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  1. Thanks for posting. It sure keeps us Quarantined people entertained. Not that your prior resto's didn't. I thoroughly enjoy and applaud your efforts.
  2. Use a short length of chain placed around two wheels. This will stop them trying to roll away. You see this on boat cradles in boatyards.
  3. I've had POR15 in one of my vehicles for over 8 years and no problems. We have in two of our vehicles and it is good but you MUST follow the instructions to the T.
  4. The smile must have extended from ear to ear after that drive. Well done.
  5. Vehicles used on the beaches of Australia are usually parked with a garden sprinkler under them for a day or so to wash of the underside. The top side I would hose do similar. We gave our Range Rover a good swim in the Ocean in 1994, pressure washed it the next day and its still going strong. This was at the end of the Australian Safari where the organisers set a course that takes you into the sea. I'm all for the pressure wash.
  6. If the other pump is going to a Scrappy, why not try and buy it off him and use it for spares. The tank looks good and would save a heap of work restoring it. Sometimes it's worth spending a few extra Quid to save a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.
  7. Rick,


    Rod Garnett of the slotted screws!

    Local to me is a chain drive Albion in someone's front yard.

    It's been there at least 15 years.

    If I took some photos and sent them to you could you tell me what model it is?

    I don't have the interest or space to do anything with it but I thought of you as the only one silly enough to care about it.

    Being chain drive it's very early.




  8. When I did my tank I just put a plastic bag over the fill tube and a hose clamp around it to keep the slosh in. I don't inspect my tank. If I walk into the garage and find a 100 litres of fuel on the floor I then know I have a problem.
  9. I have one tank sealed with POIR15 and after 6 years it's holding up well.. The tank is filled with the highest Octane fuel I can buy. I recommend it strongly.
  10. Phosphoric acid. Read the side of a can of Coke. We all drink it with little side effect, apart for getting fat! It's a well known rust remover.
  11. I'd suggest the sludge is predominantly emulsified oil from when the sump was full of water. If you're going to slosh the fuel tank why do the sump at the same time. An alternative would be to paint the inside for the sump with a sealing coat of whatever is good on alloy.
  12. I think these guy's could lower the garage floor and build a magnificent lifting rail bridge for the minature railway. I'm not too sure anything is beyond them.
  13. I'd like to see the spiral ducts on the intake replaced with something more substantial as any holes negates the first filter and also lowers intake air level into the dust zone. Seen too many engines ruined by dust ingestion here in Australia. Big improvement in performance.
  14. If the tank only has a very minor leak why not re-slosh it with whatever you used last time. Assuming it's minor it should seal up easily. I'd contact the manufacturer/distributor for advice. Cost nothing and won't blow up in your face and will be heaps quicker than dismantling the tank. If you do dismantle you basically have to re-slosh it anyway..
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