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  1. I am wondering if there is some bulk cargo below the trucks. This way the trucks are on a higher elevation and the left over space about 15’ is filled. But the bulk cargo must be able to withstand the weight of the trucks.
  2. Maybe Alex remembers the location of the Albion bridging trucks. Now I have them located below hold 1 more or less halfway. Next to them are the zwicky refuelers they are forcing the bridging trucks more to the front of the ship. Behind the zwicky refuelers is an bulkhead so they can’t go more backwards. On the picture it looks like the trucks do fit but they don't
  3. Thanks Sean, I think you are right... In that case I misplaced the trucks. Because they don't fit or the curve of the ship is drastically different then it sister ships. Time for some extra research.
  4. The Albion AM463 Zwicky refueler was the 12' the length? Because I have it longer like 20' but in that case the Albion bridging trucks don't fit. But if the Zwicky is only 12' in length The Albion trucks will move backwards 8' and then the Bridging trucks will fit the ship nicely.
  5. I am adding the given info from this forum to the ships plans I have. Numerous ‘funny’ facts occur now. Like some of the truck axles are floating in mid air (hatch area). Now I know they were actual ontop of the hatches. The hatch doors are gone they felt down or so. I always thought the trucks moved but they are still on their original place.
  6. The list would be Albion BY5 bridging lorry Albion BY3 Lorry Leyland retriever lorry Crossley type Q lorry Bedford OYC water tanker Albion AM463 zwicky refueller Fordson WOT3 truck Morris-commercial CS11/30 truck Morris-commercial CS8 light truck
  7. No, there is no complete list well at least not of my knowledge. Even so it wouldn’t state in where the equipment would be located in the ship. As for the vehicles I am sure everything is available but it is very difficult to get true the internet. Something like this would be sufficient for my work. http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials_old/modeling/car_modeling_max/freelander_blueprints.gif
  8. Hello everybody, I am doing some research on WWII vehicles that where loaded on cargo ships and found this forum. I am interested in the shape and dimensions and weights. I am sure I will have a great time here.
  9. Hello Gents, My name is Roland Luijken and I am actual doing some research of the Thistlegorm atm. I have the ship drawings and also some of the sister ship drawings and now I am reconstructing the complete ship. This will take like 2 years or so to do still. This is the forecastle deck draft that I reproduced for instance http://i.imgur.com/ZpHuqsV.jpg I did place all the vehicles into the the ship like a year ago and found out they didn’t fit in the front section of the ship. I am looking for the dimensions of the loaded vehicles is there anything known about that. Thank you, Roland
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