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  1. im looking for 2 hubcaps for a C type bomb trolley,the outside thread diameter is 78mm,anything close to one in pic would be OK or I can alter to suit.
  2. I'm wanting them to be wartime but I've seen plenty of "classic" style ones with same button fastening & waist tie that are mechanics overalls but are white,which isn't an issue as I can get them dyed blue or altered,I had some blue YTS ones in the 80s which thinking back would have done the job now
  3. Wanted a pair of overalls,pref with button type fastening same as RAF ground crew,mechanics would have worn,no probs if different colour as can change size around 44"
  4. See my ad in trailers section pls
  5. RAF 900gall fuel bowser for sale,the owner wants it to go for restoration,it has no pump or engine & is mounted on the leaf spring eagle trailer,It is located near York,he is asking scrap value price.,I will be able to obtain pictures of it this coming weekend or I can send you his contact number.
  6. Yes,its only like doing an airfix kit but u need a loader!
  7. Just got my other C type back from sandblasting,looks better already,wants lots more primer putting on when weather allows,just needs 2 pneumatic tyres,paint n reassembly....
  8. Yes I've 2 bowser listers A type engines, jus another pump in short of
  9. Yes it's in the picture....but I need another for a 450 gall that's missing
  10. Fuel pump from the cabinet of a 900gall RAF tanker
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