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  1. Many thanks to those who responded. Great. Tankchief
  2. Hi, Thanks for that. You can find me at johnmortimermsc@gmail.com and I will be grateful for any information or leads you can provide. Sounds interesting. I have been searching for Cohendet links for ages but the roads always seem to lead to nowhere. But not this time Tankchief
  3. Sorry, but I am new to the site. Is Goff Radcliffe well known in these circles? Is it easy to contact him via emails? Tankchief
  4. Hello, i am am new here, so not sure of the routine. i am an automotive journalist. I was editor of The Engineer weekly news magazine from 1969 to 1980. I have a special interest in armoured fighting vehicles, especially battle tanks. BUT...does anyone have a hande on French-built Cohendet trucks of WW1 period, namely around 1908. i believe there is one in the UK. Does anyone know about this?? And does ices anyone have any spec sheets etched of the Cohendet truck which I think was front engined, but the engine was underfloor. grateful for any help. Tankchief
  5. Hi, I am an automotive journalist. I was editor of The Engineer weekly news magazine from 1969 to 1980 before starting my own newsletter business...Auto Industry Newsletter. For many years I took a great interest in fighting vehicles, most notably battle tanks. Also I have a deep interest in gas turbine engines for vehicles and which I have studied for many years even though they have not come to pass. My question...Does anyone know anything about Cohendet military trucks circa 1908 or thereabouts. I know they existed but have been able to find out very little about them. I think they had a front-mounted underfloor engine. Does anyone know if there is a Cohedet vehicle in the UK, who owns it so that I can discover more about these vehicles which to me seem most elusive Tankchief
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