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  1. Ron is was also great to finally meet you!
  2. My mission is now complete. The little 3SW has now been to Normandy! We arrived last Saturday with scorching sun, a combination of the extremely steep hills out of Cherbourg and the intense heat meant a few over heating issues to start with, some adjustment to the bike and a slightly richer mix improved the running of it. Through the sun and the rain the little bike began to improved and improved, finally rolling of the ferry two days ago under its own steam!. An epic adventure for both me and the little bike! It’s now time to clean her up and touch up the paint work 😉 what an experience!
  3. Have a safe trip and I will catch up with you in Normandy!
  4. Ron thanks for the information ref. Magneto..... I THINK I have a solution, I am not entirely happy with the engines rattles and shakes but I have done all I can with it now. It’s loaded up and ready to go! Sorry to hear you have decided against taking the 5SW, I hope it’s nothing to serious........at least you have an alternative or two 😉 I look forward to seeing the Enfield! All of my mates are taking Jeeps so I may give the 3SW, well me, a day off here and there! When are you setting off Ron?
  5. Jon it was nice meeting with you all at the weekend! I hope you and the bikes are all ready to go? Hope to bump into you in Normandy!
  6. So my magdyno has decided to start eating itself, I am in urgently need of a set of bearings and for want to a better description the Bakelite/copper fitment which the ht pickup contact with......any ideas where I can get magdyno items please....
  7. Thanks Graham! Ron the 5SW is looking great in the sunshine, at least you have some piece of mind now regarding the engine clatter....... All being well I hope to get out on Sunday’s for a good ride!
  8. So I have now sprayed my exhaust for the 3rd time......I have tried a new paint......let’s hope it solves the issue..... Rear carrier now painted and ready to fit this evening! Just waiting for my new clutch parts to arrive! 50 SAE has arrived on my doorstep so an oil change is on the cards before my trip! Photos to follow.......
  9. Hope you haven’t caused to much mischief! Keep us posted.......
  10. That’s great news! I am glad you have it sorted 🤞 I’m interested in knowing how much quieter it is tomorrow. I have a sneaking suspicion I have a similar problem.....something I will have to tackle after Normandy
  11. To add......my clatter tends to be be around the valves......
  12. Fingers crossed you and Brian can sort it! I am having a similar “clatter” myself so I will be extremely interested to find out what the diagnosis is. currently I am having a bit of a battle with the clutch basket, a routine clutch plate adjustment unearthed excess play in the clutch basket and central hub. On closer inspection it aprears the main shaft bolt is not fully tightened down, maybe due to the absence of a washer. Anyway after and hour of fettling I have managed to damage the clutch peg bolts 😔 On a positive note my rear carrier has arrived, painted this morning I hope to fit it along with the newly sprayed exhaust tonight. I should have taken the G3L!
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