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  1. 20 minutes ago, Surveyor said:

    I received the ATU and they were painted then so I hope to continue the practice, but thanks for the pointers regarding trying to get them roughened before painting, think my local garage may have some of the battery acid, will give them a shout latter

    I  know an antique dealer who uses a fresh cow pat stirs it in a bucket with a drop of water swears by it for rapidly ageing metal

  2. I Remember seeing sherpas with what the yanks call stakeback bodies at an open day at a Wethersfield they had german shepherds in the back and it must have been about 1987/88.At the time i had a taxi at Witham in Essex and often picked up US military from Witham station i remember one day a guy was drinking from one of those wine sacks around his neck no problem always well behaved

  3. Interesting i know nothing but speaks for itself really, great information, served with provost company royal military police in Germany left for England via Antwerp probably stored in Thetford Norfolk  before being sold at Ruddington somebody will come in and interpret it better for you

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  4. I have a 1936 manufacture air raid siren not to be confused with the post war ones this came from a suffolk airfield control tower demolished in the early 1970s it is in great condition but is untested being 415 volts i will get it tested but at the moment it is untested it has been dry stored since 1972 this is the big one i have only found two others recorded one was at Hillingdon house and the other is in a museum in Filton in bristol  as said this is the big one it has a double rotor at both ends it weighs in at 13.5 stone in old money about 85 kilos so no lightweight £1200

  5. Well we are at it i have a really nice champ project for sale it starts runs drove on the trailer when i picked it up has very minimal rust in the usual places and i say this in all honestly a genuine BARN FIND its a picture still full of hay the only downside is the rear body has been cut out like a CJ jeep but no rust and an easy repair nice reg no paperwork and  as said a nice project with minimal work and could be running around this summer £3500

  6. Hello 2691H Mick yes the system seems to be deliberately trying to be awkward its no skin off there nose and to destroy files of this nature seems a backward  or evasive move and with all this so called freedom of information act does this mean we have destroyed all records so you cannot see what was on them

  7. Now that is really interesting 79x100 now we are getting somewhere the champ did indeed come from suffolk and what you have said makes sense, the point i am getting to and intrigues me is why they destroyed the records as said i am not trying to ring up a coil sprung 300tdi series one  i would pay for an examination of the vehicle they must have known  these situations would have arisen and at the end of the day all i want is a v5  there was a system where as if you bought a vehicle without a log book they would approach the previous owner and say somebody is trying to get a logbook for your vehicle perhaps a bit to simple

  8. I think you are missing my point i have no interest in the value of the number its just that they were quick enough to take it back and now have no knowledge of it surely in 2020 a search would come back with example-  number retained from morris 1000 unsorned in 1976 for sale 6/6d anyway i am not trying to ring up a landrover i just want a logbook/v5 without jumping through hoops    

  9. I have just pulled out a genuine barn find Austin Champ out of a barn, that was registered at one time bearing YCF 79 but no paperwork at all, now the number plates are obviously very old, my point is the DVLA have no knowledge of the number but will say you cannot retain it it seems to me some years ago the DVLA nicked all these numbers and now deny any knowledge of them, it seems they nicked them back and then destroyed the files.

  10. That has been added at a later date, there was no price on it when i looked, you only have to ring nigel hay and say stick a price on nigel.  21k for a KD  i better buy some more dodges,and you need to get that 54 home better than money in the bank 

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