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  1. Firewall back in place and starting to fit out. Looking at the pictures it was August 2016 when it was removed. Out in August 2016 back in January 2019.
  2. Like others I have been meaning to start a forum on a vehicle restoration but never sat down to do it. Now is the time to start and luckily I have taken lots of photos to remind me of progress. A lot of stuff you may have seen on similar forums but hopefully you can see what can be achieved by 2 novices at this restoration game. Myself (Phil) am in the Business Insurance game. Own an ex New Zealand (NZ) Army Series 2a Landrover and have always been interested in restoring a vehicle but never taken the plunge. Brett is a qualified diesel mechanic and runs his own contracting company. Owns a Daimler Ferret Scout Car and Jeep. Forgive us if we use the wrong technical terms. We have however come to grips cvrt’s vs tanks. Scorpions vs Scimitars with Scorpion turrets etc etc. Why a Scorpion? New Zealand operated 26 Scorpions from circa 1983 to 1996 replacing Ferret Scout cars and M41 tanks. The majority were sold off, I believe to Helston Gun Smiths in the UK, with others being scrapped and 2 remaining with the Army Museum in Waiouru. 1 is a static display and the other is in running order. The attraction therefore was to have a tracked armoured vehicle of a type used by the NZ Army. A Scorpion appealed because of – Light weight and ease of transportation Can be driven on public roads Can fit in a domestic garage (just) Parts are still available (hopefully) Local knowledge on restoration both here in NZ and overseas Meant to be easy to work on Affordability (hmmm time and money will fix most things) The search began with advertisements on Milweb and HMVF back in August 2015. From there and after some false starts a ex Belgium Scimitar with Scorpion turret was located and purchased. DATA PLATE: CVR(T) 30m/m Scimitar FV107 Mk1 65192 HULL NUMBER: BESCI 49 The timeline begins: September 2015 deposit paid November 2015 vehicle and spares relocated for shipping Shipped April 2016 arrived NZ June 2016 Pre Purchase pictures below
  3. Final bits of the brake & Steering plumbing also completed. Bleeding to follow.
  4. Barrel now back in place. I marked out in more detail where the interrupted screw threads were on the barrel and the engage, disengage marks so when it was re fitted I had a much better idea that it was set up right. Slotted back in and now no need to ever remove it again hopefully. Pine trees in the distance
  5. Thanks for your comments and photo. I hope ours can get to that stage in the near future. In answer to your question. Unless I really had to remove the breech or barrel then I wouldn’t. It is doable without removing the turret but everything is very heavy and what seems a simple process is, but can take a lot longer than expected. The breech components I stripped and cleaned on the bench I could have done if the breech was fitted in the turret. The difficult part I have found with the barrel on the first attempt to re install it was to see where the markings are to engage and dis engage on the breech. Originally when I removed it from the turret you may have seen earlier in this forum that it had seized in place. You could face that prospect as well. If you were to remove the barrel and leave the breech in place I believe you will need to - Remove the anti rotation key on top - Remove the locking plate in the breech - Probably loosen the barrel stop - The barrel should then rotate and be able to be pulled out - I would suggest making makings (paint) on barrel and manlet etc so you know where it has to be positioned to re insert A couple of diagrams attached. I have a lot of manuals scanned if you need any further reference material.
  6. Trial fitted the yoke and noticed the bobbin where we had done the weld repair was screwed on the wrong way around so took it off and corrected it. The way it was would have fouled the breech ring lining up properly. Breech ring now installed. You need to be a pigmy World weight lifting champion to lift an hold this in place to then fix the yoke. With 2 of us in the turret and using a small step ladder we managed to balance the breech ring and line it up (after a longer than expected time). Wouldn't want to do this as a field repair.
  7. To add more work to the list, I dismantled the breech ring to give it a clean before mounting. Seemed pretty idiot proof to pull apart and reassemble.
  8. External turret grenade boxes have had new hinges fitted and one a replacement lid so now open freely. I will paint and put the felt back in at a later date.
  9. Thanks Paul. Yes XMOD fast, efficient and excellent to deal with.
  10. Oh yes, between Xmas and New Year another parcel arrived from the UK. This one had been some time in the planning and has most of the necessary bits to finally get the brakes set up and also the wiring sorted. Very pleased.
  11. The deactivation of the barrel had removed the recess for the breech ring locating plate so yesterday I marked it out and using a dremel and grinding tool on the air gun I managed to machine a recess back into the replacement piece of steel. Locking plate fitted nicely after some minor further work with a dentist type tool on the dremel.
  12. Whilst everyone was enjoying a Boxing Day sleep in I decided to clean up the barrel and breech ring to see if both would match up. Spent a good amount of time cleaning up the interrupted screw threads as these were caked with grease and grit. Surprisingly once I got everything straight and level i simply wheeled the jack forward, twisted the barrel and that was that. Still some cleaning up to do then hopefully will be mounted back into the turret in the next week or so.
  13. Most recently a package arrived from XMOD with exhaust components so i spent last night bolting them on. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong support straps but managed to make up some replacements and everything temporarily fitted which was very pleasing.
  14. I have also spent several hours tracking wiring and have all indicators and warning lights sorted and tested back to the instrument panel. Bulbs and lens will be installed after final painting. Just the convoy lights to get going.
  15. Still, I have found time to puddle on the turret cleaning up threads and going through boxes of brackets to identify and trial fit various parts. Turret latches refitted. After several re adjustments with spaces to get them to work just right. External boxes, and smoke discharger brackets. Anyone have the shapped brackets for the smoke dischargers?? Turret hatch bump stops and clamps. Couldn't resist putting aerials on.
  16. Armistice Day I attended a memorial service in Featherston. Featherston Camp was New Zealand’s largest training camp during the First World War, where around 60,000 young men trained for military service on European battlefields between 1916 and 1918. At its peak, Featherston Camp could sleep and feed more than 9000 men, and train them to be infantrymen, artillerymen, cavalry, and machine gunners.
  17. Gosh, over a month since I last posted. A few weekends away with activities firstly 75th anniversary of USMC practising beach landings at mahia which is about 2hrs north of Napier here in NZ. We took up our 40mm Bofors for the weekend. They even re en acted an actual amphibious landing. Anyone out there got any 40mm Bofors original sights for sale??
  18. Yes, that's what are on currently and these are some spares just in case. Don't expect to be doing high mileage or at fast speeds but will obviously need to keep and eye on them. Perhaps in the future when we are up and running we will get the later type.
  19. Recently arrived a nice package from the UK with some spares and the instrument panel I have been needing. An early Xmas. Just a few other bits I am waiting for and I will be able to finish off the brakes and firewall assembly.
  20. Work continues having just finished and refitted the radiator trunnion blocks along with nice new seals.
  21. Hi Andrew, Yes the triangle plate thingy.
  22. Thanks Richard. We gave some thought to painting the gearbox but we were keen to get it in place to progress on with re assembly. Now awaiting some parts from UK to set up handbrake and final brake plumbing. I am looking for some rear vision mirror triangle shaped brackets if anyone out there has some. Phil
  23. Fire wall components cleaned and re fitted