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  1. We took the drops out after the corona lock up and now does not take 6 th gear. I still revs hgh before it changes gear too. Has anybody had before ? Yours, Jean-Pierre
  2. dears, finally got the drops on the road. But...it only changes gear at 2200 rmp. Is there a possibility to make it change gear at lower revs ? Thanks.
  3. Dearests, I feel really depressed and stupid because I went through lots of pages on the drops, but could not find the oil capacity on the drops eagle engine, SOS Save my Oil Sump Thanks JP
  4. I bought a Drops from Withams a few years ago, never had it registered because a collegue from work was ex reme/ foden recovery. He always warned me about the drops : it is not a matter if it will go wrong only a matter WHEN it will go wrong. He said they had gearbox problems all the time whereas the foden drops, with the same gearbox never broke down. He could not tell the matter of the breakdown . One person told me that the british army use engine oil in the gearbox although ZF prescribes ATF to their specifications. Should I take it on the road or will it be a financial disaster. ??
  5. Does somebody know what caused the ZF gearbox problems on the Leyland Daf DROPS ?
  6. I'm trying to obtain the nice burble for the the V8 defender DPV. I've already removed the rear silencer, but that does not make any difference. Can somebody tell how to get the burble that all these pinkies produce ? JP
  7. Restored to as new condition Lister generator jp4 in Belgium price 8200 pounds
  8. Prachtig stuk, succes met uw project . Jean-Pierre
  9. Hi Chris, I'll try that first thing in the morning, Thanks, JP
  10. Dears and Chris, My petrol Spartan was left in storage for two years. When we toke it out and warmed up the engine, we drove to the low loader and then when idling it started to jerk on the right hand side as if it was gripping on that side. I do not know what to think of it, does somebody else ? Jean-Pierre Delepeleire Belgium
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