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  1. Just been looking at google images of the GPMG and there definately are bits missing from the repilicas. Could you get a replica and modify that?
  2. I dont know about the GPMG but I've had a 30 cal, 50 cal and bazooka from Crossfire and they have been good quality as far as replica's go. I went to collect the guns and they are a proper engineering company. I know they also supply some of the current army regiments for recruiting purposes. Also spotted on the credits on guy martins ww1 tank that they supplied the replica Lewis guns. I guess they can't be that bad! I've heard worrying things about MM but by and large good things about Crossfire. A few of my mates have bought from them and they seemed happy with what they had. But they are replicas so don't expect like for like quality against a deact. Just my thoughts.
  3. I think Cross Fire did use to do them but I may be wrong. Might be worth giving them a call as they may do one off's for you.
  4. How about Multiframe Buildings in Sussex. http://www.multiframebuildings.co.uk They have put buildings up for someone I know and they also do motor houses. Apparently good quality work.
  5. The easy way is to just speak to Dallas Autos, Jeeparts etc and they will send you the correct "white" bulbs.
  6. I've bought a 30cal from crossfire and it is fine and would certainly recommend it for the money. You could also try Dave Roe Halftract Parts (see Milweb). I saw some of his a few years ago at Beltring and they were very good. Not sure what sort on money they are but I don't think they were much different to CrossFfre. Hope this helps. Nick
  7. Mike, Sounds like the problem I had with my dodge a few years ago. Changed the distributor and all was fine! Jimmy's could be completely different but just thought I'd mention it. Nick
  8. Hi Mike, Yes it was mine and the one you brought back from France. Nice to see it being restored as it would have been many years before I'd get round to it. Cheers Nick
  9. Steel sheets are the best. I've done my workshop in them. You can have any colour you like and they will last for years. Try Southern Sheeting Supplies located in East Grinstead, near Gatwick. 01342 315300. Hope this helps.
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