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  1. Looking at the spec for an XJ6 4.2 starter motor, a hot start may take as little as 100A but a cold winter start can draw 500A. so it's not easy to specify a series resistor to drop form 24v to 12v. The resistor would have to dissipate roughly the same power as the starter was taking - so maybe 5kW. Mild steel would double its resistance for a temperature rise of 200°C (someone check my maths?) , another complication (unless it starts very quickly). My conclusion, it's not simple. Sorry. Clive?
  2. philb

    AEC Militant MKI (1966)

    ... and the AEC wheels have extra holes, to clear the brake drum studs.
  3. I just came back from the noggin, nosh and nattter, I guess you didn't make it? Phil
  4. If it's any use, this seems to be the same problem "ArtistsRifles" (Neil) is having. Two heads better than one?
  5. philb

    AEC Militant MKI (Front Brakes)

    The linings do look good but the adjusters are on/near the last holes. There are three levels of adjustment: 1 the holes in the arm, 2 the position of the arm spline on the camshaft, 3 (if the linings are quite worn - yours don't seem to be) fitting packing plates (various thicknesses were available) under the shoe ends. The important thing is that, given the slack is taken up, the cams don't rotate more than about 45° from the closed position - or they risk going over-centre and dropping the shoes or locking the wheel. If the linings are quite new, maybe the current setup is what the fitter found to be best to start with. I believe that the linings should be 3/4 inch thick when new. Hope this helps. Phil
  6. philb

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Neil, But.. if it's the inlet valve that's leaking, which I'll guess is the most likely (where crap enters the foot valve), then the air will leak out of the foot valve body. I don't think it can leak to the outlet (with any pressure) when the pedal is up because the exhaust valve is open - venting the brake line to atmosphere. Prepared to be corrected by Militant buffs. Shields up. Phil
  7. philb

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    You are indeed and it was very nicely written, thank you.
  8. Just realised how daft that question was. What I meant was: I need somewhere to park overnight, camping in the back of the truck. Scouring the area on street-view it seems to be all double yellows and (low) barriers. I can understand why but the area is not very truck-friendly.
  9. I've booked my Matador in. Just got to work out the logistics now. The form says no camping at the museum, so I'll need to overnight somewhere close. Any bright ideas? Phil
  10. Oops, I mislead you. I meant the other East, the West - sorry. The workshops were on the Azizia road, heading West out of the city. I remember Prinn too, lots of on-base quarters there.
  11. I was in Tripoli at the end of that era and lived near to the REME workshops on the Azizia road, to the South-East of the city (well away from the other barracks). I'm fairly sure it was the only workshop then. I was a pupil at the Army Children's School and on Wednesday afternoons (I think) a few of us were taken to the workshops where, under the watchful eye of 'Q' Hayward (fading memory but I think that was his name) we were allowed to play with all sorts of lovely stuff. It was the first place I drove a car - an Alfa Romeo 2600 straight six (probably worth a fortune now) which one of the school teachers had rolled and we (with much help) stripped to the chassis to drive around in/on. Happy days.
  12. philb

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Well done, Rob. "Enthusiastic" doesn't quite describe you! cheers, Phil
  13. philb

    Bofors air brake hoses.

    I bought some from J H Rose in Gilllingham. I also found it easily on you-know-what-bay. Is it an odd size you need?