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  1. Still, I have found time to puddle on the turret cleaning up threads and going through boxes of brackets to identify and trial fit various parts. Turret latches refitted. After several re adjustments with spaces to get them to work just right. External boxes, and smoke discharger brackets. Anyone have the shapped brackets for the smoke dischargers?? Turret hatch bump stops and clamps. Couldn't resist putting aerials on.
  2. Armistice Day I attended a memorial service in Featherston. Featherston Camp was New Zealand’s largest training camp during the First World War, where around 60,000 young men trained for military service on European battlefields between 1916 and 1918. At its peak, Featherston Camp could sleep and feed more than 9000 men, and train them to be infantrymen, artillerymen, cavalry, and machine gunners.
  3. Gosh, over a month since I last posted. A few weekends away with activities firstly 75th anniversary of USMC practising beach landings at mahia which is about 2hrs north of Napier here in NZ. We took up our 40mm Bofors for the weekend. They even re en acted an actual amphibious landing. Anyone out there got any 40mm Bofors original sights for sale??
  4. Yes, that's what are on currently and these are some spares just in case. Don't expect to be doing high mileage or at fast speeds but will obviously need to keep and eye on them. Perhaps in the future when we are up and running we will get the later type.
  5. Recently arrived a nice package from the UK with some spares and the instrument panel I have been needing. An early Xmas. Just a few other bits I am waiting for and I will be able to finish off the brakes and firewall assembly.
  6. Work continues having just finished and refitted the radiator trunnion blocks along with nice new seals.
  7. Hi Andrew, Yes the triangle plate thingy.
  8. Thanks Richard. We gave some thought to painting the gearbox but we were keen to get it in place to progress on with re assembly. Now awaiting some parts from UK to set up handbrake and final brake plumbing. I am looking for some rear vision mirror triangle shaped brackets if anyone out there has some. Phil
  9. Fire wall components cleaned and re fitted
  10. New plumbing for brakes & steering.
  11. Progress continues with more parts being cleaned and reinstalled in the turret
  12. Last night a big step forward when transmission was placed back in the hull. Lessons learned - have the drive shafts fully pulled out to give as much free space to position the transmission - the 1/2 moon spaces that sit under the transmission can be inserted after the transmission was in place - also easier with brake calipers not installed again to give more space. We are happy with this progress as it is starting to feel that we are turning a corner putting things back in. Still a lot of hours to go.
  13. Elevation and traverse gear installed and functioning very nicely.
  14. Fire wall has been cleaned down and ready for painting.