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  1. So I’m expecting my parents for a visit and thought I’d Stalk them on Find Friends. When looking my eyes were drawn to an old airfield west of Newark, and on that old airfield there must be hundreds of Military trucks. Anyone know the story and what they are? I guess they are there for disposal or rebuild. i don’t know if the Google maps is newer or older than the find friends photos but on GM, there’s only a handful of trucks there.
  2. I found in Iraq that heavy rust corrosion is removed exceedingly well with 4oz of PE4. Never failed to leave a nice clean rust free surface.
  3. The No.2 Mk1* Enfield was never designed for AFV. There was a recommendation from the Tank Corp for a combless hammer version but the main reason for this was a change in doctrine. All production after early 1941 were Mk1* regardless of contract and destination service arm. i wouldn’t have wanted to carry one concealed in NI, that’s for sure.
  4. PP and PPK were standard arms rather than specific to NI but I suppose you could say they were used in a role possibly they were not intended for.
  5. L4A9 was supposed to have been introduced for NI use. Probably quite a few official but minor alterations to most of the standard issue weapons for NI.
  6. That half track is nice, that’s the vehicle I would love but had to settle on a Jeep due to practicality.
  7. Because they were welded hulls the stress points were at the square corners of areas such as the hatch covers over the hold. These stress points cracked and just spread from there. Curved reinforcing plates helped spread the stress evenly over a greater area.
  8. A 42 GPW would have the early style bracket available as a repro. I require one for my March 42 and I’ve been looking at those available but no one can comment on quality. I want one that will fit first time without having to cut and weld to make it fit. I’m getting fed up of fixing repro parts so they actually fit or work.
  9. So I’m looking for a spot welder to build my jeep. I was thinking of one of the Sealey or SIP hand held jobs but as I can find little in the way of reviews, I thought I’d see if any members had some experience/advice to give.
  10. That looks bloody cold and miserable.
  11. Most I have ever handled had between 1986 and 1992 dates. Serials UE86Axxx and UN92Axxxxxx some will have earlier dates for trials and I’ve also seen some with US prefix but I think these are Sterling inert arms made up into Deacts.
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