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  1. Yes ex Belgian DATA PLATE: CVR(T) 30m/m Scimitar FV107 Mk1 65192 HULL NUMBER: BESCI 49 Now fitted with Scorpion Turret
  2. Also I have been slowly cleaning up the turret internals with the plan that if the component was in reasonable condition to clean and refit. If not then a repaint. All back in now including new piping for the periscope washers. Just the machine gun mount to do. I don't have the turret ring so if someone has one lying about or any othe components you think I need please let me know. Washer bottle, traverse indicator dial, radio gear are also items on the need list.
  3. Also over Winter a Breech Block arrived in the mail. A bit more paper work required than usual to get permits following a terrorist attack here in NZ. Firearm ownership all that bit harder now. I have stripped it all down, cleaned, re assembled and fitted back in the Breech Ring. One difficulty I did have was removing the Firing Mechanism. Had I read the manual properly it all makes sence in hindsight. Breech Block must be in the Breech Ring. Set Lever to Safe. Fire the Striker Mechanism (this bit wasn't in the manual but it worked for me). Rotate the Striker Mechanism and remove.
  4. Gosh a bit slack in posting seeing the last one was 22 June. I guess Winter hibernation kicked in? I haven't been completely idle though. Gearbox oil filter and hoses fitted. So in the front I really only need to re bleed the brakes and I can then re fit and plumb up the radiator.
  5. Generator had been stripped and rebuilt some months ago but still needed a repaint plus the air intake sheild was US so a new one was made. At the same time of painting the dirvers firewall was repainted ready for fitting. A bit cooler outside so we used the workshop heater to help the paint dry.
  6. Air cleaner stripped back, repainted and re fitted.
  7. Work still progressing with more parts off the shelf and fitted. Each with it's own clean up and restoration as you go but progress is progress. As Andrew pointed out We needed to recover the donut type coupling off the old gearbox and fit it to the replacement. This was done and the drive shaft installed.
  8. Good spotting Andrew. I will recover the coupling off the other gearbox. Ready by Easter lol. I hear on good authority there's another Scorpion that will be at the Easter Rally unattended at nights...... Busy at work is slowing things down currently so aim will be Labour Weekend at yours. Phil
  9. A bit slack on updating but we have installed the engine and had a brief test run. Everything went and sounded good. We used the Ferret as the slave battery. Next will be to finish off the gear box and coolant plumbing so we can run it longer and even try to move it under it's own power. Thanks to Todd who helped with the install and getting it started. received_393756131415242 (1).mp4
  10. Wiring of the new instrument panel almost complete. Once finished focus will switch to getting the engine ready to install and try and start.
  11. Firewall back in place and starting to fit out. Looking at the pictures it was August 2016 when it was removed. Out in August 2016 back in January 2019.
  12. Final bits of the brake & Steering plumbing also completed. Bleeding to follow.
  13. Barrel now back in place. I marked out in more detail where the interrupted screw threads were on the barrel and the engage, disengage marks so when it was re fitted I had a much better idea that it was set up right. Slotted back in and now no need to ever remove it again hopefully. Pine trees in the distance
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