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  1. Thank you David! It was so simple all along and I had just not realised the full effect off those functions! Preview programme on the Mac does that too as I've just practiced and of course, my Photoshop does it too. :-)
  2. Well, would you believe it! Another perfect learning opportunity realised. Thank you Sean. Nothing odd about the photo now!!!Ford Anglia, yes. They appear on several more photos I have of those days in those places; I am sure Benghazi had a dealer then as well as one in Tripoli. NAAFI may well have been in the car dealership business there too, importing 'tax-free cars of your dreams' for service folk.
  3. Thanks Wally. That's helped us a great deal. A real story to be told, behind every VRN.
  4. Would that be because the negative is reversed? I find reversed negatives mind-boggling in trying to work out what I should really be seeing.
  5. Yes! Yes! Plus I thought that little generator was on the 'wrong' wing! I must try to get the negative or transparency from Wilf's son or get him to correct it. Oddly enough, I've spotted more reversed images, even one or two I've put on here but I kept quiet about it! The only real clue would have been the District flash.
  6. Very good! Just remember that if an acetylene cylinder falls over there is a chance that thermal dissociation will occur, unfettered breakdown of the gas in the cylinder (not the acetone into which the gas is dissolved) which generates heat, raises the pressure, generates more heat, generates more pressure until .......boom! Acetylene cylinders stopped having thermal plugs (to melt under fire or thermal dissociation conditions) and pressure relief devices years ago as there operation when required had proven unreliable. Move a cylinder that's got hot inside and .... boom! Think about the exclusion zones and gentle cooling processes the Emergency Services put in place under these circumstances. There are some other gas cylinders that don't have pressure relief devices fitted, beware! Cylinders shouldn't be left or used horizontally either, if they roll or fall over, valves can shear and cylinders can rocket. Gas cylinders are safe in trained, competent hands and only in safe systems of work. Hmm, was that a digression? Yes. (Don't forget to get your flashback arrestors checked! Oh, you don't bother fitting them! :shocked: )
  7. Last one of ghibli damage before getting back to Tripolitania. Can you see anything odd, really odd in this photo?
  8. Pssst! Want to see some gas cylinders? An MRA1 too, well, just the rear end anyway. Hmmm, with gas cylinders close by, that must surely be the Welding Truck? Elf n Safety springs to mind; free standing gas cylinders are a no-no, as are cylinders lying down, especially if they're acetylene! Goodness gracious, how do i know about stuff like that, I hear you ask. Well, just look me up on LI or my business website. I wrote the script and handbook for Air Products' 'Safe use of Oxy Acetylene' safety video and ... the safety handbook for industrial and analytical gases. After the children, naturally. More ghibli damage in the desert. Photos by Wilf Harrison 2RTR/REME
  9. I feel compelled to show you more devastion of the workshop from that ghibli. Tentage torn to shreds and all the paperwork, forms 'AF whatevers' ..... gone! Maybe the vehicle records went too, in a puff of wind thus justifying the seemingly 'strange' things that went on in Libya! :-)
  10. Let's pop over to Cyrenaica for a moment to see the effects of a ghibli on 2RTR's REME Nero workshop. Yes, both D'Aosta and Wavell Barracks had these frame-tented structures (proper name required please, from the tentage expert :-) as I don't know what they're called other than 'tents'). Oh, what I really wanted to show you was a generator similar (if not the same one) to the one being towed by the MRA1 in the previous colour photo where I did indicate the unit were on the move east (less Cyclops who went west to Medenine Barracks, Tripoli) to Wavell Barracks Benghazi, collecting Ajax out of D'Aosta Barracks Benghazi enroute. Oh, look too, there's an MRA1 Welding Truck that's had it's top blown off in the storm. Libya was not all sunshine; for 3 months of the year, high winds, rain, flash floods, wadi floods across main and desert routes, swirling biting sand storms and yes, cold and even snow on occasion. So what is the generator then? So similar to the 10Kva dragged around by Bedford RL Machy wagons in BAOR 70s and 80s (probably longer).
  11. Good detective work. You must look further, buy it and restore in Light Stone!
  12. Sean!!! Now you're teasing me!! You didn't spot the difference with the colour one even after I said 'no hole in cab roof' or some such suggestion? :-) So, colour K9 has no hole in cab roof and the complete VRN of this one is .... 34BG06. Yes, truly a different truck though the B&W ones are odd. Maybe the fuzzy one is 08 as you and Richard say and not 06 though on the master it really still looks like a 06.
  13. Now we see the 'same' truck again, this time sporting a 4 on the Bridge Plate and not the 'earlier'(?) 5. This is fun! Maybe we just accept that Libya and them days were truly 'unique'. No real rules. Or not? The photo says Homs but to me I'd say 'out of Homs' and probably in Castle Verde or Ben Ulid. That is not a street view of Homs as it was in the 60s. Can you see any wing mirrors? I can't (I have a wing mirror vision complex now;)). What's that 'thing' underneath the truck rear?
  14. I read the VRN in both original B&W photos as ....... 94BC06 and not BG. True, the C curls up though there is no hint of a cross bar to the curl up. Maybe it is a G? Looks to me to be the same truck in both photos though in one there's a new screen surround and then of course, arm of service/district flash changes. If they are different trucks, they 'share' the same VRN :shocked: I'm not sure if John Empson himself would know.
  15. Now we know, Clive! Thank you. What a great job you've done with MS Paint. I never realised it was that versatile though I'm sure its all down to the user's capability. :-)
  16. K9 ...... obvious differences between them is no hole in the cab roof! I think there were 3 cab types, with obvious variances such as trafficators/electric indicators, louvres/no louvres on the waist below the scuttle and perhaps something different on those bonnet louvres. Maybe its so obvious Sean, that I've missed it!!!! It is though, sand-coloured and that is most important overall!!! The 'interloper' dear viewer, is of course, that lovely, though much maligned little truck, the Morris MRA1. Thanks for more software advice. My new 'yet to be fathomed out' slide scanner (a rather large lump of gubbins, though why that large surprises me just for negatives and transparencies/slides) has a bundled Silverfast disc which, if I get to understand how to use it, shall also be also be trialled on scanned photos alongside my Photoshop Elements attempts. I will try your trick to pick the right brush size and type and then go carefully. If only I didn't have a business, home, a person who thinks I'm crackers and a herd of moose who all make excessive demands on my time .. :laugh:
  17. I was just about to post "and where is our RL expert when needed?" Lo and behold, Sean's here! Yay! Two windows to the front of the tilt tells me that the tilts may have been for the RL Battery Charger version that carried a 27.5Kva generator (rare, I guess?), having an extended headboard and two vent fan domes that protruded out towards the cab rear? This photo shows one, with offset vents though I don't know where I got the photo from, so 'credit due to the original photographer' whoever they were (perhaps someone will recognise this for us?). I again guess this is an 'original fit' and not some mash-up by a misguided enthusiast. I have another photo that shows presumably the same truck and the generator inside it. An 'interloper'! Yes, the B&W 'clean up' photo and the colour Nero convoy feature the 'interloper' and you and I both noticed the tell-tale body strakes and cab profile etc!!! Knowing the L.A.D makeup, I'd be confident stating that said interloper in the clean-up photo was the welding truck, though whilst in Nero's convoy I'd be reluctant to categorically state which model of interloper it was other than that I'm surprised it was used to tow that generator, a generator that looks to be something like a 10Kva or something of that ilk from an earlier period and weighing heavy on the interloper's rear springs.
  18. Looking even better Clive! Anymore tidying needed? I don't think so. Did you draw that lollipop on the side of the cab? Oh, its a wing mirror, on a long arm! Funny how I missed it when I tried tidying up (with my Adobe Photoshop Elements (Sean) and now my 5th attempt version of the photo has the wing mirror 'blobbed out'!!! Maybe I'll go back and practice again, even if I have to draw a wing mirror!!! At least my soldiers now all have their heads on, their own heads!!!
  19. As I saw something sand-coloured .... it's a simple blade vane sight for target acquisition, used by the commander to align the main gun in azimuth only.
  20. See if you can see a Royal Signals Arm of Service flash? They're on the RL Battery Charging trucks! I presume they're Battery Charging trucks due to the vent flap windows in the tilts and that I know the Royal Signals operated these trucks for 2RTR in Homs. Odd that the battery loading racks are not stowed on the outside of the cargo body, though they could be on the other side or stuffed inside the trucks. I do not believe the Battery Charging RLs were the type with an onboard Meadows generator; they probably had battery racks fitted either side of the cargo area and a charging control/distribution panel, with power for charging, I believe coming from the 10Kva gen set towed by that Morris MRA 1ton, though I know that 2RTR and an RS unit in 1957 (Tripoli) used a 6Kva generator towed by the RL battery Charging truck. Were 6Kva gen sets ever skid-mounted inside an RL Battery Charging truck? Can you see the Tripolitania District flash anywhere? No, nor can I. This is a view of the departure of the regiment from Homs, with the Nero sqn Echelon bound for Benghazi, Wavell Bks. How they got there will become evident, later. The vehicles have had a black 'patch' painted over the Barbary Dhow in preparation for the application of the off-white 'Pillars of Cyrene' Cyrenaica District flash. Photo by John Empson REME.
  21. Clive, what a super job you've made on that photo! Please, do tell how, and where that 'magic button' is so that I might better present my sand and fluff storm photos. :-)
  22. I'm still erring on the side of an RS flash, even if I've barked up the wrong tree! :-D Software, Sean? You're right, thanks for tip. I have Photoshop Elements and have wasted so much time with the tedious 'touch up small/large flaws' tool, 'sample this area first" then blob onto the speck and inadvertently, remove someone's head to see it reappear top left in the sky area! :laugh: Isn't there a 'magic button' that in a flash will eliminate fluff, dust and sandstorms? I do like the authenticity of the original though I know it would not do for publishing!!!!
  23. It is ..... perplexing! It will not be an HQ Egypt flash .... surely not, as that Command dissolved 1956 and our photo is between Aug 1959 and Oct 1961, Tripolitania District.
  24. Let's look at that very same Austin K9 FFW in this photo from John Empson REME of a line-up of 2RTR's L.A.D REME, Nero sqn (not one of the regiment's sabre sqns L.A.Ds). What are the differences with that K9 compared to the previous photo of it? My father is to the right on this photo, ooeee, fancy that! That'll be his Ferret, more than likely though I have another photo where he is in a turreted one. This photo features a sand and fluff storm going on in the camera. I wonder how clever I need to be to eliminate this phenomena and the time it would take to do satisfactorily? Oh, Sean et al, I think there is a problem with some of the photos not expanding, regardless of being logged in or not. Some are expandable, some are not. Hmmm, what's going on as I upload in the same way each time (I think I do, as there is only one way, isn't there?).
  25. The photos expand on 'click' if I'm logged in and the L.A.D vehicles 'blow up' magnificently! Is it me or you? :-) No idea about the square thing on the cab roof front though to the rear of it, perhaps sticking up on a mini-mast or on a small base plate welded to the cab rear, seems to be one of those black rubber antenna base units. No idea of disparity with dates into service though there are many Homs shots of that RL Binner in my collection and, indeed, of the Halftrack. Tripolitania was 'awash' with RL Binners in the 50s and up to 1966. All regiments had three or four of them, if not more, and 595 Ord Fd Pk RAOC as part of 25 Armd Bde had scores of them as my photos show (yet to be seen here), multiplied when 10 Armd Div formed in Libya for Suez. There would have been many of those returned to RAOC Vehicle Parks/Depots post 1957 in 'the new order' of 'things' (not in Tripolitania parks/depots but probably Malta). Bridge Plate classification may not have mattered much in those parts of Libya in them days? Two flashes are fine in being historically correct if you have the reference. There were other radio vehicles in 2RTR though what we have to account for is that regiments, most definitely armoured ones, had a Royal Signals troop attached who were responsible for regimental radio/signals traffic/regime. Maybe it was so throughout the British Army worldwide though I suspect it was more of a 'desert thing' due to long distance communication requirements in climatically hostile environments. Rules were made up as they went along in Libya in them days and, nobody stuck to them, so it seems just by looking at markings, naming conventions etc.
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