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  1. Hi phil thank you for your kind words, unfortunately no takers :-( I know it's war and peace weekend but was hoping someone would come and enjoy a great weekend away, for the Saturday evening at the bar we have got two girl 1940s singers maybe that will encourage some of you, !! regards chris http://www.warbirdsfightermeet.co.uk
  2. Come on it's free entry!! There must be some of you want to attend, it's somewhere to drive to and show off your hardwear, with nothing to pay, only your bar bill :cheesy:
  3. Managed to pick up a helmet on eBay size 7, my friend is an upholsterer so can make it bigger for me, dm's sound good, looks like the trousers and top are available new so will go down that route, have gloves, but may struggle with the waistcoat, are some of these leather ?
  4. Thank you for all your help, I will post a pic of the sort of gear I'm after later, but was mainly wondering if new stuff was made as original is getting a bit too old to wear I think, but may go old helmet.
  5. Hi all, can someone please help me I'm looking at buying dispatch rider authentic gear and helmet, does anybody make reproduction of this stuff thanks chris
  6. Dear all we are holding an event at little Gransden airfield cambs/beds border, it's a large model scale Warbird event along with some unusual full size aircraft, the whole event is based on a ww2 feel and we are looking for a limited amount of military vehicles of the period, a great weekend with a difference, evening bar in period dress. Anybody wishing to attend please email me williswarbirds@icloud.com attendees with a vehicle get free entry for the weekend, motorcycles wanted as well as Willys jeeps etc, or even book for just the day, for more info go to http://www.warbirdsfightermeet.co.uk hope to hear from you chris
  7. Hi my name is chris, currently half way through a military lightweight land rover, and also just purchased a bsa c11 1940
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