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    3HW Pannier Rack Mounting Brackets

    Thats exactly what I needed. Looks like Draganfly Motorcycle Spares stock similar items. Thanks Ron.
  2. Hi, Can anyone post some images of, or describe the arrangement of, the mounting brackets for the pannier racks fitted to a 3HW. And are they commercially available? Much appreciated, thanks Andy
  3. Thanks for the info Ron. I take it then that there is no gasket used on the primary chain cover. What oil do you use for the clutch? Thanks Andy
  4. Hi all, Thought I might get a few questions asked at the same time..... I understand that the oil for the gearbox and the engine is of the same type. What would be the modern equivalent to use. Also what would be suitable to use for the primary chain/clutch? I have a gasket set for the 3HW, however there was no primary chain case outer cover gasket included. Is it something that you just make yourself or is it readily available? After removing the crankcase pressure relief valve body to clean up, I found I could move the inner valve component back and forward with an air line. Should there be a return spring installed? Last but not least....I have noticed that in some images I have seen on the web, the sprung seat on these bikes are fitted with a canvas cover. Does anyone know if these are commercially available? Thanks guys Andy
  5. Andy3HW

    3HW Rear Chain Oiler

    Hi Ron, Thanks again for the information. My chain case has that aperture at the rear but no tubing. I will probably do what you have done and do away with it. Maybe tap the hole and install a plug. On a different subject. Just got by frame back from the powders coaters who removed the old paint but also loads of filler. The filler was hiding severe pitting, tube thinning and pin holes. Needless to say they did not proceed with the powder coating. So my option now I think is just to have it as a bike to take to shows only as opposed to being able to ride it on the road as well. I guess I would use some form of filler again so it is visually ok. A pity really as it was coming along nicely. Regards Andy
  6. Andy3HW

    3HW Rear Chain Oiler

    Hi, In the parts catalogue under the Chaincase Group, an 'Adjuster, Rear Chain Oiler' and 'Spring, Rear Chain Oiler' are listed. Can anyone shed any light to whereabouts these items fit to the chaincase. There is small aperture at the rear of the chaincase but I am unable workout how this aperture would feed oil to the rear chain. Thanks Andy
  7. Andy3HW

    Triumph 3HW Fuel Tap and Rear Light

    Thanks for the information Ron, thats a great help.
  8. Hi, Can anyone advise me on what was the correct type of fuel tap and rear light fitted to a 1944 Triumph 3HW. Many thanks
  9. Hi Ron, Apologies for not acknowledging your reply earlier. I finally got around to contacting John and he can supply the bearings. Thanks again for the contact. Andy
  10. Hi, After stripping down the front forks on my 1944 3HW it was noticeable that the steering bearing cones and cups were pretty much shot. Does anyone know where I can obtain a replacement set or whether they can be replaced with sealed or taper bearings instead. Thanks Andy
  11. Andy3HW

    Triumph 3HW Handle Bar Controls

    Hi Ron, thanks again for your help and information. Much appreciated. Your collection of handlebar controls is exactly what I am looking for, right design and non chromed appearance, but of course in 7/8 size. I have noticed that they hold motorcycle auto-jumbles at kempton Park throughout the year and I am wondering whether they are a good source of spares for my project - certainly a good source for contacts I would imagine. So just contemplating undertaking the trip from Scotland back to my roots for a visit. Regards Andy
  12. Andy3HW

    Triumph 3HW Handle Bar Controls

    Hi Ron, the frame date is June 1944 and it has the 7/8 inch handlebars so I presume it is one of the last three contracts you mention. Nookysnuts have proved very useful is supplying the BSC 26TPI nuts and bolts. I am having trouble establishing what the correct threads are for the handlebar clamps. The bolts used match a metric coarse thread with a 1.25 pitch so I am wondering if I can run through a 5/16 BSW tap if indeed that is the original correct thread used. Do you happen to know the size of drive chain? Thanks again for your help. Andy
  13. Andy3HW

    Triumph 3HW Handle Bar Controls

    Thanks for the information Jenkinov. I have the manuals that show all the parts in diagrams except for the frame, although the parts are listed. I am struggling to figure what parts are used, for example, for the rear and front brake rod assembly - a diagram showing part numbers would be so useful. Also information on thread sizes especially for the handlebar clamps (which seem to be excepting a 5/16in dia bolt with a metric thread) and what size is the final drive chain. Regards, Andy
  14. Hi, can anyone tell me the correct make/model/type of handle bar controls that should be fitted to a 1944 3HW. Also, is there available a manual showing the frame parts. Thanks
  15. Andy3HW

    Triumph 3HW Front Wheel Alignment

    Thanks for your assistance Ron. Andy