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  1. Im still here :-), Ive had a couple of goes at getting a Recovery, Since I posted there have been 3 Recovery's with B81's up for grabs and I missed 2 of them as I was out of the UK! the 3rd was in an auction in east Anglia, I had a punt but with the VAT and transport, It was just too much of a risk having not seen the truck.. [im in Glos] Im a little dis heartened, but still very keen! Ive Cash for the right truck [Recovery with B81 in it] If any of you know of any or have one taking up space 🙂. Thanks for any help. Sam.
  2. morning chaps. im battling to get plates for my Marshall Land rover. the dvla sent my documents and v55/5 back to me saying my release form and Gaydon cirt was not enough to prove age so I have had to contact the SII Land rover club ive been corresponding with there VRO chap and sent a lot of photos and numbers, ending in me sending a letter with a postal order in it about 2 weeks ago, since then ive e-mailed them to check they received it but not had any mails back. im a bit worried have I gone about this in the right way?
  3. Samro

    Leyland Martian Gallery

    ive studied the layout of the aux box it can be mishandled when cold and I think this combined with the loads put on it buy unbalanced props led to some suffering and some not.. its an interesting propblem :-)
  4. Samro

    Leyland Martian Gallery

    ive mailed http://www.propshaft.co.uk about it ive used them before as i have some funny trucks with doublehoc joints in [109"v8] and this was the initial responds :- I am not familiar with the Leyland Martian although presume it’s a military type recovery vehicle. Sounds like the shaft is running beyond its critical speed, if so you need some sort of centre bearing mount so that the single shaft as it is at present is split into 2 and is therefore shorter. and this was the initial responds :- sounds like the would be able to sort something...
  5. Samro

    Leyland Martian Gallery

    Regards prop shaft self destruction.. would it not be possible to sort without the intermediate bearing as above? that shaft is running at more than 2x operating speed of the Martians Rear prop.. Ive now hear horror stories of chaps getting the wrong gear on a decent loaded and this over speeding the prop witch then fail's destroying the break lines with it... as much as this scenario would not occur to a truck in preservation 1. as we are all responsible and understand how it needs to be driven & 2. we would never be towing anything on public roads anyway. However, Im now looking at this from 2 directions, the first to do something to the prop be it an intermediate bearing and carrier or balancing the prop for high speed operation [maybe even a re-manufactured unit?]. secondly Spring brake's conversions/additions seem available and would not take much form the original form of the truck, however as much as it looks strait forward on paper.... could past operators/owners advise on the above, opinions and or experiances? am I being overly cautious a Truck that im guessing is likely to travel no more then 70-100 miles a year on public roads and at speeds of about 30mph... it's just the weight of the recovery @ 25T is a lot, most we have operated up to now is about 10 loaded and not on air brakes... sorry if I sound naive. I also now have many power steering questions coming from range rover classic backgroun its pretty alien ... but one thing at a time :-)
  6. old truck's frustrating!? never! ;-p
  7. Quite a mixed bag of comments regarding these trucks, however ive now seen one up close and im totally sold on the idea... Research is on going but I want a recovery [b81 powered] purely as a Toy, with the aim of working the show's in the Midlands as well as the fun/interest of maintain a truck of this type. My 109" FV18067 is pretty well sorted as a camper now and im looking for a new home hopeing to be all set within 6months... So if you hear of one going, please drop me a PM. Thanks for all the useful info. Sam.
  8. Samro

    Need some wheel help!!

    not shore what its history is, we use it as a plant trailer...
  9. Samro

    Need some wheel help!!

    any suggestions where I might get wheels with the same stud layout?
  10. Samro

    Need some wheel help!!

    I need 2x wheels & tires that will fit the axles on this trailer.. they are 10.5 16 8 stud, im hoping you chaps will no what they are and may be-able to suggest where to look for wheels of the same pattern.. Cheers Sam
  11. Right gonna have a look at the Recovery in wilts, don't want to tread on anyone's toes hear as you have all been very help full!! its unlikely im going to submit a tender as I think the trucks too cut about, gonna take a look see, im trying to get an idea of initial layout, so kinda treating it as a feasibility study... 2 Questions have already arisen. 1. what are transport cost for like? ive hired trailers historically but this is a new ball game @ 10Ton! 2. The RR B81, I have found parts on the web no problem but are complete engines about? ive seen B80's but would want an 81. I have seen threads hear with wreaked Martian's but most lack the original engine, how ever im assuming that these could be potential donna's for other transmission components? Cheers For any advise.
  12. Samro

    109' IIA Ambulance

    its pretty roomy to be fair, but I would imagine a 101 especially an Ambulance would be very roomy!! any one any experience with the Roll Bar's ive left them on but as im guessing they were added for a reason! iv not got plates yet so don't know what affect they are going to have on the Truck...
  13. any news on this? ive had a look the Martian Recovery has sparked my interest but also looks like there's and SIII v8 lurking in there so im wondering what eles they might have.. quite keen on going down for it.. Cheers Sam.
  14. Samro

    109' IIA Ambulance

    Ive been picking everyone's brains on my next project so though it fair to post some pix of the current one [nearly done] Im not shore your all going to be happy with me converting it to a camper but though I would share some pix! there a bit out of order lol http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?albumid=768
  15. "Radiomike7 is correct about the problem of exceeding 30 MPH causing serious aux gear box failure. This problem did not seem to affect the cargo versions. I would recommend fitting an intermediate bearing about 18" away from the output from the aux G box. This would stop the prop shaft whip from hurting the aux gear box." this is a worry, partly because I think its going to be dificult to source spares in the event of a problem and partly because I would very much like to attend events that may well be many miles from home [not often the low mpg will see to that! £££] are you discribing this sort of thing? :- http://www.robcollingridge.com/kitcar/build/2006/08/2006_08_07_Bearing_Mount.jpg has anyone tried to resolve this in this way? Regarding it being underpowered I was unaware of this, im not planing to do any road towing of any great weight however, there may come a point when I would need to tow a trailer with another truck on it or small ish [3ton] tractor.. I though this would be no problem? being unable to use LOW in the road owing to the diff ratio's being different does this mean im going to be left struggling for power? keep in mind most trips I will do even the shor ones mean a clim up on to the Cotswolds via fish hill or birdlip... im a little disillusioned.. I really wanted to keep the B81 despite its thirst.. what about upping the compression? or making other changes to the power pack? Thanks for all the info, this is very interesting stuff, talk about picking the right place to post!!!