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  1. I was thinking 30mm RARDEN as it looks similar but not 100%.
  2. While looking for a Bren Drum box I found this box on ebay if anyone's interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARMY-MILITARY-VINTAGE-COLLECTABLE-LARGE-STORAGE-WOODED-WOOD-BOX-AMMO/113950863258?hash=item1a88002f9a:g:~X8AAOSwL4VdwMTV
  3. But it keeps us talking and they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. what always grinds my gears is when they make a silly and obvious mistake. I remember a Foyles War episode where a Bomb Disposal team found a stack of cash hidden in a boat. Long story short, a murdered Royal Engineer had family in Cumbria. No he didn’t because Cumbria didn’t exist. It was Cumberland or Westmorland but the writer was probably only a young chap or chapess who probably wasn’t even aware.
  4. The weaponry isn’t to far off in the most part, a few Aussie modified Lee Enfields etc. Why they show very late US M1 carbines in the opening music is a bit off. I suppose one of the biggest problems in regards to vehicles is getting hold of them. I’ve heard some horror stories of borrowed vehicles being damaged so who would want to loan out their pride and joy.
  5. Still looking, text sent to Amsco but not heard back.
  6. Apparently the ACPO is fighting it as they haven’t got the staff or time. If it’s pushed their way they will demand a charge is made for such recording action. And it won’t be cheap!!!
  7. No one wants to be the appropriate authority! Until they charge a fee for the transfer and therefor make money. i can’t make my mind up whether this legislation refers to just transfers or registering regardless of if you intend to transfer.
  8. This is the site I use at work, it’s actually easier to use the internet to get info than it is to use MODNET!!! https://data.gov.uk/data/contracts-finder-archive/download/911191/5c4e3e17-7574-4ce5-94ff-63f578c47c98 The issue with Def Stands is they change regularly. The Def Stan for OMD 90 changed in April this year for example.
  9. Now your asking, I can't remember the reg but I recall it being the only one we had, it was diesel as opposed to the Snatch's we had which were the Petrol V8 and it was a matt green and pretty new in appearance back in 2005. No one ever said it was test example or anything like that, I didn't even realise there were only 12. We just ragged it around like any of the other MT vehicles, I do remember it being a little more sprightly than the Petrol SNATCH but it was a bugger to stop quickly. It was a bit of shock to go from that to the tired SNATCH with zero air con. The 2 SNATCH we had were 30KK65 and 27KK81 if I recall correctly.
  10. Agh, I wondered if it was a variation of EPV as that was Enhanced Protection Vehicle.
  11. What does DPV mean as mentioned above? I drove a EPV and VPK in Iraq but never came across a DPV.
  12. Sorry Amsco, not had chance to ring yet, I need the wife to go on a night out.
  13. Specification: Def Stan 91-113/1.Composition: Mineral oil and/or synthetic hydrocarbons with additives.Characteristics: - SAE viscosity classification: 10W-30- API performance, minimum: CF-4/SG or ACEA equivalent- Viscosity at 100°C: 9.3â12.5 mm2/s(cSt)- Viscosity apparent at â30°C, min: 3500 mPa.s(cP)- Viscosity apparent at â20°C, max: 3500 mPa.s(cP)- Pour point, max: â30°C - Flash point, closed cup, min: 190°C
  14. Never heard of OLD referred to as Oil Mineral Detergent, it’s always been OMD in the RAF. OX being oil miscellaneous.
  15. OMD90 OMD90 can be a semi or fully synthetic, severe duty oil intended for use in Diesel engines. It has a 10W30 viscosity grade and must meet or exceed API grade SG/CF-4 or ACEA grade A3/B3.
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