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  1. Samro

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    Thats the sort of thing! Mr Crouch has 2x 1500x20's but there a more modern pattern, I may have sorted one to make up my beam, thats a good spot!
  2. Samro

    Leyland Martian Fv1103A

    Im not surprised the level you going to! just superb! Im bringing a FV1119 back to life, its not going to be anywhere near the level you have gone to, but hoping to have it reliable abit likely with a few leaks 😜
  3. Samro

    Leyland Martian Fv1103A

    is this Martian finished now? looks superb!
  4. Im wondering what the Radio would be on this FV1119? guessing Larkspur but witch set? Thanks Sam.
  5. Samro

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    ive got one good spare..
  6. Samro

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    in that case is it worth replacing them? its unlikely to be subjected to loads it would have been in the past, I was worried as it will get lots of use on wet ground and this will likely result in wheel slip especially with the tires it the worn state they are..
  7. Samro

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    tread condition :-
  8. Samro

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    ive got one walking beam that has very worn tires, there not damaged but the tread is nearly flat in the centre, the shoulders still have tread left... I found that 1 drive shaft in the beam had failed and I suspect the lack of tread and resulting wheel slip may well have been a contributing factor and im keen to avoid a repeat..
  9. afternoon chaps, anyone know where to start looking for the above? Cheers Sam.
  10. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    ive got some of the former fittings as there the same as the landy's!
  11. there not leaking, the system has leaks but not from the tanks, im not planning on using it until I have a sound system. I shall see if I can get some fibre optics in there and take a look see but I can do that without taking them off. I could replace a lot of stuff "for the sake of it" and im not, but with brakes...
  12. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    I could only find lenses for what looks like the back lamps... maybe some fabrication...
  13. Samro

    Martian Lights.

    are these the rear ones? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283152675724
  14. I shall check for leaks as I go around fixing the detectable ones, but in your experience you would not replace them if there not leaking then?
  15. Ive not maintained an air braked machine before, im very conscious of the dangers of compressed air! I have lots of leaks in the air system's of Bravo Mike 8-0, so ive got a fair bit of work to do, however im worried about the accumulators, the air gauge shows 120psi at them and there very old even if externally they look "ok", in the opinion of you chaps is it worth getting them off and inspected? or tested? im tempted to do it as part of the brake over haul but worried im wasting my time should replace them?. thanks for any advise. Sam.