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    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    From memory after the five years or so the fibreglass was starting to lift off, and more pin holes had started to appear so I bought a new tank as the club had them on offer at the time. Otherwise I would have just cleaned off the old fibreglass and done it again. Easy enough to do on the flat bottom of the tank.
  2. gordonb

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    I used ordinary fibreglass to repair the bottom of a Series 1 tank many years ago. It lasted, from memory, for about 5 years.
  3. gordonb

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Rumour has it that the show is up for sale.
  4. gordonb

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I was pre-booked and more or less drove straight in today at 0815. Big queue for new bookers-in but will no doubt drop as the week progresses. I booked in last thursday, only wanted to be there an hour or so to help put up a tent and asked if I could carry my arm band. Told it had to be worn, but if damaged then a free replacement would be issued in exchange. Fair enough. Last year I had to pay £30 for my hour or so but got it back on the way out. Also fair enough.
  5. gordonb

    WS 19 Battery size

    A SMPSU of around 10 amp capability with a 7 Ah SLAB across it works well for my WS19. For home use I recommend a full mains PSU to cut down the dynamotor noise and also preserve it for mobile/portable use. Gordon
  6. gordonb

    Lwt Fuel Pipe in the Fuel Tank

    I don't know about Lightweights but Series One Landrovers had gauze on the end of the pipe. Soldered to the pipe a couple of inches from the bottom and roughly conical so as to present a reasonable surface area. I've never had an issue with it clogging and on a Series One the fuel and everything else goes straight into the tank through the big hole in the top.
  7. Series 3 109" towing the 25 pounder. Been there, done that! Through London in the 70s, traffic lights were a bit of a fingers crossed affair. Did it a number of times when no Bedfords available. Gordon
  8. gordonb

    My Flying Control Jeep

    I recently asked an AA man what they carried in the way of traditional ignition parts and the answer was none. He, an older chap, said none of the newer patrolmen would know what to do with them anyway.
  9. gordonb

    Wanted - mast set

    They were £47.50 for a long time, maybe all the same seller, but like all things Clansman as the supply is drying up the prices are going up. If you want one grab it now. Gordon
  10. gordonb

    Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    You want to visit an amateur radio rally. A bit of googling should show up the forthcoming ones. Rainham, Dover and Kempton all coming up in the south east in the next month or so. gmb
  11. gordonb

    British Army Jackal - The Logic of Exposed Crew?

    I have read it was to give the crew "improved situational awareness". Probably OK in the desert but in urban areas where chaps lob things at you from roof tops? Gordon
  12. Or the front diff. Someone will know which goes first on a Vitara. As it is now noisy I'd go for a broken tooth in the diff. Gordon
  13. gordonb

    R209 receiver

    Mk1 6v, Mk2 12v, Mk3 I think was 12vdc and 240ac. If yours is a 6v version get yourself one of the wee DC-DC converters off ebay and set it up to produce 6v output. The set only takes an amp or so, so easily within the spec of these converters. Plenty of room inside to fix it down. Gordon
  14. gordonb

    WW2 R1155 receiver

    You will need either a 240v mains supply unit or a 12v battery supply unit. Either of these will have to be made unless you are lucky enough to find one that someone else has made. There are plenty of designs out there on the net but if going the 12v battery route be aware you will need a big battery. If for use at a show a mains powered unit might well need PAT testing by the organisers so needs to be properly made, not lashed up out of bits. Find and talk to your local amateur radio club, most clubs will have at least one person who has done this. Gordon
  15. Lizzie, As an ex Libya hand, civi not military, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, they have quite taken me back to happy days wandering around the desert. And of course we all want to see photo of our vehicles actually in use in the real world. Gordon Ferret Mk1
  16. gordonb

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Reference Guy Martin, I like most of his programmes but just wish I could understand half of what he says. Maybe it's because I'm a southerner. As regarding Elf'n safety mentioned earlier I was always told on H&S courses that one was responsible for one's own safety and that of others around you. The bit about being responsible for your own safety seems to have gone out of the window nowadays, maybe because you can't sue yourself if you trip over while looking at your mobile phone. I'll shut up now before I really get going! Gordon
  17. gordonb

    An annoyance

    Or have I missed a setting or something? When opening a new post, if it is an established thread you are taken to the first post of the thread. I want to go to the last or most recent posts. Yes I know there is a fast forward button but cannot the default be to go to the last posts not the first? Gordon
  18. gordonb

    An annoyance

    That's what I needed, thanks. My other annoyance, not confined to this forum, is why as screen resolutions improve all the time, are logos and things an sites getting bigger? You'd think they would get smaller so as to get more content on screen. You got more content on the screen in the days of Windows 3.1 than you do now. Gordon
  19. gordonb

    London Duck tours to cease operating

    On my trip I asked how they got on with presumably drum brakes after doing the swimming bit and was told they'd all been converted to discs. Gordon
  20. gordonb

    Berlin Brigade Challengers

    What about all the military ambulances? Gordon
  21. Politicians of course come out with all this sort of cr*p in the full knowledge that they won't be around to take the stick when it all fails, or even try to implement it in the first place. Plus of course British (and now Scottish) governments are notoriously without any sort of technical savvy. Gordon <rant mode off>
  22. gordonb

    Army's Mechanised Infantry Vehicle

    Larry, No problem at all, even on curves. Sharp bends will kick back on the steering a bit but not an issue. I often do this trick in traffic with my Series 1, low range first or second and tickle the hand throttle. Just remember to take it out of low when the traffic clears! Gordon
  23. Indeed it does, but why such a big box? Unless it was a local mod to put the aerial up front. Didn't WS19 Champs have the aerial at the back? Gordon
  24. To my eyes, and I cannot blow up the photo at all, the Champ on the right has two Larkspur type aerial tuners on the wings. The centre Champ has just one but the closest Champ has a much bigger box although it does seem to have the aerial base on it. Others more knowledgeable will no doubt chip in. Very annoying that I can't make out the details better. Gordon