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  1. Afternoon All ! Thanks for the nudge Neil - dunno if I'll be of any use but more info is needed :cool2: It appears that the recuperator merely keeps the gun fully forward so although there may be an issue with the recuperator it isn't likely to be responsible for the 'bouncing'. When does this occur ? Is it all the time or only when the FVGCE is run up ?
  2. Lightning Vulcan Concorde :idea: if I can't have Concorde then it's Typhoon (Not the original one) :-D
  3. :-D MJ entered service in the early 80's - possibly as late as 84/85. I remember a couple arriving at the 3rd Anglians in Minden - they managed to blow the engines pretty quickly as they didn't let the turbo's cool down ... :shake:
  4. :-D That's a trip down memory lane ! In 1979/80 I crewed 33BH84 at 7 Armd Wksp - a remarkable beast to say the least. We broke down towing a 27KVA genny and a mate hitched another Q4 to the front and inadvertently hit 55mph on a downhill stretch of the range road - our engine was dead so we had no power steering or brakes ! My mate was trying to keep the wheel straight and stamping on the brake pedal while I was heaving on the hand brake with two hands ....... All in all an experience I'd rather not repeat :shocked: :sweat:
  5. :??? I'm digging deep here but from what I recall on Chieftain the GUE drove the main generator with a max output of 350A and the Main Engine generator had an output of 150A. The reason for powering up the GUE first is that the batteries would struggle to start the ME and the additional power from the GUE was required (Don't ask me about the hydraulic start !) :yay:
  6. :??? I'll agree that it's not an AVRE but it doesn't look much like the Cent ARV's I remember - were there any variants ? :???
  7. :-D I took one of my lads and his girlfriend down to Bournemouth to see XH558 - to be honest I was a tad disappointed as it was very obviously running at low power and the climbs and turns were circumspect to say the least ! The blurb said they expected 15 years of flying before it was retired and I suspect they're treating her with kid gloves to stretch the time to the max. Before they bombed Port Stanley they did some dummy runs over an airfield with similar topography - Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides. The first the residents knew about it was when a Vulcan flew over the quarters at deck level around 01:00 - I can confirm that they WEREN'T running at low power as our house shook like the devil and the Boss and I leapt out of bed expecting to find the roof in the garden ! As for Bournemouth the star of the show was undoubtedly Typhoon - that is one hell of an impressive plane and well worth going to see :-D
  8. :-( I remember the Saturday before they stole the self loaders - a bunch of us kept a Garand shooting continuously for several hours ....... 1. Load clip 2. Join queue 3. Adopt the prone position on the firing point 4. Pickup Garand 5. Aim 6. Empty clip 7. Repeat 1-6 After a few magazines the woodwork began to steam, after a few more it began to smoke, a few more and the barrel turned grey and then there was the smell of scorched wood ...... By the end of the three full ammo boxes the rifle was probably only good for scrap but at least it went out with a bang ! The stupid thing is that I was grouping as well with my .357 Smith and Wesson as I was with the Garand (8" groups at 100 yards - Bisley was full of guys having a last shoot and we could only get on the short range) :-(
  9. :-D Fair comment ! (But you just KNOW I was referring to some parts of the forum membership !) :cool2:
  10. :cool2: Ah, I'm beginning to understand now - slow, insular with a narrow focus ....... :rofl: Got to admit that I can recognise BG stuff - on a good day I can even tell the difference between tanks, lorries and planes * My BWSOW was parked in a field on Saturday so it wasn't me that had a go at Tony - had it been Friday or Sunday then it could well have been ..... On a more positive note I'd like to say that I rant about tuggers as much (and probably more) than Tony or any other member of HMVF - as far as I'm concerned when towing you have a duty to either keep up with the traffic flow (this can mean nailing the right hand pedal to the floor and to hell with fuel consumption) or move over and let the traffic through. It's not very often that I have to move over for traffic though - I'm usually being held up by an artic/horse box/motorhome/milk float etc ...... * Tank = green/sand with tracks Lorry = green/sand with wheels Plane = not in contact with ground for significant amounts of time - being temporarily airborne due to misreading hump backed bridges etc does not count The Navy have been left out of this cos there's not enough of them left to make identification worth while Anything else is a damned civvy and doesn't count ! :-D
  11. :-D Surely they're not all that slow on here are they Neil ???? How long is it since I posted about the BWSOW ????? :cool2: :yay:
  12. :??? What's this happening in my town then ???? More info for the newbie please ! :-D
  13. :-D The good old days ..... Neil and I just happen to know the guy that actually wrote most of the software that was used for managing the white fleet licences during the mid 90's (Trust me Neil - you DO know him !) and there's some wonderful tales to tell about some of the incidents involving them (usually refering to vehicles carrying multiple plates and tax discs in the boot and drivers from Neil's mob !) :-D
  14. :-D An old shooting pal of mine used to go to Knob Creek (Honest !) every year to play with full auto's, mortars and all sorts of silly stuff dunno if they still allow non US citizens to play over there but the rules vary from state to state so if you look hard enough you might be able to find somewhere to have a go. On the other hand, even with the current exchange rate, it'll cost a small fortune for a belt of 50 cal ! :shake:
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