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  1. Im missing pretty much all the working lights, I can find convoy and number plate lights but need to find the following :- rear brake light cluster rear indicators front side lights front lolly pop indicators this is a low priority at the moment as im still in tare down, I do plan getting a copy of the parts book to get FV numbers but though I would post here as you chaps seem very helpful! Cheers Sam.
  2. Ive not maintained an air braked machine before, im very conscious of the dangers of compressed air! I have lots of leaks in the air system's of Bravo Mike 8-0, so ive got a fair bit of work to do, however im worried about the accumulators, the air gauge shows 120psi at them and there very old even if externally they look "ok", in the opinion of you chaps is it worth getting them off and inspected? or tested? im tempted to do it as part of the brake over haul but worried im wasting my time should replace them?. thanks for any advise. Sam.
  3. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    I could only find lenses for what looks like the back lamps... maybe some fabrication...
  4. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    are these the rear ones? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283152675724
  5. I shall check for leaks as I go around fixing the detectable ones, but in your experience you would not replace them if there not leaking then?
  6. I have a bodged out put flange on my 1119, ive yet to remove it completely but at some point the thead in the feed from the oil pump has been striped and when they helicoiled it has then cracked.. [take off for hydraulics] Im not shore if it can be repaired, im likely going to have to have something fabed, but I though I would ask does anyone have one or would know somewhere i could get one? I would like to keep it original... thanks For any help.
  7. I removed it on Friday, the flange has another "turret" the same as the one with the oil way's in. however the bolt holes dont allow for rotation of the housing. so, the housing has been modified to make it all line up to the new "turret", the new "turret" has had the 2 gallery's cut in to it and been threaded,the old gallery's are blanked off one just buy the fact the flange has been rotated the other buy use of a locktited thread. tested for leaks all ok. further testing after i have the catch tank for the hydraulics refilled. thanks for support and ideas, im hoping this is a permanent fix I seen no reason for it not to be, it out of site and you would not see the work unless you inspected it. attached are pics of the new setup and a close up of the damage to the old gallery. nice reminder about working with ally.
  8. im at a stop at the moment as I need a clean container for the contents of the catch tank before I pull the pump out. I will post when I have it off for your opinions when you have better information. Thanks chaps.
  9. the problem iss the "repair" attempt has cracked it.. Ive yet to see how badly do you still think it could be repaired?
  10. theres at least 3 films on there on the trailers and recovery of the Churchill sideways and a simple recovery of a Crusader. Very nice videos and good quality!
  11. Ok I found that could help in the end they had to get a guy out of a shed to sort it but seemingly it shares parts with a "ms5-24-4" The trip plate had broken and clutch/pressure plate was badly worn. hopefully all sorted ive yet to test will have a look the weekend! Thanks all.
  12. Can you get parts for the motors or is the only option a recon unit? Thanks Sam. https://marcusglenn.com/humber-pig-fv-1600-series/starter-motor-rolls-royce-b-series-
  13. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    is this right? :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/302860461323?chn=ps sadly i need the complete units the truck has had a lighting conversion and lost its original fittings...
  14. Afternoon, Im hoping someone maybe-able to help, I have a "b" Vehicle card that states the Vehicle I have was attached to the above from the 7/63 untill 2/80. im interested as to how it would have looked in service and what markings it may have carried [if any]. Thanks For anyhelp Sam.
  15. well thats fantastic! I shall have to put it back to DBG now mind, as much as i like the 2 tone.
  16. well thats conclusive!!!!! how did you find that so fast!!!! who has the copy right can I re-post it? In my defence it lists DET's all over the middle east and even far east! but does appear to be based at Claro barracks, even the RHQ is listed as being east of suez :- "Oct 63 - Apr 64: RHQ with 12 and 48 Fd Sqns in Aden." But the artical does say :- "1958.12 England: Claro Barracks, Ripon" clearly this is the place to post for info on units and trucks!!!
  17. http://british-army-units1945on.co.uk/royal-engineers/regiments---major-units/38-regiment.html I was going buy this.
  18. not shore that the 38th was with BAOR? most pictures of trucks ive seen are as you describe, very little in the way of unit insignia. Im considering putting the truck in to Aden/eastern livery 2 tone ect, I know the 38th had dets in theatre, but not shore regards any markings..
  19. sorry 48BM80 Leyland FV1119
  20. Im trying http://www.herefordrewinds.co.uk/ Im thinking any motor of this age has the potential to suffer in the same way, the insulation appears to be breaking down in the windings and they go open circuit once warm, you then have to wait till the motor cools and try again...
  21. It was yes, not been used for about 4 years mind....
  22. How often do the above come up for sale? are there many left?, are RR B81 powerpacks easy to source? what's spares availability like? Lots of questions :-) im new :-) Cheers Sam.
  23. ex Alpha Recovery truck retired since 1998 not done a lot since..
  24. Got one now 🙂 its pretty good all things considered, but lots to do! and thats just to get it to the point I can try free the clutch off 😜 BIG 22 Ton shout out to "WHIZZ505" without his help I would never have got her home!