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  1. Zuffen

    ‘Mollie’ Bedford MJ expedition trucks

    At least you won't run out of beer with two kegs strapped to the side of Mollie! Is there any reason you put the tyres up there and not mount them under your rear deck/tailgate and use a lightweight winch to open and close the rear deck/tailgate.
  2. Zuffen

    1911 Dennis Fire Engine 3035

    Andy, If you have an iPhone use it to give you the angles. They are as good as a decent spirit level.
  3. The strange device is a puller to remove a pulley from a shaft. The two legs go around and under the pulley and the threaded shaft presses it off by winding. The legs can slide to allow different sized pulleys to be pressed.
  4. Zuffen

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I would be re-machining the pistons and leave the bores alone, other than a light hone if they need it. This would bring then now seasoned pistons back into shape and also allow them to be machined to the running fit. You can't recreate the block but new pistons are easier as has been demonstrated. The BMW Formula 1 engine blocks were apparently peed on by the Engineers as the urine has a nitriding effect on the cast iron.
  5. Zuffen

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Gordon, I'll second the ring problem. I wouldn't like to use any rings out of cylinder 2 and probably 3 as well. For the cost of a couple of sets of rings it could save a lot of heartache and work.
  6. Zuffen

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Ben, and the lovely Apprentice, Well done. I've followed your journey and I'm in awe of your abilities and efforts. One good thing the engine stopped slowly rather than lock up so low fuel does sound reasonable. Looking forward to your next instalment.
  7. Build a carport. They aren't expensive and they won't chafe the paint. Also gives you a dry spot to work.
  8. Zuffen

    Leyland DAF 45 150

    Drag it to solid ground so it's safe to work on. Definitely have at least 1 other assistant.. Too easy to die.
  9. Zuffen

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Interesting they spell tyres with an "i". When did it change to Tyres from the Tires in the article?
  10. Zuffen

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Looks like the guy on the left is planning on starting it!
  11. Zuffen

    WW1 Dennis truck find

    I recently read both the Dennis and Thorny threads from start to finish. Too hot to go outside! Both inspiring reads.
  12. Zuffen

    Where are ATV Midland Film Archives?

    We're all friends here!
  13. Zuffen

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Another option is take it to an Exhaust Shop who does mandrel bending and let them do it. Cheaper than a Plumber.
  14. Zuffen

    Ferret Fuel Pump Woes

    If you install a tachometric relay (as used in LPG vehicles) you can take the pulse from the distributor. How it works is once the ignition is turned on the relay allows the fuel pump to run for a few seconds then shuts it down. This creates fuel pressure to start the engine, once started the pulse of the low tension circuit to the distributor keeps the relay operating. Once the pulse stops (the engine stops turning over) it shuts down the fuel flow. This means in the event of a ruptured fuel line after the pump the engine will stop and so will the pump. Relays are avaialable on eBay and cost around 30-40 Aussie $. I use them on modified fuel injected cars, but they will work with a carby just as well.
  15. Zuffen

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I use them and they are brilliant. That is until yo drop the retaining pin down a door pillar and can't get it back out. I got them from eBay and have so far only broken 1 from 36.