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    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    I had a number of NOS rims that came in Matt black as spares and labled as such. I also have a NOS DU42 lamp that has matching rim and shell so any combo could have been possible. I’ve also seen gas detector paint on the top of the lamps carried out IAW an EMER in late 1940?
  2. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    That chain case rubber seal is narrower than the one I received. I see it’s sitting along the edge of the back case. I had to trim back to that edge so I wonder if I got one for a wider case? Maybe a double width chain. I should have questioned it!
  3. Chris Hall

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    Can you not cut the broken section out and bridge with a suitable piece of rubber pipe? You then have a flexible piece with some give so it wouldn’t snap again.
  4. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    I’ve a feeling the rib on my mudguard extends a long way but the number plate has been tightened on to it and flattened the rim. I’ll try and get a photo of it. Ron, I found the Hitchcocks seal to wide for my cases as I could assemble the footrest crossbar correctly with out distorting the outer case. I compared it to the original and found it about 5mm wider. I trimmed off 5mm with a scalpel, not pretty but it was out of site.
  5. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield WD/L project.

    If there was a very small batch ordered of any bike in ww2 for the WD there would still be a record and contract. Seeing as even experimental bikes and a few test samples were still recorded on contract, i.e. the RE lightweight 350 then I would say someone has got confused. Also the yanks would have used the Harley or Indian chief or even a jeep No way would they buy British, they wouldn’t even buy the RR Merlin, they made it them selves under license. Could it be an Indian Chief motorcycle that the owner has confused with Enfield India now called Royal Enfield???
  6. Chris Hall

    British army oven

    I don’t really know Army Forms but judging by the red label, I think it’s Possibly U/S.
  7. Chris Hall

    Jeep carburettor problems

    Extract from a thread on the Carter. This is the problem I think you have. The poster is the guy who fixed mine for me. The housing came back bushed to spec and a nice new park finish as original (not painted). : Carburetor question Quote Post Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:39 am Considering this latest info, your problem may not necessarily be the plate. Instead, check the throttle shaft for wear. If it mic's out at less than .310", it probably needs to be replaced. Check the area of the shaft that passes through the body. If you can, mic the passages themselves. Greater than .3125" suggests you may need bushings. These shafts/housings wear into an egg shape and allow a vacuum leak which necessitates choke usage to maintain an idle. A quick check is to spray, in short bursts, starting fluid at these points while the motor is at its best warm idle. A change in RPM will tell you of the leak. scoutoh6@outlook.com
  8. Chris Hall

    Jeep carburettor problems

    This sounds like it may be a worn butterfly valve axis in the body. I had my body rebored and bushed by Scoutpilot in the USA. Simple way to see is to spray an accelerent next to the axis pin and see if the revs pick up. Lighter fluid works.
  9. It’s another step to having them banned and confiscated without the Government or EU paying compensation.
  10. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Nice collection of whiskey, looks like it gets a lot of use too.
  11. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    I don’t think they were to concerned at the factory as when I rebuilt the export CO engine there was swarf in one of the oil ways that feeds oil to the back of the piston. Probably not a problem with new oil but old oil had clogged it solid. It would explain why the bike came without a piston and cylinder to.
  12. Chris Hall

    30 cal values

    Hate to say it but it’s Probably best not to say anything! Pre 2016 prices were about £1200 to £1500 with Tripod, T&E. I picked up a 1919A6 dressed as an A4 back in 2015 for £750 and then spent a further £200 returning to A6 spec (still need a butt). I would not be surprised if a new spec gun would be in a similar price range but with even less interest.
  13. Chris Hall

    LED headlights

    LED is different but the MOT rules above (I know this vehicle is exempt) state the light source must be compatible with the lamp. It also states a light source could be a bulb, LED or HID unit. So it could be down to interpretation or some could say it’s black and white.
  14. Chris Hall

    LED headlights

    Here’s what I was referring to. I have heard (no evidence to support though) that any MOT exempt vehicle should be still capable of passing an MOT. If it can’t, your insurance may be invalid and the Police may prosecute.
  15. Chris Hall

    LED headlights

    It’s more the beam pattern of head lights that fail. If the lens is designed for a halogen and not LED the beam may be blinding to on coming drivers.
  16. Chris Hall

    LED headlights

    I don’t have the answer but the new MOT rules may give you an answer. HID will be an MOT fail unless they are specific HID headlamps which pretty much means factory OE fit or retro fit. A simple bulb change isn’t enough.
  17. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    On the surface of the shoe where the cam operating lever contacts, there is a steel insert (Unless there was a production change at some point and the very early shoes were completely alloy). I assumed all the ally shoes had the insert as I can see the soft aluminium wearing away very quickly under the pressure exerted.
  18. Chris Hall

    WW2 North Africa Plane Photos

    I may have misidentified the Italian Aircraft, it could be a Macchi MC202 Folgore, reason being the markings indicate it as a96.Squadriglia, 9.Gruppo, 4.Stormo aircraft. Interestingly I've just found out that there is a 90.Squadriglia, 9 Gruppo, 4. Stormo aircraft in the Smithsonian. http://www.eaf51.org/Photo_29_RA_C202.htm
  19. Chris Hall

    WW2 North Africa Plane Photos

    Looks like a German ME109 and Italian FIAT G55 Centauro
  20. Chris Hall

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    The rear shoes and springs look like a later type, Fronts look correct ally with the steal plate surface.
  21. Chris Hall

    Sand Blasting Paint

    I have a guyson, got it from ebay for £200 complete with an extractor. I just had to swop the 3 phase extractor motor for a 240 lump and it works a treat. I use crushed glass or walnut shell but I always degrease components and mask off the areas I don't want the media to go. The media will find grease where ever it is and it sticks like glue, you really do have to check and clean every nook and cranny or else you'll paint away and find you blast dust out all over your paint.
  22. Chris Hall

    Jeep id

    What’s the protest about? Hunger??
  23. Chris Hall

    willys original parts

    Also join the g503 forum hosted by RFJP (Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts). A wealth of knowledge if you can get passed the old boys bickering about stuff.
  24. Chris Hall

    Help Vehicle Reg scrapped

    Do you need a nova if the vehicle isn’t an import?
  25. Chris Hall

    Photo links not working.

    Is it just me or is there a problem with posted photos on the forum. Today on both my phone and laptop, all the photos recently posted are dead? Just the photo name is displayed.