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  1. here we go again whats a screenshot is that what models do for a portfolio i googled it and it said something about data on the screen and i have also never heard of the condense button or expanded. once again people of a slightly younger era assume everybody is computer literate bit like i cannot walk around talking to a phone in my ear

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  2. 6 minutes ago, GeePig said:

    A 'default' is the standard setting for something. So... when it says 'the default list order' it means that this is the standard setting for  how the posts are listed: it shows the newer posts first.

    It is unfortunate that words often have more than one meaning.


    14 minutes ago, GeePig said:

    So what exactly is confusing? What parts are difficult to read? The team is working hard to make the forum work in its new format, and they seem to respond well to specific comments.

    as i said some of us old folk 68years are not that computer literate a lot of words have been hijacked and now have different meanings all my school years i was taught in imperial measurement they threw me out and changed to metric measurement but i know how many pennies are in a pound and dont cross my sevens and the middle is the center

  3. On 15/10/2017 at 9:00 PM, david1212 said:

    The best I can see is this:

    Click the big HMVF main logo graphic top left

    At the top right of the white background below the search box, you should see Unread Content

    Click this and the topics with content you have not read will be listed.

    The default list order is newest first but you can change that to oldest first. The right hand item of the boxes just above the first item is Sorting. Change this to oldest first. Initially for me nothing happened until I pressed key F5 (top row of keyboard) to reload / refresh the page.

    At the bottom of the list is Load More Activity

    Eventually you will have the last updated topic at the bottom of the page.

    The other boxes in the row above the first listed topic have selection / filtering options I have not investigated.


    For each topic you can go to the first entry you have not read by clicking the small green dot between the larger coloured circle containing either a letter ( default) or the profile image if the thread starter has uploaded one to their profile and the title of the topic.

    This function is not obvious at all. I discovered it by accident when randomly the mouse pointer was hovering over the dot.


    This is just what I have found. Maybe someone else will detail other options that will help both of us.

    why does everybody who is computer literate presume everybody else is computer literate i have read this load of gobbledegook four times and am none the wiser and whats a default i thought a default was some kind of penalty

  4. i really can not see what the secret is even a rough guide would be helpful i do not want to ring people up whilst they are having dinner just to get a price. also when i advertise vehicles i would not consider leaving out the price i have nothing to hide and at least give people a guideline to what i would like to achieve there is a diamond t on milweb now i quite fancy but guess what ?

  5. Couldn't agree more NOS in today's digital world some forget that you can actually talk to someone and isn't part of the fun striking the deal :dancing:?.... with the proviso that you are not just one of those strange breed wasting the sellers time by having no intention of buying at any price..... if his price is way off the market rate he will have to put up with the wasted contacts.

    So don't be shy step up and have a wack at the coconut or "none for the dumb" as me old Mum used to say.


  6. dodge 3/4 ton gearbox bought many years ago for spare but never used nice condition turns smoothly and engages gears nicely no guarantees sold as seen £450 harwich essex 07869 120129 GEARBOX SOLD THANK YOU

  7. the wife tells me AFS bedford RL just came up on facebook running driving £1500 dagenham essex i know its not military but ! look for roy knapp on facebook 07399 600354 i just aint got the room be quick

  8. i bow to your technical knowledge but i bought a jimmy from somebody that times up multibanks ( 5 dodges) drove it for 15 miles untill it gave up got recovery home next day was baffled untill i saw the frost on the base of the carburettor i had seen it before the firing order was wrong swapped two leads and it purred it was timed as a bedford not a gmc also i went to kent to buy a command car the vendor took me for a road test which was good but it ran like a dog when we returned i raised the bonnet and swapped two leads then he mentioned the two traders that were there the day before

  9. i bought a command car earlier in the year but have not had much chance to look at it. it has a big radio in the back and the ceramic on the aerial base is like a flying saucer the plate on the firewall shows 19 not 29 and it has a winch can a wc58 have a winch and a 19 body number or is it just a wc57 reconnaissance with a radio. also at some stage something substantial had been mounted on the top of front passenger wing with 8 bolts just intrigued

  10. i know he has done some military stuff before and i have used him twice now. people are always asking for transport this guy is well worth a ring i think he is manchester based but gets all over the country ADAM KLUJ transport services 07966873354

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