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  1. Hi Andrew, Yes the triangle plate thingy.
  2. Like others I have been meaning to start a forum on a vehicle restoration but never sat down to do it. Now is the time to start and luckily I have taken lots of photos to remind me of progress. A lot of stuff you may have seen on similar forums but hopefully you can see what can be achieved by 2 novices at this restoration game. Myself (Phil) am in the Business Insurance game. Own an ex New Zealand (NZ) Army Series 2a Landrover and have always been interested in restoring a vehicle but never taken the plunge. Brett is a qualified diesel mechanic and runs his own contracting company. Owns a Daimler Ferret Scout Car and Jeep. Forgive us if we use the wrong technical terms. We have however come to grips cvrt’s vs tanks. Scorpions vs Scimitars with Scorpion turrets etc etc. Why a Scorpion? New Zealand operated 26 Scorpions from circa 1983 to 1996 replacing Ferret Scout cars and M41 tanks. The majority were sold off, I believe to Helston Gun Smiths in the UK, with others being scrapped and 2 remaining with the Army Museum in Waiouru. 1 is a static display and the other is in running order. The attraction therefore was to have a tracked armoured vehicle of a type used by the NZ Army. A Scorpion appealed because of – Light weight and ease of transportation Can be driven on public roads Can fit in a domestic garage (just) Parts are still available (hopefully) Local knowledge on restoration both here in NZ and overseas Meant to be easy to work on Affordability (hmmm time and money will fix most things) The search began with advertisements on Milweb and HMVF back in August 2015. From there and after some false starts a ex Belgium Scimitar with Scorpion turret was located and purchased. DATA PLATE: CVR(T) 30m/m Scimitar FV107 Mk1 65192 HULL NUMBER: BESCI 49 The timeline begins: September 2015 deposit paid November 2015 vehicle and spares relocated for shipping Shipped April 2016 arrived NZ June 2016 Pre Purchase pictures below
  3. Thanks Richard. We gave some thought to painting the gearbox but we were keen to get it in place to progress on with re assembly. Now awaiting some parts from UK to set up handbrake and final brake plumbing. I am looking for some rear vision mirror triangle shaped brackets if anyone out there has some. Phil
  4. Fire wall components cleaned and re fitted
  5. New plumbing for brakes & steering.
  6. Progress continues with more parts being cleaned and reinstalled in the turret
  7. Last night a big step forward when transmission was placed back in the hull. Lessons learned - have the drive shafts fully pulled out to give as much free space to position the transmission - the 1/2 moon spaces that sit under the transmission can be inserted after the transmission was in place - also easier with brake calipers not installed again to give more space. We are happy with this progress as it is starting to feel that we are turning a corner putting things back in. Still a lot of hours to go.
  8. Elevation and traverse gear installed and functioning very nicely.
  9. Fire wall has been cleaned down and ready for painting.
  10. We had a tidy up and change around in the workshop. Scorpion pulled out into the cold and turned around. All the motors and gearboxes were then moved from the back to the center and the Scorpion pushed right to the back. Means we can now get the digger in and use it to lift the motor and gearbox.
  11. Put her back in the shed for the night and then tensioned up the tracks.
  12. Lovely sunny winters day so what better to do than pull her out of the shed and put the turret back on. All went easier than we anticipated as it was gently lowered over our home made guides.
  13. yes it is taking some time but hopefully light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. Thanks. Slowly working on all these bits whilst patiently waiting on parts out of UK.
  15. More parts cleaned up and boxed ready to be re installed. Before and After.
  16. Another step closer to putting the turret back on. A friend kindly came around and welded the bobbin back on that mounts the Breech. We also added a piece of pipe as a sleeve for added strength. I think I'll now move on to trying to remove the welded steel plug in the barrel deactivation and have the barrel back in place before the turret lift.
  17. A bit of a slow period at the moment with work and other commitments. I have managed to get the turret hatch latches painted and back together so they are on the shelf ready to be re installed. Also cleaned up, unseized and repainted the turnbuckle and part of the recuperator - expansion tank?
  18. Thanks Dave. Getting there. Might be ready in time for your visit down this way?
  19. Hi Robin & Doug. Luckily some of the items I was working on I could use a sharp blade to slice it off. Then left it soaking in hot soapy water for some time. Rinsed, dried and re glued in place. I did however source felt here in New Zealand from http://feltsupplies.co.nz/. It is about 10mm thick and I have used it in the hull under where the likes of the driver's periscope sits. Unfortunately it wasn't cheap and they sell per metre. Owner found an off cut for me so I was very lucky. If you do see what you need there I am happy to help getting it to you. Regards Phil
  20. Also been working on the turret hatch latches which were nicely seized. 3 of the 4 came apart with heat and oil quenching. The 4th was a right dog and even in the press wouldn't let go. Finally did after a further week soaking is diesel, more heat and a good whack with a hammer. Rust preventer undercoat
  21. Gave the gun cradle a spray of paint which made it look quite good compared with what it was originally.
  22. Elevation gear all back together again and rotates nice and freely. Also gave it a nice new paint job. Now will be put on the shelf waiting for installation back in the turret.
  23. Purchased some new bearings for the elevation gear and hope to get this all back together over Easter. The old bearings were reluctant to come off so my mechanic friend cut the outer race off then put a ring of mig welding around which apparently assists removal. There is no real room to get a puller on but I managed to use a hammer and punch to get one bearing off. The other end where the geared cog was I couldn't get a punch on to it so I put 2 cuts in the bearing case with a dremil and use a cold chisel to separate. Nice new bearing pressed on.
  24. Yes it is but it can do your head in at the time. I've given up on the gun cradle as I'm worried I'll cause damage to the mantlet when all I was trying to achieve was a tidy up and repaint. The recuperator I'll weld the bobbin back on in place.