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  1. ZA947 is a much more recent military registration. Tornado GR1s were in the ZA range so late 70s/early 80s. there is only one DC3 owned by BBMF. The BBMF codes and paint scheme are usually applied to represent a significant plane of its type to honour the original aircraft or pilot. The Lanc on the right side will always have ‘City of Lincoln’ to honour the county many Lancs flew from and is now the home of BBMF. The left has commemorative marking such as ‘Thumper’, ‘Leader’, ‘Phantom of the Ruhr’ etc. we had a Spit painted to represent EB-G for our 100 anniversary back in 2016, it originally served with 266 Sqn. It is the last airworthy Spit that actually flew in the BoB.
  2. Got to love that phrase ‘defectively deactivated’ i would love to see that challenged as to how is was adequate on 1 day yet defective the next. How it can be defective if it’s for sale but not if it’s with it’s original owner is beyond me. It needs a legal challenge but that would cost a fortune.
  3. The maker SCC Ltd is an unidentified manufacturer but every sample found has been dated 43/44 and has the Canadian ownership mark. It’s possible the Israeli Army purchased .30 cal ammo from Canada but they converted their 1919A4s to 7.62mm with disintegrating links and 225/230 round fabric belts made in I think Holland. This conversion occurred around the same time as NATO adopted the new round. It may be useful to see if that fits in with your timeline.
  4. Nice find, was the M50 in Canadian ownership at one time as the C broad arrow mark is a Canadian ownership mark.
  5. And why ford? My head has a large f script. these have a GPW number but I believe many European countries cast their own parts with a GPW number rather than a Willys part number.
  6. Looks home made for a Bren. bottom one has a star shaped compression spring from a set of motorcycle girder or early tele forks.
  7. It does sound like timing is incorrect but with out doing a methodical invest and seeing the results it’s hard to say.
  8. Judging from the above reply, he sold it on the 20th Oct 2014!! And he legally couldn’t sell you it now anyway as it is old spec and does not meet the EU requirements. Had it been the end of March then it may have been different matter.
  9. It doesn’t look like these chaps are particularly young. I hope their skills aren’t passing on with them.
  10. I used 2 pieces of angle iron. I cut the correct curve for inner and outer and bolted them into my big vice. I then heated up the damaged rim and used the vice to tighten the angle iron profile onto the bend et voila, trued rims.
  11. What strikes me about you’re collection is the beer towel!! I to acquired a few for my pack. They were the right size for drying your face after a shave or wrapping around your neck when it pissed it down. nice collection and recent history which although only 30 years old, is already disappearing.
  12. Well I can point the location out to anyone interested but I’ve no idea how you would approach the MOD. A donation to the T-Bar or Ents Fund used to go a long way before the advent of the DSA. are the other parts recognisable? They are all within about 100m of each other except for the suspected turret ring which is about 500m away so may not be from the same vehicle.
  13. Went for a walk over warcop (my sister in law practically lives on the range) and my son wondered what tank these may be from. I’m thinking Cromwell but I’m no expert.
  14. Could be a liquid collector.
  15. When we Brexit, I’ll be selling some of my collection. I’ll probably keep one of each Bren and Sten variant and sell the duplicates off. I’ve far to many anyway.
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