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  1. I have silver on black flexible magnetic plates so I can take them off at shows.
  2. Really pleased you have a registration. So the DVLA/SGS never inspected it? Did you just send photos? Good luck and enjoy
  3. Jessie the Jeep - when did the MVT verify your vehicle as I thought they were supposed to actually see the vehicle? I know many years ago a lot was done over the phone but was told they are now stricter. You hear so many different stories that it is hard to give new restorers like Steve any proper advice. I'm just interested because I have a friend who has just got a vehicle which needs a fair bit of work and he has been asking what he should do about the DVLA
  4. I think I have heard about SGS, they do the same job as the MVT or IMPs and will do the actual verification that the serial numbers and vehicle seem correct for their declared age. I was just interested in the verification process because it does seem to vary. I've been told the MVT have been instructed by the DVLA that the vehicle must be in running order and nearly complete and should be fairly original and not too many replacement parts. Bottom line though is once you get a registration plate it doesn't matter. All very confusing but more importantly forget about the paperwork and enjoy restoring your jeep - and then enjoy driving it!
  5. 3 weeks sounds about right to get things processed once the DVLA have all the paperwork. I thought everyone had to get the MVT or IMPS to do the age verification and the confirm the vehicle is as stated? One you have your NOVA and age verification certs it is then just a question of sending it to the DVLA and then wait about 3 weeks. This has been the experience of most people I know.
  6. Hi Steve, I was just interested because I thought groups like the MVT and IMPs used to do the verification bit. Sounds like things are changing at the DVLA. I would be interested to here how you get on. 2 weeks sounds like a very quick process. cheers Neill
  7. Hi Steve, To get DVLA road registered you will need to get age verification. Will the DVLA do that for you? may thanks
  8. Hi Steve, Welcome to the military vehicle world. It sounds like you and your father in-law have plenty of skills. Take photos, lots and lots of photos, label everything you take off and when like me you still didn't take enough photos find a friend with a jeep to have a look at! With regard the cylinder head I feel that it is post war. Here's a link to a good website http://ww2jeeps.com/htm/heads.htm Good luck with the project.
  9. Simple question or is it? WW2 Jeep/Dodge/GMC etc Should the handles of the pioneer tools be left as varnished natural wood or painted Olive Drab? many thanks for your help
  10. Hi, That sounds like a very likely explanation. Bit of a collectors item! Never seen one before. many thanks
  11. I don't think is it home repaired, the welds are very very neat. The interesting thing is the round cross tube in the seat back. ai'm guess I might be repro but strange in that all repros I have ever seen are a much better copy and pay attention to detail. Thanks for the reply
  12. Hi, Can anyone help identify this rear seat for a willys jeep. It is not original but I have never come across a seat with no swaging in the seat base or on the rear backrest frame the cross member is round tube the same size as the rest of the frame. Is it Hotchkiss, is it repro? I think it is at least 30 years old. Has anyone ever come across a seat like this? thanks for your help
  13. Can anyone else add any more information about the rear seat. The difference from a standard jeep seat is that there is no swaging in the seat base. Then on the back of the seat back the horizontal cross tube is round with studs to attach the seatback cushion. Its unlikely to be a repro because of the differences. Might it be Hotchkis? I am not very familiar with these post war vehicles. Thank you
  14. Thanks Nick, I had a feeling that the kick plate was a "field modification"! That said what do you make of the drivers seat, I am curious about the threaded hole near the cut out for the fuel sender. What might this bolt hole be for? On the passenger seat can you suggest what the bracket is for? The back seat, what feature(s) suggest that it is Hotchkiss? I have failed to find any pictures of Hotchkiss seats on the internet many thanks
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