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  1. Many thanks for that Iain would cost me £250 including going to get it but it’s a 630 mile round trip :cry: Decisions decisions
  2. I should have said a rough idea £50-£100, £100-£200, £200-£500? More? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have the chance to buy a 1943 US army I-56-K valve test set. Includes a I-176 Test Unit, an I-166 Voltohmmeter, and the I-177 Tube Tester in a CS-130 case. http://www.supremeinstruments.org/military.htm It looks in good condition and complete but no idea if it works. Does anybody have an idea what it would be worth? I am new to collecting equipment and dont want to pay over the odds for it. Thanks
  4. Hi wow both lovely vehicles. I have been trawling Leboncoin here in France and parts for both are available. I have always liked the Jeeps and it would be easier to move, store etc but the prices are crazy :wow: I missed a very low priced 1943 Jeep yesterday that looked very good the advert had only been on a few hours and it had gone also a barn find WC51 but its 6 hours away, details are limited, I only have use of a Toyota Hilux to collect it and I think that might struggle to pull that much weight that far. Will keep looking something will come up :cool2:
  5. Hi I am Richard I am English but live in France (Brittany). I am new to military vehicles I have visited a few WW2 camps and spent time looking through forums etc. I would like to restore an MB/GPW Jeep if I can find something reasonably priced or more likely a Dodge WC they seem easier to find here for sensible money but always miles away. This forum is full of helpful and very interesting information hope I can contribute to it in the future
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