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  1. Chris Hall

    T2 Hanger Floor Pit

    Could be a liquid collector.
  2. Chris Hall


    When we Brexit, I’ll be selling some of my collection. I’ll probably keep one of each Bren and Sten variant and sell the duplicates off. I’ve far to many anyway.
  3. Chris Hall

    bren +tripod

    There’s not much chance of us Brits owning one of these kits. It would need a Sect 5 ticket due to all the components. Post some action photos when it’s up and running.
  4. Chris Hall

    bren +tripod

    Just wait till we’ve left the EU, I’ll be selling some of my Brens and Tripods off. I’ll still be keeping the rare ones though.
  5. Chris Hall

    Mystery box

    Thinking about it some more, with the box’s French connection and going back a little further with the Lossie connection, it may be a Sepecat Jaguar item. Landing gear was quite substantial on the Jag as it was designed to take off from rough runways.
  6. Chris Hall

    Mystery box

    It’s the box for a hydraulic actuator, the black end is from the fescalised portion with an eye at the end. The near end has the opposing eye and hydraulic connections with control box. The red staining is OM15 hydraulic oil. Likely Tornado, so could be Wing sweep, taileron, nose gear, main gear or flap. Looks to big big for rudder, or under carriage doors.
  7. Chris Hall

    RAF Fuel Bowser needs saving (WW2?)

    I was driving down a road the other day which I’ve driven down hundreds of times when I saw one of the bowser tanks at a farm. It was only because of this thread that I recognised it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trailer is somewhere on the farm to. picture from google maps.
  8. Chris Hall

    bren +tripod

    I think deacs will be low down on their priority list post brexit.
  9. Chris Hall

    Mystery box

    Take some photos of the internals, a mate of mine used to work in Lossie dump so will probably recognise them.
  10. Chris Hall

    bren +tripod

    /\/\/\ That’s what people are holding out for. theres also a chance that there will be an alteration to change the ruling to allow the sale of post 95 deacs but it’s the Germans holding up proceedings.
  11. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    I think they are Ensign universal https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/tyres/ensign-universal
  12. Chris Hall

    Hurricane, movie

    Didn’t some of the Hurricanes (if not all 3 end up with BBMF?) more blank ammunition was used in the making of the BOB film than live ammo in the actual battle.
  13. Chris Hall

    De activated rifle or SMG

    Any era more appropriate than another? Parts missing?
  14. Chris Hall

    Something a bit different

    Ron, You’re like the Formula 1 pit stop crew of the vintage bike world. How many in a year?
  15. Chris Hall

    Wrench size for ferret oil cooler hoses

    Can you get a caliper on to the flats to measure? They could be BSP thread or the American pipe thread (can’t remember its name, I’ll look an idiot if it’s APT).
  16. Chris Hall

    BBMF visit, wrong side of the fence.

    An old work colleague who is a Senior On BBMF let me and the family (And some other Families) have a wander around the hanger on the non public side of the fence. I’ve been stationed at Coningsby for 12 years and it’s the first time I’ve been in the hangar. As I left I took this parting shot. I hope it works.
  17. Chris Hall

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    Approx 1.8m from floor to top of side (wall). Not sure of floor to Apex but imagine it be about 2.3m or so.
  18. Chris Hall

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    12x12s make good paint booths! I painted my old Sqns Trabant in a 12x12.
  19. Chris Hall

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    If you go on the Henkel (loctite) web site they have some very detailed explanations of what the products can achieve and in what environments. The chemical industry has come on a long way since the days of these vehicles and sometimes the old ways are no longer best. who in WW2 would have thought gluing aluminium together was a good idea?
  20. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Double post
  21. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    I wouldn’t worry about publishing your frame number. I’ve never heard of any issues from posting it, unless I’ve missed something. I’ll check mine as it’s very close yours, I did own another WD/C that was 8 digits away from my first but decided to sell it as I just didn’t have the room and wanted the space for a GPW.
  22. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    That’s close to my bike I think. I’ll have to check.
  23. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Oh and before you final assemble your forks, don’t forget the rubber stops.
  24. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Those stays are the original carrier with the top cut off and the tubes flattened to bolt to the guard. It’s a relatively straight forward fix to make it correct if you would prefer the earlier look. whats your frame number? The frame has the earlier holes in the headstock that were prone to cracking. The fix was to leave a web in the hole (so no longer a hole) which stopped the problem (instead the weak point became lower down the front tube).
  25. Chris Hall

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    There should be some spacers for the front seat bolt, I’ve seen them as part of the seat and some pushed into the mounting point on the frame. They are nearly always shagged and are simple to make on a lathe. the rear guard looks like it originally had a non pannier rack installed judging by the hole pattern. have a look at the holes at the rear to see if it had a number plate or WD lamp.