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  1. 2e0prp

    Camouflage netting

    Hi do you still have the ww2 sacking one , how much , .com mPete
  2. 2e0prp

    Aerial wanted

    hi , I am looking for at least one but possible two fourteen feet aerial`s to fit on my 1943 QLR ,any pointers to where i my find any , thank you Pete
  3. 2e0prp

    propane gun simulator circuit boards

    hi Colin , any the boards left , would like one please
  4. 2e0prp

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    thanks for that cap`in, Pete
  5. 2e0prp

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    ok , tell where i can get some in the UK
  6. 2e0prp

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    hi , looking to hold of some bar grips 11 x 20 any ideas new or v/good used , thanks
  7. 2e0prp

    info req

    hi, can any one please tell me what type and part number of the air compressor that would fit on the side of a Bedford ql gearbox , had a look in my maintenance manual to try and find it , shows a picture of it and that`s about it , thank you Peter
  8. 2e0prp

    LGV mot ??

    hi , thanks for the good news , that was headache, i`ll tax mine now thats all sorted , thanks Nick , regards Pete
  9. 2e0prp

    LGV mot ??

    hi , got me wondering after reading this , so as i understand it vehicle`s before 1960 there is no change , as i have a 1943 truck weighting at about three and half tons ,so is going to affect my vehicle , these law changes are so confusing and maybe taking these wartime vehicles from going to displays around the uk , what a pity ,
  10. 2e0prp


    hi , looks like a load of hassle to me , but sorry to hear about Tony`s ordeal , the other thing how do you stand law wise about bayonets say at military show when you see them hanging as part of the uniform !!!!!
  11. 2e0prp


    hello , any one know how to get a licence to operate a blank firing weapon, it seems that things change so much regarding this , any info would help, regards
  12. 2e0prp

    bedford qlr

    good morning , Richard , many thanks for the pressures , would that be the same for QLR i wonder , but its a start not knowing what they should be as i find it very heavy on the steering , best regards Peter
  13. 2e0prp

    bedford qlr

    hi , i have looked on line and in the manuals, trying to find the correct tyre pressures for on the road using bar grip tires , i saw the article about the K9 pressures and wondered if they maybe the same but not to sure ,if anyone would know it would gladly appreciated , thank you
  14. 2e0prp

    ql badge

    looking for a steel bedford front rad badge , thanks pete
  15. 2e0prp

    Mk 2 sten

    Hi, looking for a tee stock for a mk2 sten gun , plus a good bolt if poss thanks pete