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  1. we have all seen the cyclist, cycling along and then suddenly turning and cycling across the pedestrian crossing,one hand phone in the other, i always wonder if there was an incident would they be a cyclist or a pedestrian. when i was a kid we were taught look left look right look left again walk do not run. how things have changed now we have to go everywhere at 20mph being overtaken by cyclists on the pavement.when QLs and GMCs have to have side and underrun bars i'm turning off the light an going home

  2. i used to sell army surplus at shows anything from cambridge midsummer fair to fairford air tattoo i noticed a lot of vehicles taxed showmans there was an arctic that opened up into a shop selling country clothing next to me one day and the owner told me the idea was his vehicle did not move all week went to a show most weekends sat there all w/end and went home again a sort of very limited mileage i went to the auctions and bought an ex gas board dodge 7.5 you know the one cab like an rb44 same engine went in to chelmsford tax office and filled out the form and taxed it showmans all they wanted was the money its just a taxation class kept it a few years and sold it to a pop group and what our friend wants to do with the mj is more showman than selling wax jackets

  3. its funny you say that nothing to do with military but a friend of mine a lady antiques dealer had been going to antiques fairs for years with her sprinter and caravan recently got a tug, because the caravan was attached to a van load of antiques it was also classed as business, train weight well over 3.5 tonnes no tacho ,no operators license overweight :shocked: with your activities have you thought of going the showmans route taxed showmans or showmans restricted

  4. renewal time again fed up with the " specialist military vehicle ":( insurer i was with after reading comments on this forum i rang cherished. how refreshing the guy on the phone actually knew what a weasel was, he could spell studebaker he knew a hotchkiss from a gpw and none of that "how many doors rubbish"and i saved £130 on the quote from the SPECIALIST MILITARY VEHICLE insurer 10/10 cherished:-D

  5. hello kyle yes the weasel is for sale i went to buy a dodge wc54 she bought the weasel as i said and then we bid on the dodge we went up to £8200 and let it go a phone bidder bought it for £8400 it was not the best the moulding along the side was a bit of wood and the rear wings were rubber but anyway we bought the weasel still pleased not going home empty handed , but a situation arose and somebody was not very happy:-D the weasel is a beaut very original usual norweigan lights etc 3200 miles hand held spotlight radio equipment new canvas good tracks but whats it worth ,i honestly dont know, charlie

  6. when i had my gt200 the place to go was drummond st for a genuine us parka there was some excellent little surplus shops then a bigger shop opened on the corner with hampstead road handy for me i worked for w e humpherys serving up spares for vincents HRD remember them:shocked:

  7. Welcome in. Where did the WC54 go?

    Hello Tony,thanks for the welcome,I had 2 WC54s bought them separately a few years apart from Army Cars,(Marshall museum)Holland,great guys,easy to trade with and had great stock,the second 54 I bought was a good deal,but I had trouble getting my bank in England to transfer the funds,after much time spent on the phone at Army cars the chap there said"Charlie take the motor and bring the money back another time,"the guy never knew me that well,and also paid for the transport to the Hook.I returned a week later with Euros to pay this guy back. The first 54 went to North London,the second one ended up in Norfolk or Suffolk,cant remember.But its nice to be nice Charlie;)

  8. Hi im a new old boy;) from Harwich a place called Ramsey.Always been interested in things military,especially with wheels on,it probably started off with dinky toys.Dad always liked the Heinz 57 S type Bedford,but I always wanted the green ones,had a lot of military vehicles,from jeeps to mk 3 militant recovery WC54s a GMC from somewhere is Suffolk Bedfield i think,have ended up with Hotchkiss M201 script ford GPW and according to the data plate a M29 C weasel,Thanks for looking or should that be reading,Charlie

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