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  1. i bought a hotchkiss/willys there 20years ago the owner was english he told me the story cannot remember it all but his dad met a french girl something like that, nice fella owned a nice hotel in nearby village wissant? when i was there, there was a big rail mounted gun on tracks behind the museum, is it still there, must make a point go have a look

  2. finally got a wc54! i bought 2 wc54s years ago from army cars good prices and great people to deal with but the wife at the time did not like green vehices she was worried what the neighbors would think i am sure there was one in the de groot collection but i am pleased there was not one in the auction what price would it have made:wow:

  3. Please excuse my ignorance of such auctions, but is it not true that the VAT is only charged on the auctioneers premium and not the hammer price? So the total extra to pay over and above the hammer price works out at much less than 40%?

    axis vehicles have wartime stuff from the film fury plus vat who wants to pay 20% extra on a 1940s dodge:undecided:

  4. just sold a civilian series one 88inch had a fairey capstan winch neat bit of kit mounted across the front chassis and engaged into a replacement crankshaft nut i have seen these on series 2s not cheap now i saw one for a grand but all the spares are available could be dangerous! really its what you want it for. just out of interest this one had COASTGUARD cast into the top of the capstan:undecided:

  5. This is where the tank is according to the map on the linked article:





    i did not recognize the earlier shots but yes thats more like it. its had a lick of paint and i understand they have restored the cathedral thinking about it, it must have been 15 years ago the building really was holed like a swiss cheese it should have been left like it it was quite a dramatic memorial

  6. a few years ago i was walking with the wife in marseille she wanted to see the cathedral we came around a corner and sitting on a mini roundabout was a really nice sherman if i remember it was only a 100yds or so from the cathedral which itself had obviously seen some action by the amount of holes in the architecture wonder if the sherman is still there might go have a look

  7. we have all seen the cyclist, cycling along and then suddenly turning and cycling across the pedestrian crossing,one hand phone in the other, i always wonder if there was an incident would they be a cyclist or a pedestrian. when i was a kid we were taught look left look right look left again walk do not run. how things have changed now we have to go everywhere at 20mph being overtaken by cyclists on the pavement.when QLs and GMCs have to have side and underrun bars i'm turning off the light an going home

  8. i used to sell army surplus at shows anything from cambridge midsummer fair to fairford air tattoo i noticed a lot of vehicles taxed showmans there was an arctic that opened up into a shop selling country clothing next to me one day and the owner told me the idea was his vehicle did not move all week went to a show most weekends sat there all w/end and went home again a sort of very limited mileage i went to the auctions and bought an ex gas board dodge 7.5 you know the one cab like an rb44 same engine went in to chelmsford tax office and filled out the form and taxed it showmans all they wanted was the money its just a taxation class kept it a few years and sold it to a pop group and what our friend wants to do with the mj is more showman than selling wax jackets

  9. its funny you say that nothing to do with military but a friend of mine a lady antiques dealer had been going to antiques fairs for years with her sprinter and caravan recently got a tug, because the caravan was attached to a van load of antiques it was also classed as business, train weight well over 3.5 tonnes no tacho ,no operators license overweight :shocked: with your activities have you thought of going the showmans route taxed showmans or showmans restricted

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