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  1. Yep its an ex-RE Terex known as "Rocket" modified to take Chieftain track pads to reduce damage in the main museum halls. It's been modified and re-engined with a Detroit diesel. So the story goes, it either fell off or waded too deep from a landing craft and got a bit wet. Was also told that it may have also been deployed to the Falklands (although I dont know how true that is). Image attached is of me and Rocket on a rare outing at Tankfest in 2017 as part of the recovery display. The odd attachment on the left is a diesel filter btw. It forms part of a number of recovery vehicles which are still used to move the collection about. We also use a Cent ARV, Chieftain ARV and a CRARRV.
  2. Try these guys, http://www.armoured-engineering.co.uk/ They have recently completed a really good M3 restoration.
  3. Good idea, they are most likely down at the hop farm setting up for W&P.
  4. Have a chat with these guys, they've recently converted the 37mm main gun on an M3 Stuart.
  5. Fantastic work and ingenuity! Well done! Can wait to see the final fit.
  6. The 110 looks spot on! :wow: Congratulations on getting through the MOT hope the two of you have thousands of happy motoring miles ahead of you!
  7. Very sorry for you loss, your sister sounds like an amazing person who we could all learn a few lessons from. Happy to make a donation as and when you are up and running!
  8. Nothing wrong with having a good day dream! Often helped with the occasional bottle of something to lubricate the imagination. Have you got an idea where you would like to take it first? As you say you will know everything about your 110, you'll know that it was done right and proper and that you can trust it. I've currently got a Civi 2A that has had years of modifications and poor quality repairs, I'm slowly (like a glacier) working my way from front to back putting things right.
  9. I would just like to say that I always enjoy reading about what you are getting up to and have taken heed of your words, often when I have an hour to spare I go and get on with a bit on my own Land Rover. I also want to say that taking on such a project is worthy of very high praise! Yes there may be some horrible moments, getting cold and damp and sometimes nowhere but in the end it will be worth it. That evening when you can sit on the tailgate watching the sun set with a cold beer from where ever you decide to stop will be made that bit more special knowing it was you that got it all done. Good luck and all the best!
  10. Hey Big Al, yes its the Dan you know. Thanks for the very high praise !
  11. Hi there, First I would like to wish you the best of luck with the museum, always nice to see new ones starting out. Secondly I wondered if you would be interested in some volunteer labor. I have some experience working on military vehicles and am a dab hand at making tea.
  12. From what I know of the move most of the vehicles got separated between the REME museum; such as the 101 6 cylinder and powered trailer and cuthbertson conversion. The National Motor Museum: guy ant and pink panther. The rest went into storage which was later moved to the tank museum at bovi until a new home can be found. I was there the summer it all arrived and was amazed at how well looked after all the vehicles seemed. I recognize many from your photographs!
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