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  1. donegalpatrol

    Cvrt parts wanted

    Thanks glenn. Its a hard part to get hold of
  2. donegalpatrol

    Cvrt parts wanted

    Hi all, Looking for an ammo rack for a cvrt scorpion. The rack is for above the fuel tank. Thanks
  3. donegalpatrol


    Hi all, looking for an ammo rack for above the fuel tank for scorpion cvrt. I can be got on wasap +353851766009 Cheers shane
  4. donegalpatrol

    GMPG. Gimpy

    Hi Jon, so its already set up for gas firing? is it butane or propane? Where does the pipe go in? Could it be run through the shell capture tube? what sort of cash we looking at? Cheers shane
  5. donegalpatrol

    GMPG. Gimpy

    Sent you a pm jon
  6. donegalpatrol

    CVRT two ropes

    Id be interested in the ropes. how much you looking for and could they be sent to NI?
  7. donegalpatrol

    Travers Indicator

    Pm sent. any other bits for scorpion you have floating about, let me know. Especially gun parts cheers
  8. donegalpatrol

    CVRT A-bar

    Pm sent
  9. Hi all, im looking for a gunners night sight power supply unit for a scorpion CVRT. cheers shane
  10. donegalpatrol

    Scorpion CVRT gunner's sight

    Pm sent
  11. donegalpatrol

    Boiling vessel

    Pm sent.
  12. donegalpatrol

    Boiling vessel

    Hi, looking for a working BV with a cable. Need it posted to northern ireland Cheers shane
  13. donegalpatrol

    breaking scorpion for parts

    Hi, looking for a scorpion co ax gpmg mount.
  14. donegalpatrol

    Fv 101 scorpion gunners sight

    Hi all, looking for the gunners sight for a scorpion. Sight for crew in right hand turret. What is the name of the sight and periscope?just the day sight. thanks guys shane
  15. Hi all. as the title suggests. I'm looking for a co ax mount and a pair of 4 barrel smoke dischargers for a scorpion cvrt. thanks