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  1. oats and barley

    Panhard V6

    and of course the other piece of junk the DE LOREAN
  2. oats and barley

    Panhard V6

    google V6 PRV engine it was fitted to volvos, peugeots and renaults it was very problematic
  3. oats and barley

    Radar truck.

    the MK7 did not get delivered until 1952 with a fibreglass dish
  4. oats and barley

    Radar truck.

    google peter crichton auctioneers castle camps auction
  5. oats and barley

    Radar truck.

    like most of the stuff in that auction £80 a ton the hippo is nice though
  6. oats and barley

    Spotted today....

    4.30 this afternoon 3 jeeps, Bedford MW and a really nice K2 ambulance A120 ramsey harwich bound and they were not hanging about
  7. oats and barley

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    i want the one going through hereford town center mid afternoon 24/10/14, blues and twos, soldier one up, in town for the cameron auction cannot believe that was 4 years ago
  8. oats and barley

    offroading no comment

    Essex fire brigades pinzgauer 6x6 yes i know its not military ended up on its side last night outside the crown pub in stoke by nayland suffolk on its way to a field fire from its base at manningtree essex i know theres a few about some converted to campers the old COG has its way in the end
  9. oats and barley

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    the dodge on milweb is mine nice vehicle thought of ringing the wings over they are much better than the ones on our command car, had lots of interest nobody has actually viewed it yet, but with the usual storage problems something has to go we have a hotchkiss advertised as well ,one has to go i would like to keep the dodge but the hotchkiss slipped out of top a few hours before the first viewing so it looks like it might be staying a while
  10. oats and barley

    Spotted today....

    chilling out after barby glass of wine and then the roar behind me a spitfire very low maybe 10 mins ago took me that long around this website and still in the wrong place never mind great sound ramsey essex
  11. oats and barley

    Spotted today....

    change wind to chardonnay
  12. oats and barley

    Spotted today....

    10 mins ago sitting on patio with glass of wind the wife says look at that little red tank could not see through the trees that well but "the little red tank " looked like a sherman in red oxide on an arctic on the A120 heading into harwich
  13. oats and barley

    Wanted dodge weapons carrier or ambulance

  14. oats and barley

    NOVA required ?

    only if you imported it
  15. oats and barley

    WC51 parts required

    chris i am completely lost and computer illiterate and whats a tag and what do you do with it i dont even know if this is in the right place any help is of course appreciated