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  1. And wow did it reflect on the prices i sold my one when everybody thought it would not happen
  2. Any one seen that railway wagon on the Ramco auction 13 ton only making £130 has a military look about it would look good on a couple of rails in my back garden
  3. That has been added at a later date, there was no price on it when i looked, you only have to ring nigel hay and say stick a price on nigel. 21k for a KD i better buy some more dodges,and you need to get that 54 home better than money in the bank
  4. whats facebook back to the RB give Dave Crouch a ring
  5. nice kd64 knock down ambulance on milweb shame about the price " it aint got one"
  6. This seems to be a common problem, people are even doing temporary conversions using land rover engines with an austin sheerline clutch, i cant think who it is at the moment but i think it was such a good conversion he made some for friends
  7. It did not sell it has a buy it now at the lower estimate of £22,000. about march 2016 anglia car auctions had a really nice GPW a british one, brass REME rebuild data plates fantastic unrestored original condition ,it had failed to meet its £9000 reserve at the january sale so off we went in march, nice hotel viewed friday afternoon, back sat morning, lucky it was a low lot number i went up to £17,600 the auctioneer said go on another £200 i gave up, the next bid bought it plus the fees,I will say they seem a nice bunch at ACA
  8. Give us a clue if we knew where it was, we might know what was parked there,interesting how the plates are different sizes not designed for all being taken up at the same time, looks like a jacking system
  9. The only thing with dyeing is everything gets dyed, that is why what would be the black areas loses its definition the one in the picture was probably a desert one so black should mean the darker brown
  10. It used to be common place to dye these in different colours, in batches for the fashion trade, many were sold at camden lock market in London, Peter wing sent hundreds to the dyers any badges were sewn on after by his many machinists
  11. The educated gentleman talking to Piers Morgan condones it and reckons they were all war criminals THIS COUNTRY IS FINISHED
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