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  1. Lots of QL's and RL's in the "Day of the Triffids" mini series. There is an armoured car in the last episode.
  2. One possible place to look would be related to the troubles in Northern Ireland. I remember a lot of vehicles getting "armoured" at a nearby REME facility. The armour for an LR consisted of a fiberglass roof, bonnet, wings, doors and lower body. I don't know what the upper body sides were made of but they appeared to have a wood grain. This could have been due to brush painting as much as anything. Both Bedford RL and MJ's were armoured up at this time. Rob D.
  3. Nice work, I hope to see some more on your website.
  4. I would be digging that side too, but using a small team and quietly. Preferably by going down one of those shafts. However I would also do something in a more easily accessible area with lots of fanfare and publicity just to keep the noseies/newsies away from the real hunt.
  5. Maybe He is thinking about this from BAE for the US marines: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/one-of-these-will-be-the-next-u-s-marines-amphibious-1746202361
  6. Are you sure it is not one of these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M61_Vulcan rather than an M60 which was a Tank and a medium machine gun. The M61 is rare in civilian hands but there are a few. It is still fitted to most American fighter aircraft such as F15, F16 & FA18. Any that are working would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if they were made after 1986. If made after that date they would be illegal in the US. I can't find out costs for a non working one anywhere as by Google-Fu is failing me ATM. Rob D.
  7. That is an Canadian phone number located in BC so Sarah is using American spelling and most likely why the request for photos of US made stuff.
  8. Thank you all for this helpful information. It looks to me that as FV1609 stated there are two issues: 1. radio versus wireless : this seems to be mainly a nomenclature and age thing due to NATO standardisation 2. FFW versus FFR : This is what I was really asking about and I was a bit unclear but based on the replies it seems to break down to: An FFW had components built in to the original build ( power generation and wiring plus antenna mounts) so that a depot could custom fit communications equipment to it to fit a specific purpose. Any changes to the equipment setup would be performed at depot. An FFR had a standard "Modular" setup that would allow the (more modern) comms gear to be easily upgraded or switched out either for repair or for upgrades in the field.
  9. I see many vehicles referred to as FFR or FFW meaning, as I understand it, Fitted For Radio or Wireless. What is the difference between Radio and Wireless? is it just the age of the equipment where the nomenclature changed at a certain time or is it something more fundamental?
  10. These were made by the blokes in the NAAFI from damaged uniforms. They did other things like "Boxing" the pockets of jackets and replacing the buttoned sleeve cuffs with the top of a sock to provide an elasticated and more windproof sleeve. I have a smock, combat 8415-69-130-5862 with the main pockets boxed to hold two tins of beer rather than the usual one. Rob D.
  11. Especially when one of the Scaracens, the first, is missing a wheel. I wonder what all that "stuff" on top of the second Scaracen seen is? It does not look like standard equipment. I was wondering about that Pig as I never saw a Mark 1 when I was growing up in NI and I don't remember the "barrier Bars" (or whatever the official name is) being fitted until after the Scaracens arrived in our area and the pigs went off to the cities. I do remember the Scaracens arriving in a large convoy all were reverse flow and in desert colours.
  12. I found this video on the internet and I was wondering what all these vehicles were. I see two Stalwarts, a fox, four ferrets, two Scaracen and a command variant (FV604?) a couple of pigs and I think three FV 432. For the yank trucks there are two jeeps a couple of Dodges and a duce an a half.
  13. It's the tow vehicle that worries me, is its chassis (if it has one and is not a monocoque) strong enough to tow that trailer even if empty?
  14. Did you get any pics of the Bedfords with the fiberglass armour kits fritted? Those had a similar peaked roof rear and had plexi windows in the sides. It looked like a garden shed was sat in the back. The cabs were also armoured in the same fashion with a single piece moulding covering the front from the windshield down and seperate door and roof mouldings. Rob D.
  15. The Land Rover wheelbarrow EOD portee and the fish fryer jamming trailer stationed at Bessbrook Mill (Tac HQ, South Armagh) had what appeared to be these chains attached at all times as I never saw them without. The bright green cables were especially memorable standing out against the matt green and black camo. The Land Rover was really stripped down without much in the way of bodywork, no front wings, or windshield as I recall. Rob
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