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  1. the wife tells me AFS bedford RL just came up on facebook running driving £1500 dagenham essex i know its not military but ! look for roy knapp on facebook 07399 600354 i just aint got the room be quick
  2. if i started from square one i would check the basics the heads been off whats the firing order never mind dwell and degrees try pulling a few leads while its ticking over see if it improves think middle of desert with no tools
  3. i bow to your technical knowledge but i bought a jimmy from somebody that times up multibanks ( 5 dodges) drove it for 15 miles untill it gave up got recovery home next day was baffled untill i saw the frost on the base of the carburettor i had seen it before the firing order was wrong swapped two leads and it purred it was timed as a bedford not a gmc also i went to kent to buy a command car the vendor took me for a road test which was good but it ran like a dog when we returned i raised the bonnet and swapped two leads then he mentioned the two traders that were there the day before
  4. hello iain yes nice guy told me he took his H licence in a mates 432 so he could legally load tracked vehicles but the way to his heart is a bacon butty;)
  5. nobody has mentioned the firing order
  6. i bought a command car earlier in the year but have not had much chance to look at it. it has a big radio in the back and the ceramic on the aerial base is like a flying saucer the plate on the firewall shows 19 not 29 and it has a winch can a wc58 have a winch and a 19 body number or is it just a wc57 reconnaissance with a radio. also at some stage something substantial had been mounted on the top of front passenger wing with 8 bolts just intrigued
  7. i know he has done some military stuff before and i have used him twice now. people are always asking for transport this guy is well worth a ring i think he is manchester based but gets all over the country ADAM KLUJ transport services 07966873354
  8. we are not talking shermans here i like a WCs especially 54s but i am not going to bother ringing if no price
  9. i am a serious buyer i buy enough vehicles its just nice to have a clue what the vendor is looking for. you put a £1000 each on those gimmys when i bought one
  10. there seems to be a current trend of keeping prices secret why do people advertise vehicles without the price we have had the old POA now they just do not include the price often i have been interested but thought if they cannot put a price i cannot be bothered getting involved in a long conversation just to find out how much it is:-|
  11. tell us more of the thieves and unprofessional types in england
  12. brilliant a really good show if that format ie a dedicated military vehicle show can be brought to this end of essex even east anglia it will be a winner fed up with going to kent, fed up with the m25 , fed up with the whatever zone, situated nearer to harwich port, temple at war is trying but a proper show of that calibre in this area can only be great for the mv enthusiast :wow:
  13. 1983 british army unimog 406 the ultimate 4x4 great if you have to work and play real nice vehicle taxed free agricultural mot exempt low miles needs a little tidy on the button great drive £8000 ono might trade up down something military pm for more info or view on milweb
  14. over 50 years ago i would buy an american hot rod magazine the best articles of interest were the readers cars submitted, really interesting all different not always restorations but always interesting the finds, the recovery, the work involved and of course the end result loved w&t always went down to plaistow bought all the ones i missed straight to the back page before and after I,m rambling again:cry:
  15. link ? whats that its going on in 5 mins
  16. hello glad you got sorted why i asked the year is i have a 45 pressed steel pintle rare item will stick it on ebay out of interest why were the ones at malvern unsuitable?
  17. i was out buying one day at frarys in suffolk bought some really nice desert and artic camo nets one desert net was as big as a mini and full of sand many boxes of like chrome and red training rounds 9mm 7.62 etc and then i saw the pile of denison patterned sleeping bags never seen them before "how much are they" fivers ill take the lot about 20 i think went from there to littlebury to pick some stuff up from peter wing when peter saw them in the back of my van "how much are they"tenners ill take the lot , i only had them a hour but i did get a quick 100 quid;)
  18. in the early 1970s on the isle of sheppy i saw a dukw over a fence, had a look closer it was the back of a pub, got talking to to a guy who turned out to be the guvnor of the pub he had just bought it from hewitt marine and was going to ferry customers across the swale never went back dont know how he got on
  19. out of the blue after insuring it for a few years adrian flux told me my hotchkiss m201 was a write off all the heavy stuff we will need engineers report ,mot, yeah! yeah! strange it was wrote off whilst they were insuring it .of course they were right i had to do all the footwork hpi were very helpful turns out it was a burnt out COMBINE HARVESTER with the same vin number>
  20. so if you have got a grey fergie you have to tax it plg to take it to a show and buy a paper on the way:nut:
  21. should make nigel hays price guide interesting in next months cmv what did the command car make they doubled in price after the de groot army cars auction but only for a month;)
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