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  1. dont fit a electronic kit , ive had no end of trouble ( at war and peace this year ) we take the jeep on a trailer to long distance shows , running fine (off trailer and to chip shop ) then nothing not a spark , towed it back , brought new coil , still dead checked everything ( by loads of people ) electronic kit at fault rang company about kit (no answer) sat - sun - mon rang me back mon afternoon Sorry sir out of warranty , buy another kit and we will send it to war and peace jeep had traveled 150 miles Brought a new dizzy from jeep parts , ( cheaper than a kit ) now runs better than ever i thought electronic kit had to be great , fit and forget how wrong i was
  2. it would be great to see you there , its the second year and quite a lot going (will know more at meeting thurs night) just e-mail the link above if you want to come ( trying to set space out / they need to know numbers 12 military at least (only one jeep )
  3. anyone going to this, military welcome - 40s dance on the evening - jill daniels mail joe@joeslocoworks.co.uk for more info
  4. THINKING ABOUT SELLING 353 WITH WINCH good canvas , s/steel exhaust ,wooden body , 6v , good bargrips , good batt prob could do with respray any ideals ?:tup::
  5. any usn vehicles wanted to join us for a display
  6. great pics , keep the photos coming
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