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  1. Hi have been doing a bit just got reverse gear back now to see if it works
  2. Hi have been doing a little we managed to source a radiator thats copy quality the old one got mislaid. on inspection of the stuck gearbox which we knew had no reverse we found it had no plug in it was dry and had a rats nest in it. So after a rinse it was filled with oil and left to soak a few days latter we put a spanner on the top shaft and with gentle rocking after an afternoon it came free. It’s now off getting a new gear cut. The gear appears quite fragile over the drive key after allowing for the depth of teeth refers to pics there is not a lot left. the reverse idler the loose gear and shaft in pics is constant mesh and had sized we suspect causing the breakage it had wiped out bearing material that had splayed out and jammed it on the case it took quite a lot of getting out
  3. Hi Steve haven't posted for awhile as we haven't done much more managed to get a radiator patten quality but have continued to follow yours with great interest so much is the same or simmelar to our bb4 engined q . i was particularly taken by your recent twisting chassis clutch problem i had a look back through some of your pictures but couldn't see is your motor bolted directly to the chassis our Q has a sub frame same as the picture of one of yours on page 27 that had people confused it has a large rubber mount at the front the crank handle goes thou the middle and it bolts to the A cross member and the rear of it hangs from the B and it holds the engine gearbox in line in my pictures i have attached some wheels to it so we can roll it round for got i started new thread b thornycroft Q bb/4
  4. Hi heres some shots of the muffler from our 1924 bb4 q it was complete when recovered note that the clamping rod is 1 Mt long but may not be original its been awhile the ends are handed the rear the fish-plate is inserted and held with a split pin looks right the other end has a machined shoulder that would go into pipe and be clamped note the three studs in each end holding a baffle from memory there were two pipes pierced and opened at opposite ends held together with more baffles hole lot was hanging under left rear of engine sub frame by i think brass clamps and wing nuts the use of wing nuts on this truck all ways got me like on the top of gearbox and diff b
  5. Hi i have been following this with great interest as so much is the same or simmeler to our bb4 powered q our gear box has a central gear leaver but otherwise appears the same i missed the strip down of it we are missing the actual reverse gear it split and was removed and lost by the last owner what i was righting about throu is the mag drive oiler it looks the same as on the q on ours there was a drag in the motor which was traced to this the tip of the oiler extends throu and into the ditance piece bush between the bearings and locates it ours had missed the hole and the shaft had drifted ford and was rubing on the cover also wasnt oiling as it was hard down on the outside ofthe bush
  6. Hi found this old post and found it of interest here is our 77 super comet 410 6 speed splitter currently in the middle of a cab change we bought it in the nintes from a dealer at mt Gambia who told us they had got it at the auctions ex raaf this was supported by finding under the seat a number of load dockets from Woomera their are no tags on it but it has a rear tow pintle and tow shackles all round note the sun visor stone guard air horns and really heavy bumper which did have a bull bar attached it was a prime mover we put the tipper on bj
  7. agree with Many one that hasent come up thoe its a mini series the ANZACS
  8. now have rear head temporally back on have ground intake valves and freed up helmet [had been open to weather] had to extract broken Hemet stud and broken off spark plugs does any one know the right plugs and the best thing to use as wicks for the overhead valve oilers also a supplier of head studs and remade head gaskets in aus thanks b
  9. update Pics 1 factory motor 2 unseized roller followers 3 freed clutch and brake 4 follower mount new valve cover the motor clearly had been working with out valve covers all freed up and exhaust valves ground b
  10. Hi found the truck in 77 recovered it with uncle had been from new a mobile stone crushing plant so no cab. Didn’t really know what we had pre computer age has a winch on right rear wheel so thought military or colonial special based. was is missing carb, mag, oil line to timing cover, bonnet, alloy trim, fuel tank, rev gear, uncle moved away and project was in limbo till now. We have unseized the motor. Today got the clutch released and working on freeing up the gearbox and transmission brake. Found some old pics from 77 and a link to some vids . when the chassis was shot a few years ago we didn’t know what we had we now know its basically an enlarged j model with a larger engine rated at 50hp but actually over 60 but it apparently dropped valves so was short lived it’s an f head the follow ons I think went back to side valve. I am lucky enough to have a late j model owner’s manual with the same engine which is a help https://i.ytimg.com/vi_webp/6w8uODrNcBg/mqdefault.webp https://i.ytimg.com/vi_webp/ZVMYwU-UN3A/mqdefault.webp https://i.ytimg.com/vi_webp/rRBarmXh26k/mqdefault.webp https://i.ytimg.com/vi/EUpHx3CDvas/mqdefault.jpg mucked up link go here https://www.youtube.com/user/edgiee27/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=ddand look around
  11. ar thou was a non standard issue normaly used a 20rd to get more depression and save wear on mag catch had brens as well thou never fired one again not standard for inf mainly transport standard was m60 while slr mag would work on bren there was talk that it stuffed the feed lips and when it came back would play up on slr bj aus
  12. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22201/lot/1224/ one that was sold reasently in the uk pics coming bj
  13. HI have enjoyed your posts I have got a lot out of it as a lot applies to ours a q with the bb/4 one different thing is ours has a capstan winch on the right rear wheel main things we are missing are a radiator and reverse gear two pics one of the winch and another of unloading her back in 77 thanks bj
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