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  1. Standard Brit 3” mortar bipod and base plate. I think you will be very lucky to find a deactivated barrel and if you do, it will be expensive. You should budget about £3000 to £4000 in my opinion.
  2. Yep, pot metal, a barrel that’s fixed as you can plainly see it hasn’t dropped like a real one would. if you were to do a side by side comparison, even a gun newb would pick out the real gun.
  3. I thought I'd already replied but my reply hasn't been posted, agh well. When you swapped the carb, did you also swap the 1a float bowl? Is it a 1a for sure? What size banjo bolt are you using? The wrong size can cause fuel starvation as the float bowl can sit lower than the jet block and needle etc.
  4. It would appear the thin spoke wheel is .075” narrower in diameter suggesting the plastic is 0.0375” thick over the steel core (I’m surmising there is a steel core and it’s not solid plastic.
  5. Here’s a photo of a correct 1942 Black thick spoke Shellar steering wheel. if yours says SHELLAR on the back of one of the spokes and has a solid boss on the top, then it will likely be original.
  6. No it’s the earlier 1942 black Shellar wheel. As mentioned above, the 1941 and early 42 Willys MB and the Jan to April 42 VEP Ford GPWs has a black Shellar plastic steering wheel. The the early to mid 42 Jeeps had a mixture of Green Shellar steering wheels thrown in. Next was the thin steering wheel from probably mid 42 to cease production. is yours definitely a Hotchkiss? Just be sure it’s not an original Shellar as they are scarce in good condition and are valued way above a thin spoke. a check on line suggests these are 17.2 to 17.3” in diameter.
  7. I can measure the diameter of my 42 GPWs Black Shellar steering wheel if it helps.
  8. Same thread as mentioned a few posts above.
  9. http://www.ukemergency.co.uk/xym-677-this-is-a-1960-matchless-g3ls-motorbike/
  10. This one is close to yours https://nationalmotormuseum.org.uk/vehicle-collection/matchless-g3-auxiliary-fire-service/
  11. Chris Hall


    Weight is one thing but the size is another, it’s bigger than the Chinny! I’m impressed and it’s not the first time a Chinnys impressed me.
  12. Chris Hall


    That is impressive, I wonder how much forward speed the Chinny can get and of its enough to create lift on the wings of the Cariboo?
  13. The threads are out to, the TMH cover is held with 2 x 2BA round head screws the same as the mag release catch retainer screw. The barrel nut, if I remember correctly is 22TPI UNS.
  14. The whole front barrel trunnion is different, you can’t even compare dimensions as they are so different. The face of the trunnion should nearly in line with the magazine opening, the one in the plans is something like 4mm out. Also the ejection port is almost parallel with the mag opening, a real STENs ejection port is something like 20mm further back.
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