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  1. New Format

    here we go again whats a screenshot is that what models do for a portfolio i googled it and it said something about data on the screen and i have also never heard of the condense button or expanded. once again people of a slightly younger era assume everybody is computer literate bit like i cannot walk around talking to a phone in my ear
  2. New Format

    as i said some of us old folk 68years are not that computer literate a lot of words have been hijacked and now have different meanings all my school years i was taught in imperial measurement they threw me out and changed to metric measurement but i know how many pennies are in a pound and dont cross my sevens and the middle is the center
  3. New Format

    why does everybody who is computer literate presume everybody else is computer literate i have read this load of gobbledegook four times and am none the wiser and whats a default i thought a default was some kind of penalty
  4. Where are all the forums?

    i keep clicking an the logo nothing happens
  5. Where are all the forums?

    your not the only one wheres the instructions come back all is forgiven
  6. no price

    this started with shermans and high value vehicles fair enough but a ben hur give me a break! it has turned into a fashion trend :yawn:
  7. no price

    i really can not see what the secret is even a rough guide would be helpful i do not want to ring people up whilst they are having dinner just to get a price. also when i advertise vehicles i would not consider leaving out the price i have nothing to hide and at least give people a guideline to what i would like to achieve there is a diamond t on milweb now i quite fancy but guess what ?
  8. no price

  9. 1944 willys jeep restored

    how much
  10. no price

    looking at a ben hur on milweb but no price this seems to be a trend i really can not work this out whats the the secret one of the main bits of information is missing
  11. dodge wc 3/4 ton gearbox

    dodge 3/4 ton gearbox bought many years ago for spare but never used nice condition turns smoothly and engages gears nicely no guarantees sold as seen £450 harwich essex 07869 120129 GEARBOX SOLD THANK YOU
  12. Transportation

    this guys good and cheap and i know he collects regularly in norfolk and gets all over the country but he is only 3.5 ton i think? Neil QS Logistics 07821 089599
  13. no price

    plus 20% vat no price just 20% of what? :yawn:
  14. no price

    anyone know how much that explorer is on milweb the one with no price :-X
  15. you are 40 miles from from halesworth but next time give MRA transport a chance google their website richard is a real nice guy and its always best if an outgoing or return load is near home