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  1. Perfect! Much appreciated, I am currently just working on the tin wear......... Although prepping each item by hand, before paint, is time consuming, its great when you uncover the original olive drab in mass........I must say that darn black paint was a nightmare to remove, almost oily in its finish!
  2. Ron, may I ask the approximate distance between the centres of the real light fixing bolts and rear base of the mudguard? This is something I will need to drill. Thank you!
  3. Thanks Steve. if there's one out there I will find it 🙂
  4. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. I am really pleased with the colour and the progress so far! Ron your headlamp is in fantastic condition, brilliant find! It never ceases to amaze me what parts crop up. Yes I am also intrigued as to the stencilling of our NOS headlamps......... I am furiously looking for the correct decompression lever so I can start piecing together the handle bar set up, but the search continues.....
  5. Hi Steve, as suspected my later frame does have the adaption for the stand clip feature........ The build is now starting to move along nicely, the front forks are back together and the NOS headlamp fitted, the colour match is pretty good too!
  6. Thanks Steve. Thats Great! I will check my second later frame and see if that has the stand clip fittings...... I am unsure now as to finished the stand conversion or repair it as was 🙈
  7. Thanks Steve, much appreciated! I guess I am intrigued as my stand is the same as the post war ‘revised’ design but it’s original finish is olive drab. Does that imply some very late war production ML’s/spares were based on this revised stand design? I hope this all make sense 🙂 All the best Steve
  8. So the stand..... I started cutting and adjusting the stand today to fall in line with the WD type. Once I cut the ‘T’ shaped feet to ‘L’ I noticed whilst cleaning it up what looked to be olive drab paint! Low and behold the further I cleaned the more I found....... The paint layers matched that of the rest of the bike and I have every confidence apart from red oxide primer that the olive drab is the first colour......now I am confused.....
  9. So with such a lovely day of sunshine I decided to prep and paint the next batch of ML parts......a few repro items also in the mix, purchase some years ago from Metal Magic.... please ignore the stand at the moment......
  10. I am in agreement Ron. I don’t want to take any short cuts! I have built a rig to support the frame so I can carry on building the bike and pop the wheels on at a later date.
  11. Thanks Steve, most obliged! So I have hit my first hurdle, the whole of the bike when I bought it remained untouched apart for the previous owner had each wheel re-spoked with new rims. The job has been done to a good standard but the new rims are the wrong size (18” not 19”)and width🙈 The dilemma is do I finish the build as is and maybe tackle the wheels at a later date or bite the bullet and get them done to ‘factory’ spec. now? All the best. Steve
  12. Maybe the ‘rivet type’ is just a DIY fix on this one lever......
  13. Thanks Ron! Yes you are totally right, the stand conversion is one of the next jobs. I was checking my clutch and brake levers after my posts yesterday evening and I noticed all of them, but one, had a screw and nut securing the lever to the handle bar bracket, one of them, however, has what looks to be a riveted pivot? Could one type be post war and the other war time? Very curious....
  14. I am unsure if this is the correct gear lever knob....?
  15. The throttle twist grip still have remnants of the canvas grip....
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