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  1. Looking for a Norton 16H (1940-45 style) engine. Needs to be in fair or rebuildable condition, and seller willing to ship to the USA. Ideally a top and bottom end together but willing to purchase separately. Thank you.
  2. Someone told me that Churchill had a 125ML. Has anyone else heard this? Sources?
  3. Has anyone here done business with Dutch Lion? I contacted them about payment methods and they only do Bank Transfer, no VISA or PayPal. Bank Transfers are thought of as a bit dodgy here in the states, so I want to make sure they have a good reputation.
  4. Are all 1945 Norton 16H motorcycles "war bikes"? In other words made on a war contract and not a civilian motorcycle?
  5. Thank you for all for your responses! I am still researching the information you have given me, no new questions just yet. Thanks!
  6. I am currently restoring a James ML, much thanks to many threads on this forum. While researching the ML I have found several articles claiming that the Norton 16H (WD16H) is an 'affordable' war bike, that can be had on the used market for $5000-$7,000 (U.S). I assume this is true only in Europe, and I would have to find someone willing to ship and incur shipping expenses. So my novice questions are: 1. Is this a true accurate representation of the going price for these bikes? 2. Are there any other similar war bikes in this price range? 3. Any advice or gotcha's on locating and buying a WD16H? 4. Is the process of getting a bike shipped to the U.S a complete nightmare? I don't have $5-7k on hand just yet, but I hope to in a few months after my ML has been finished. The thought of having a war bike has me very intrigued, as what I have been used to here in the U.S., are Harleys and Indian war bikes that cost more than my house is worth. Thank you for your input.
  7. Thanks! I bet those are hard to track down! .
  8. Thank you Ron! Does anyone know what came in the tool box? Was it full of tools from the factory or empty?
  9. Wow! thank you! Can you tell me what kind of make/model bike that is? Nice! Yes I will do that! I have a 16" Dobsonian for visual observations and a 10" SCT EQ mounted for photography. I also have a number of solar instruments for public outreach.
  10. Ian, Did you find a centerstand? If you find a source please let me know. If you have a photo of the frame where the stand connects, a bit farther back, could you post it please. I can't sort out in my head how it attaches to the frame. .
  11. You rock! Thank you very much! So far I know I am missing: Air Filter Side/Center Stand Shift Knob (I have the lever) Rod that connects engine to shift lever Foot pegs Lever that releases the handle bar Will need petcock or rebuild kit. 1 spoke (it has 36 spoke wheels) Brake rod .
  12. Hello everyone. I am trying to restore a James ML. Can anyone tell me what taillight(s) were used? I hope it is some common Lucus part! I am sure I will have more questions as I get into it. Thanks!
  13. Hello, My name is Tim O'Connor, I live in Batavia Ohio. I do IT work to make a living but fly, ride motorcycles and do astronomy for fun. I have a keen interest in WWII motorcycles and aircraft especially. I have just purchased what remains of a 194? James ML125 and I hope to restore it with reasonably correct configuration and markings. The Frame Number appears to place it early in production but some of the parts appear to be civilian era. I have lots of photos from my late father that served in WWII he kept his brownie(sp?) camera with him throughout his training and tour. If anyone has a ML125 James and would like to sell it, or parts or Villiers 9D parts PLEASE contact me. Thank you!
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