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  1. Hi Pete, I think you'll find there's a number stamped into the front near side of the chassis, in the vicinity of the rear spring hanger IIRC, though rather than being the chassis number it's actually the original engine number (I still have the original engine here, though it will require a full rebuild). Regards, Matt.
  2. Hi, just wondering what happened to the pictures from the members galleries which were on the old site? I have a vehicle which belonged to a now inactive member, and stupidly didn't save the pictures which he posted years ago of it intact. Is there any way of accessing these pictures from the new forum?. Thanks, Matt.
  3. Sorry Pete our replies crossed. The replacement engine is, as you say a long block. I'm told it was removed from a 1950's Clarkston tractor which came from USAF disposal at RAF Molesworth. Being from a Clarktor it will be a Chrysler industrial unit. The carb, manifold, born, air cleaner and oil filter are all from the original engine though.
  4. The trim is painted steel iirc. The earlier D-15's still had chrome trim and the Dodge emblem, but these were omitted by the time this truck was built. As Gordon says the four blade fan is correct, and quite likely to be the original since it appeared that when the engine was changed all ancillaries were simply swapped over to the replacement. That dent in the cab roof occurred in my ownership I'm afraid. A storm brought a branch down which landed across the truck. Really pleased to see it receiving the attention it deserves!.
  5. Hi Pete, Yes of course that's fine, the kettle will be on!. Yes those are the markings I was thinking of. Also the decal on the nearside of the firewall. I will PM you later with my contact details. Matt.
  6. Hi Gordon, It has indeed been awhile! I hop all is well with you. Yes it's the one I bought unseen for Scotland after seeing it advertised on milweb. It was is a nice truck, but I decide to let it go before it deteriorated further due to lack of undercover storage. When I sold it it went to Oxford, then direct to Pete afaik. Pete, are the original hand written factory numbers still on the engine side of the firewall in blue grease pencil?. Matt
  7. Hi Pete, Glad to see you still have her!. The engine had been changed by the chap I bought it from, he told me he obtained a replacement from a USAF disposal from Molesworth. It is a long block Chrysler, but is post war made iirc. Anyway when I bought the truck the original Canadian block was in the back, and I still have it here. Interestingly the engine number is stamped into the chassis. If you would like the original engine I'd be more than happy for you to come over for it, or I could bring it to you during the summer. All the best, Matt.
  8. Clive, REME245 and 10FM68 thank you for helping me to at least start to grasp British unit designations. Looking at the link posted by 10FM68 if my understanding is correct it seems there are three likely units my Land Rover could have belonged to, 278, 279 or 280 Field Regiments, would you agree with that?. Matt.
  9. Hi Clive, I would be interested in what it says about the 52nd Lowland Division and when it became the Lowland Brigade. I found a wiki page which indicates the change occurred in 1960, but that may or course be incorrect. Thanks, Matt.
  10. Thanks both. I think the AOS sign is contemporary to the Saltire judging by the paint layers, though there are traces of another sign being present, possibly later, which is a white number on a brown background. Getting back to the Saltire, here's the cover of the TA magazine from March 1965. Unfortunately there is no key to the identification of the signs.
  11. Hi Clive, Many thanks indeed. Apologies for sounding thick, but what does CS stand for?.
  12. Please can anyone help with identifying which unit is represented by the markings in the attached pictures?. They are on a 1961 Rover Mk6. I'm fairly certain the blue shield with the white cross and black outline is the Lowland Brigade, and the other flash is obviously Royal Artillery, but which unit does 66 represent?. Merry Christmas to all!. Matt.
  13. I have reluctantly realised it's time to face the fact that I'm unlikely to ever give this truck the attention it deserves, so I am offering it for sale. Late 1942 GMC CCKW 353 LeRoi compressor truck. Has been stood outside for a number of years and requires full restoration. The truck is complete, original and basically sound, however the motor and brakes are stuck through standing and the close cab requires fairly extensive work. There will be included a quantity of original new old stock or very good used parts which I have collected over the years, these include instruments and sheet metal. Asking £2000. The truck is located near Barmouth, West Wales and is accessible by transporter/low loader. Please no tyre kickers, time wasters or photo collectors. I want to see it go to someone who will restore it (as what it is, and has always been, a compressor truck). Any genuine enquiries welcome. Thanks, Matt.
  14. Hi, This is probably a dumb question,but can anyone give me a part number for the correct headlamp bulb(12 volt) for the Lucas FV headlamps fitted to a Land Rover Defender?. I thought I had the correct bulb but I'm having trouble fitting it into the reflector unit using the spring clip. Thanks, Matt.
  15. Hi Alastair, This is a long shot but could the brake drums you are looking for be the same as those fitted to a Canadian Chevrolet C60? if so I have a set which need a home! Best wishes for 2012! Matt.
  16. Many thanks to you both!. Not thinking of getting one Rick! just a bit of research:-) Matt.
  17. Hi, Can anyone tell me where the serial numbers would be on a Cromwell hull?. Would they only appear on a dataplate,and if so where is that located? or was the number also stamped into the hull?. Thanks, Matt.
  18. Hi Neil, The side aerial mounting brackets do come in two sizes and the one in your pic is the later type fitted to 90's and 110's. There should be plenty of the earlier Series type around. Matt.
  19. I just came across this postcard of a Fordson Model F tractor being used as an artillery prime mover and I was wondering if anyone has any info on the use of the Fordson F by the British Military during or after WW1?. Thanks, Matt.
  20. Hi Pete,good to see you here and many thanks for contacting me! Cheers, Matt.
  21. Thanks FT! I'll contact him now.... Matt.
  22. Agree completely with the comments above. How on earth could he think doing that would be appropriate in any context?. I do wonder if this would this have been allowed to happen at all a few years ago when many more veterans would likely have been present?.
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