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  1. laboisselle

    WW1 Vehicle Owner in the South East?

    The more the merrier, Tomo!
  2. laboisselle

    WW1 Vehicle Owner in the South East?

    Thanks, gents, for input. Ideally looking to get in touch with owners to see about an event late summer next year.
  3. A longshot, but do we have any WW1 era vehicle owners in the Kent/Essex/E Sussex area? If so, could you drop me a line, please? A friend is trying to organise something for the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, next year. Many thanks, in advance.
  4. laboisselle

    Berlin Brigade Challengers

    Isn't the answer a bit more basic than this? If you put a noticeable red cross on stuff, it simply gives the baddies a convenient aiming point. Can remember reading about a Soviet army observer at a NATO exercise expressing complete incredulity that there were vehicles with big red crosses on, buzzing around the battlefield. His response - 'Those would be the first things we'd shoot at!' Seems, 40 years on, our military may have taken that on board...!
  5. laboisselle

    Dennison Smock repro wanted please!

    Think I'd go with matchlesswdg3's suggestion. Or have a butcher's on ebay. But any particular reason you're opting for a full zip? Might get some sneery looks from the Airborne experts...!
  6. laboisselle

    Personal First Aid Kit

    My experience in the 1980s concurs with what others have said - carried a personal first aid kit packed tightly into a Gold Block tobacco tin, in a pouch of my 58s. Just the basics, for personal care and use - anything more serious; call-in the experts!
  7. laboisselle

    Trooper H . May E.T.Y

    RAFMT has it right, I think. Pre-1908 - Essex Imperial Yeomanry. April 1908 onwards - Essex Yeomanry (part of the Territorial Force). To find out what he as up to I'd try all the usual suspects - county records office, Ancestry, any regimental museum or association, etc.
  8. laboisselle

    Jeep Gear Box Top-up - HELP!

    That is very helpful indeed - exactly what was required; thank you.
  9. laboisselle

    Help identifying WW2 RAF trucks

    Yep; not a 109 I think.
  10. This may sound like an absolutely bone question but I am completely unfamiliar with the underneath of a Jeep and wonder whether someone could please post pics showing locations of the gear oil filler plug for the gearbox and ditto for the transfer case when in situ underneath the vehicle? Many thanks,
  11. laboisselle

    DPM Fabric Wraps For The SLR?

    Agree with the above - no rules or regs for this modification. Elasticated sleeves was the Rolls Royce way to go on this. From what I recall most either just wrapped some DPM cloth around the furniture and either tied or (more often) taped it in place. Ditto with some hessian sacking which (again if I recall correctly) was frequently more in favour since it was thicker and more 'grippy' than DPM cotton (plus it looked way cooler, too!)
  12. laboisselle

    Dorking covenanter recovery

    The above sentiment seconded here. This has been a great thread to follow and I salute what you've done - events like those we have seen this week put our nerdy obsession with military metal in context. Hope you and yours are safe and well.
  13. I would say that the layout as shown in that colour pic is 'right' - or at least 'not wrong'. And if it was my Jeep, that's how I'd place the signs.
  14. As an aside - if you get magnetic signs made up you can not only swap the unit identity of your vehicle as and when you like, you can also, when some smartass 'expert' comes along and tells you that your Div and Unit signs are 'the wrong way round' quickly and easily change them over! Just a thought.
  15. Agree that 'in the field' no hard and fast rules. You see variations and oddities. That said, if it was me, I would do what seems to have been the majority thing - so on the front the signage the opposite way round to that show in the Jeep line drawing pic and on the rear no white star on the bumperette and the unit seniority number there instead. I also wouldn't put a white star on the front bumper - I would agree with the view that it's bonnet and sides only for a Brit Jeep. Ultimately though, it's the owner's vehicle - he can paint it pink if the need grips him; his choice.