back today, looking down the vehicle the flat rear side is now level with the front fenders? So not sure if they are the wide ones!?
  7. I'm assuming they are the later wide ones,I'll see what it looks like when it's all together,I can do some mods later if I need to. With the bumperette I made sure I left all the crossmember intact,just cutting of the end, I then cut the bumperette down and welded it to the bumper and bolted through the body. I'm going to cut out the front part of the roll cage and extend the cowl panel back, but need to wait until I get a widscreen frame so I can get the correct profile. next job, remove the flared arches at the rear.
  8. Success! Managed to get some 16" wheels, not sure what they are off and they do have holes around the rim,but they fit and are a good start, hopefully managed to source a single A40 wheel for the spare. I'll try and upload some pics with what I have done so far, rear quarter light hole removal, bumperettes modified and fitted, modified front wings and removed the old windscreen.
  9. That is super smooth! Did you have to do the cowl mod ? Mine still has the jago windscreen, so going to have to cut back and sheet metal/fibre glass an extension. This thing is going to need a lot of fibre glass!
  10. I'm going to try and get as many original bits as possible,bet I can't get a windscreen for £50 though!! I'm not that lucky! i see that jeepparts do the whole assembly for £225, so that's an option.
  11. Nice! I like your wheels! Do you use original parts for the windscreen and hood etc? Dan any progress on yours?
  12. That looks pretty epic! Cheers for the info on the wheels, I'm still hoping I can fish out some Austin/Saab wheels before I go down the re engineering route. akso,whats your take on tyres? Bar tread look the part,but any good for normal road use?
  13. I'm guessing they must be available from somewhere, it's a standard fit for escort mk2 pcd so 13 and 14 inch wheels are available, but 16's.....
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