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  1. Help Please !!

    AFAIK, it didn't have to be with the number but just near to it. There's probably a specific place on each vehicle. It sure is an interesting photograph.
  2. Help Please !!

    Is the S not just a suppression fitted/tested vehicle?
  3. White Helmets Display team bikes up for auction

    What a shame but I'm glad some of the bikes will be sold for charity.
  4. Rolls Royce Merlin Aero Engine for Auction

    I don't see any additional info but if the gun comes with the carrier then they are going to have to make sure it is to the new EU standard or they could be in deep do do.
  5. Electrical Advice please Gas Turbine

    Some info which maybe of use- http://www.gasturbineworld.co.uk/garrettgasturbines.html https://aerospace.honeywell.com/en/product-listing/auxiliary-power-units
  6. Holes in GPW tub

    Unless your desperate to keep that back panel, I'd be tempted to just put a joes Motor Pool replacement in. It looks like the bottom edge may have rotted out too. The 2 coin sized holes with 3 holes around them are interesting as they do look well done but I've never seen them before. The one on the left would likely interfere with the jerry can so doubt its from its military service. It looks like something may have passed through the holes so are there any other odd but similar holes in any other panels?
  7. Rolls Royce Merlin Aero Engine for Auction

    I wonder if they include the Bren in the sale of the carrier????
  8. sterling smg

    You'd have to make it orange or blue, or at least to start with as there are laws on making a RIF under the VCR act (At least I think there is).
  9. That would be the SF Hydro, there is still a British/Norwegian exercise in Norway conducted in memorial of the heros of Telemark.
  10. Scotland to Ban Petrol and diesel car sales by 2032

    I'm not a Petrochemical expert but I was told that petrol and diesel is a part of the cracking process of oil. From that oil we get plastics, paints and all sorts of other stuff that we don't even think about. We will still need all our other products so does this mean that the advent of EVs will also see a new petrol and diesel mountain?
  11. British Charlie G parts

    I have a drill round if you want one.
  12. your correct, only some of the Stevens production had 2 groove barrels. Some of the STEN Mk2 and 3 barrels were drawn over mandrel made, they were never flat sheet rolled and welded. They simply got a tube and pressed the rifled mandrel into the tube and then rolled the barrel under pressure. They then pressed out the mandrel and ended up with a barrel that looked like it had already fired 5000 rounds.
  13. They are known as Savage Enfields but they were made by Stevens. The squared S logo is theirs but as they were owned by Savage, that's what they have been known as. The very first were Mk1 but the bulk were Mk1*. oh and they are No4 Mk1 etc rather than SMLE.
  14. 1940 re wdc

    The 12xxx serial is a WD/C and the more complete bike is I think a post war model C built on left over WD spares. There is a contract number finely pantographed on the left crank case of Enfield WD/C and COs. Contact Jan (REWDCO) as he is the author of an excellent article on the RE WD bikes. The WD/C had a centre stand and the CO a rear stand. The Panier frames were retro fitted to some earlier bikes and fitted at factory from a certain contract. Again Jan has the answers.
  15. 1940 re wdc

    Your 44 WDCO is in fact a WD/C or if your going off the frame number (And it's not in the recognised WD/C range) then it could be a post war model C built on WD spare parts. also just noticed the bikes sat on a Bren Gun mag box, if it's not your then grab it with the bikes. That's £20 or more on eBay.