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  1. Odd, but my Fox tach looks like a leyland motors unit from a MGB, acts like one too. Newc
  2. Well; I haven't run my Fox in 3 yrs, old petrol now. Understand that overheating was always iffy. My problem is a bad rebuild on a series one engine.. Series 3 engines had far better cooling passages and even the heads do not interchange. Newc in Oregon USA
  3. Mapleleafup.net new posts Poor mans Armor Newest post was today. Newc
  4. Yeh; there is now a series of construction posts under Poor Man's Armour on Mapleleafup.com I am unable to provide a link, so folks will have to go there. I find it under new Posts. Newc
  5. Hi; On Mapleleafup.com a fellow is reproducing a BA-64 on a CJ jeep chassis. It actually looks quite good and he reproduced the exact scale steel plates. I think he uses "Poor mans armor" for his posts. Although they don't show up every day, he is making good progress. What an idea for a 'Kit' vehicle , I could see dozens of them driving around. Newc
  6. Not yet; as the new owner of 00 DD 40 is in a learning curve. He has been told to jack up a front wheel and rock it for and aft. Possibly remove the wheel and inspect the brakes. Odd because it loaded forward so nicely and then fronts locked upon unload. I may have to provide some personal motivation... do it for him. Newc .
  7. Hi all; after 3 yrs dry secure storage, the front tires will only roll forward. No problem with rears, but front tires seem locked up in reverse. Gear selector in N and all brakes off. Is it possible that one set of front shoes are stuck/ Both fronts at the same time? Ferret drove just fine before storage and drove into storage. Hand brake was on during storage tho... thanks newc
  8. Thanks NewcinOregon SOLD in OREGON USA !!!!!!***********************************************************************
  9. Hi; While sanding off many paint layers on a Ferret 2/3 00DD40, found the armor stamped as so FV 59133 D SBN Have seen these plate Nos decifered by some folks here. Any idea of this marking.? thanks Newc in Oregon USA
  10. Fox overheated straight away. Rads had been serviced and all, seems correct... except the incorrect engine modifications caused excessive heat transfer to eng block. The sleeves are important in the first series eng, and the high compression car pistons just made it all worse. I have a later series eng core to rebuild and install... someday? Newc
  11. Hi; My Fox overheated because previous owner bored out the sleeves and installed high compression car pistons... a real mess now. Later Newc
  12. Thanks fellows; I now have hopes of an engine swap with the J6o's here, in some future. Newc in Oregon
  13. Not a CVRT, but rather a CVRW [Fox], The J60 type 1 cams drive a Fan gear box. I have the later J60 in the shop [from a CVRT] and no Cam gearbox on it. Understand heads are not interchangeable due to different cooling passages so looking to install 24 volt electric fans. anyone out there done this ...ideas? Newc in Oregon USA
  14. Wow; Seems Cheap considering there are only about 50 of these out there. I would want at least $45,000 USD for mine. Takes a crew to drive one. Oddly another one in Oregon, USA was advertised for $72,000 USD in MVPA magazine. Newc in Oregon
  15. Robin C has a good engine removal post on Mapleleaf site. Special fixture is necessary. New3c I can't see where the oil is coming from. Might be an oil tank connection so I plan to take that out and see if it's the culprit. However, knowing my luck it will be the sump, etc, in which case the engine will have to come out. Assuming that's the case, what's the best way to remove it? EMER's say take out engine and gearbox together but others have suggested unbolting the engine from the gearbox and just taking the engine out. If this is the case, I presume the gearbox should be disconnected leaving the fly wheel attached to the engine? There is a lifting bracket at the rear but can't see one at the front - perhaps the slots at the sides of the flywheel housing (picture above)? Any guidance will be appreciated! Thanks James
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