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  1. Thanks Ron. Perfect instructions! I have time it up again, checking and double checking. the symptoms/ running still appear the same. It starts easy hot or cold, the plug is extremely carboned up, the electrode is white on the very tip. bike rides best with half choke, adjusting the carburettor mixture screw doesn't really make a difference under load. advancing the timing leaver worsens the running...... The bike still appears very hot after light riding... I am a little stumped at this moment in time, any suggestions would be most welcomed! Steve
  2. Ron, I have check the ignition timing and it’s appears the contacts are breaking prematurely (in the pistons down stroke) and not 5/16” before top dead centre. Silly question, how do I adjust the timing to where it should be? The manual is really unclear. I assume this is why it’s not running quite right? Strangely it does start well however? F.Y.I the plug is really sooted up and not white (from possibly running hot) any ideas all? Steve
  3. So after a short ride down our lane it appears the bike runs best with a 1/3 choke open....maybe a weak mixture.....timing out as Ron suggested?
  4. Yes my saddle does appear a little low....it’s clearing there rear mudguard just not enough, a small packer/riser will do the trick....
  5. Will double check the timing before it’s first proper outing, good shout, might account for some of the popping/ banging.... Out of curiosity what have you used between the silencer and exhaust, where they join?
  6. Sorry Ron.....Indian! 😣 Yeah that makes sense, the noise is more of a chatter, namely on the valve side above the valve inspection case......I have a video of it running but I cannot seem to post it.......... my piston was not quite that bad 😉 the only other issue I can see at this moment is getting exhaust paint to stick to it....it gets sooo hot it ends up bubbling and chipping off! Suggestions welcomed!
  7. Hi Ron, glad to hear your all set! Yes it’s rather strange getting use to the gearbox. Harley looks great! The 3SW lives! Starts well and idles nicely a little ‘poppy’ at high Rpm. I checked it over this morning it aprears, currently, that it’s holding it’s fluid well, just a very slight weep from the carb. Not knowing the bike/SV machines in general the engine isn’t smooth sounding like the 3GL it’s rattles a fair bit.....is this normal? I would hate to have to put a new piston in it before we go....!
  8. Some of the nice finishing touches going on.......
  9. Carrier and tool boxes currently missing/ not fitted but I can plod on fitting them whilst trouble shooting the bike.
  10. The bike has finally left the shed today! The first since I started the project!
  11. So today is the day I look to fire up the Triumph! A few things to fettle with first, but I will keep you all posted. So yesterday I managed to crack the glass in the headlamp 😬, does anyone have any direction on where I can pick up a replacement? I have also had my census tank stencils delivered and wondering the best paint to use?
  12. I to use classic 40 oil. No need currently for any running in miles, I haven’t changed the piston or rings. I know Ron, those carriers look great and if would finish the bike off nicely! It would be handy for the baguettes!
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