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    Its a Stug - but what is actually used for?

    Of course being a Stug it had no turret, so rotation would not be an issue.
  2. Vintage Wargaming

    Its a Stug - but what is actually used for?

    I've checked with the person I know who is most likely to know. He says the two holes are too close together to be a rangefinder so not an AOP. Another suggestion in the past was that it might be a flamethrower with two tubes, but why have two when one with the same size fuel tank would be just as good. Best guess seems to be an ammunition carrier.
  3. Vintage Wargaming

    What type of vehicle is that in the background?

    This photo is from a Vickers Elswick works photo album
  4. Vintage Wargaming

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    No it is 22.00 if you are in the Netherlands so you are right - we are just an hour behind you
  5. Vintage Wargaming

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    Of course that's 21.00 in the U.K. and 22.00 on Quest + 1
  6. Vintage Wargaming

    Dorking covenanter recovery

    I'm wondering now if the Army called in We Bury Any Tank.com at the end of the war
  7. Vintage Wargaming

    buried and abandoned tanks

    Well done. Looking forward to hearing more
  8. Vintage Wargaming

    Anything wrong with this picture?

    What is the third aircraft?
  9. http://Tankdevelopment.blogspot.co.uk If anyone hasn't seen them there are plenty of previously unseen interwar Vickers Works photos on my interwar tank development blog, along with these Chronicle photos and various Pathe News items of similar interest. I must get back to this blog to add caption information to the posts.
  10. Vintage Wargaming

    Graham Lay Antiques Road Show military expert.

    I am very sorry to hear that but thank you for posting the news. I never met him but corresponded by email with him over an item on a collection of toy soldiers and journal of Wargames from the 1870s which had appeared on Antiques Roadshow. He was very courteous and interested, and put me in touch with the family which resulted in my transcribing the Journal on the web. A true gentleman, very knowledgeable and he will be missed. Worth noting out of respect his surname was spelt Lay.
  11. Vintage Wargaming

    Medal detective

    Last month there was a story in the news of someone finding an original VC from Inkerman in the Thames. It has been narrowed down to two possible recipients
  12. Vintage Wargaming

    Reforming Cover

    sounds painful
  13. Vintage Wargaming

    1931 Vickers Carden Loyd in Portugal

    This isn't a problem for the high sided 1931 artillery tractor, which is the closest suggested match so far. Thank you for the additional photos, they are really helpful.
  14. Vintage Wargaming

    1931 Vickers Carden Loyd in Portugal

    Is that of the actual vehicle which is now in the museum, do you know? And did the army have just the one or a number of them? Thanks
  15. Vintage Wargaming

    1931 Vickers Carden Loyd in Portugal

    This is D42, the Artillery Tractor Demonstration Model at Chertsey in 1929 This is the prototype Vickers 2 ton tractor, taking part in the February 930 trials at Wool, here towing a field gun and limber A single 3 ton tractor prototype was delivered in early June 1930 but discarded as having no benefit over the 2 ton in 1932 The Tractor Truck mated a 30 cwt lorry body with a fully tracked chassis based on the 2 ton tractor and which came in a number of variants. Three vehicles were purchased by the British Army for trials but were rejected for service Here are a number of versions: Tractor Truck 1936 China Tractor Truck Standard 1935 Tractor Truck tipping body 1935, also Metropolitan Water Board 1936 Tractor Truck Turntable and Trailer 1935, Turning Circle 26ft wit Load. Overall length with Corner extended 26'6" Tractor Truck Aero Starter 1935 Tractor Truck Pipe Carrier 1935 The suspension (drive wheel and four road wheels) isn't the same as the 2 ton tractor, and therefore not Dragon Mk 1, 1a, II, or Tractor Truck, or Utility Tractor, all of which in any case wouldn't fit the given date of 1931. It's also different to D42, the artillery tractor prototype. Which really leaves the vehicle in the last photo on my previous post (artillery tractor 1931 high sides) the only viable suggestion so far, to fit with the date, body style and suspension. The later version of the 2 ton tractor used on the tractor truck does look similar to the Portuguese vehicle but dates from 1935/6 which postdates a 1931 vehicle. It would be helpful to have a side on photograph of the vehicle in the Portuguese Army Museum to help further with identification. Obviously it would be simplest if the Museum told us what it is.