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  1. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Looks like the guy on the left is planning on starting it!
  2. WW1 Dennis truck find

    I recently read both the Dennis and Thorny threads from start to finish. Too hot to go outside! Both inspiring reads.
  3. Where are ATV Midland Film Archives?

    We're all friends here!
  4. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Another option is take it to an Exhaust Shop who does mandrel bending and let them do it. Cheaper than a Plumber.
  5. Ferret Fuel Pump Woes

    If you install a tachometric relay (as used in LPG vehicles) you can take the pulse from the distributor. How it works is once the ignition is turned on the relay allows the fuel pump to run for a few seconds then shuts it down. This creates fuel pressure to start the engine, once started the pulse of the low tension circuit to the distributor keeps the relay operating. Once the pulse stops (the engine stops turning over) it shuts down the fuel flow. This means in the event of a ruptured fuel line after the pump the engine will stop and so will the pump. Relays are avaialable on eBay and cost around 30-40 Aussie $. I use them on modified fuel injected cars, but they will work with a carby just as well.
  6. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I use them and they are brilliant. That is until yo drop the retaining pin down a door pillar and can't get it back out. I got them from eBay and have so far only broken 1 from 36.
  7. Photobucket.......

    Mine was this morning, but not now. Or ever!
  8. Photobucket.......

    When Photobucket says you have exceeded your capacity it isn't referring to the number of images or amount of photos. It is referring to the amount of Bandwidth used by your photos being accessed by Third Parties, read Forums. I've stopped using Photobucket and not tried to post any further photos off it and my old images appear to be remaining. It could be if you don't keep using it you may have your photos survive.
  9. Michigan 175

    I've also bridged the battery terminal with my Wedding Ring. The skin on your finger slides off with the ring. Wife wasn't happy and my finger even less so. Still wear the ring, but with a chunk melted out of it.
  10. Sundry truck axles

    Charleville Queensland, photo taken in 1915.
  11. Fuel Tank Sealing Compounds

    About 5 years ago I used POR15 on an 80 litre fuel tank in a modified vehicle. The tank only has 98 Octane fuel in it and hasn't given any trouble. You do need to follow the directions to the letter for it to work.
  12. CUBA russian truck paradise

    If anyone is interested I have quite a few truck photos from a trip to Cuba 3 years ago. I went with my wife so the feisty Latino was out of the equation.
  13. The 110.

    Nothing feels as good as when the beast springs into life after radical surgery. Well done.
  14. The 110.

    Be aware exhaust pipe as an intercooler pipe may have or build up rust inside and the rust flakes and may go through the turbo and into the engine. Not a good look. As a short term fix it will work but I would replace it with the correct pipe or use Alloy tube.
  15. morris commercial cs8

    That's interesting Richard as I've used Aussie Post to ship stuff and run a business for 30 years and very very rarely have they lost anything. I've sent and received literally hundreds of packages and tens of thousands of letters to and from our business. Do you know if your wheels were misplaced in Australia or somewhere between us and you?