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  1. I don't have them, but on Mapleleafup ,the info is there just incredible, what is happening without a bill of rights. Newc [USA]
  2. Hi; I'm in the USA so shipping is too problematic. I have one intert blue bullet sample and will have it copied in plastic. Thanks Newc
  3. Hi; Can't let mine go, but they are around with a solid bullet inert blue color. I was told to have the extras 3D printed. Newc
  4. Hi; Looks like a Royal Enfield single cyl, has its numbers and a unit badge on the tank .. a yellow triangle with a black horse. the motorcycle is on Craig's list Portland, Oregon under motorcycle parts. the bike is intack.. all together.. Craig's list post ID no. 7048050052.. It's located in the city of Grants Pass, Oregon. A good photo is posted in the add. Maybe you could ring the owner up and get the idea of what it is. Yes this is the second post today about this bike, cause it did not show up in New posts. Newc
  5. On Portland, Or motorcycle parts. A complete British single cyl military motorcycle; Looks to be WW2 It is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Craig's list Post No. ID 70480500052 Good hunting; I'd post a link if I knew how. Newc
  6. In the USA try Fordbarn.com. in fact two surplus carrier engines were sold there this Summer. still in Military crates. 24 stud 59a engines 1939-42. newc
  7. Odd, but my Fox tach looks like a leyland motors unit from a MGB, acts like one too. Newc
  8. Well; I haven't run my Fox in 3 yrs, old petrol now. Understand that overheating was always iffy. My problem is a bad rebuild on a series one engine.. Series 3 engines had far better cooling passages and even the heads do not interchange. Newc in Oregon USA
  9. Mapleleafup.net new posts Poor mans Armor Newest post was today. Newc
  10. Yeh; there is now a series of construction posts under Poor Man's Armour on Mapleleafup.com I am unable to provide a link, so folks will have to go there. I find it under new Posts. Newc
  11. Hi; On Mapleleafup.com a fellow is reproducing a BA-64 on a CJ jeep chassis. It actually looks quite good and he reproduced the exact scale steel plates. I think he uses "Poor mans armor" for his posts. Although they don't show up every day, he is making good progress. What an idea for a 'Kit' vehicle , I could see dozens of them driving around. Newc
  12. Not yet; as the new owner of 00 DD 40 is in a learning curve. He has been told to jack up a front wheel and rock it for and aft. Possibly remove the wheel and inspect the brakes. Odd because it loaded forward so nicely and then fronts locked upon unload. I may have to provide some personal motivation... do it for him. Newc .
  13. Hi all; after 3 yrs dry secure storage, the front tires will only roll forward. No problem with rears, but front tires seem locked up in reverse. Gear selector in N and all brakes off. Is it possible that one set of front shoes are stuck/ Both fronts at the same time? Ferret drove just fine before storage and drove into storage. Hand brake was on during storage tho... thanks newc
  14. Thanks NewcinOregon SOLD in OREGON USA !!!!!!***********************************************************************
  15. Hi; While sanding off many paint layers on a Ferret 2/3 00DD40, found the armor stamped as so FV 59133 D SBN Have seen these plate Nos decifered by some folks here. Any idea of this marking.? thanks Newc in Oregon USA
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