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  1. I’ve got some time in a few months so hopefully can get a bit done
  2. Hi Weado i did did put it up for sale but then changed my mind so I’ve still got it yours is looking great !!
  3. Hi Guys i changed my email so i haven't received any notifications from this site (ill update my email) I'm still going slowly... ill try and be more active on here ill grab some progress pictures Monday and put them up I've been a little more active on the Jago Jeep Uk Owners Club on Facebook Looks Great Wheado!!
  4. yes there has been I shall update with pics later ive not been on here for ages !!
  5. Thank you! Trying to get it the best I can to a real one
  6. Update hello all I have finally done something to the jeep ! I have made a cardboard template of the inside of the tub which I'm going to line with plywood also I have been modifying the rear bumper to get it as close to the real one I removed the middle and outter parts then test fitted the bumperettes which fitted after removing an angle pice off the bumper I had a repro willys rear bumper that I got of ebay ages ago I then cut that up in 3 peices and roughly bolted together and test fitted i like the look what do you think? My plan is to make it flush by removing the middle peice of the tub at the bottom and the cut some groves for the outer parts of the bumper to slot into it will make more sense with pictures that's where I'm at
  7. I've got my rear seat and all the brackets just got to clean them up then prime them then got to make some adjustments to the wheel arches as I thought I would have to that's why I haven't fixed them in also got the rear light brackets back from my uncle he made them using some plans
  8. to anyone who is still interested I've still got the jeep just very busy at work so not had anytime on it
  9. originally i used proper Jeep plans but i ended up making them thinner after I test fitted i haven't fixed them in yet until i get the rear seat. They measure:12' wide Dan
  10. Yep spot on they are still going but not making cars they are based in Chichester
  11. not at the mo been busy at work should have a little update soon!! hang in there
  12. Not at present not had any time tbh ! Ill have a look
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