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  1. indeed it is, good catch on that one. We also have another Facebook page titled ferret REME depot.
  2. Roger that. Thanks for your quick response. James
  3. Hello from Texas. Can you advise where the oil can would be stored in the engine bay of a Ferret? Thanks, James
  4. I own a MK 2/3 01 DD 06 and reside here in beautiful Granbury Texas near Fort Worth. Give me a shout if I can help you in any way. I have owned mine since 2002. Cheers, James
  5. i took a 6 inch long 3/8 inch ratchet extension and ground down one end smooth. I then heated the extension with a torch and bent it 90 degrees. I did all of this before realizing that one could purchase a "key" that would do the task. I will try to post a picture tomorrow. Cheers, James
  6. Wanted to subscribe to this thread as I am rebuilding my hubs and had questions about the o rings as I did not see one when disassembling the first hub, now I know why. thank you, james
  7. Hello there, my name is James and I am the proud owner of 01 DD 06 which is a MK 2/3 Ferret scout car. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas in the U.S. I have owned my Ferret since 2002 but began deploying with the Army in 2006. I was blessed and had several friends who looked after her in my absence. I am now retired and we have a group of five Ferrets and two Saladins here locally so we can help each other with maintenance and the occasional outing. Please give me a shout if I can help in any way with anything. My email is svtpuke@gmail.com. Cheers, James (Puketoo) 01 DD 06
  8. Those of us who are blessed and live in Texas always consider our really big state a country in its own right😉
  9. Hello to all. I am the proud owner of a MK 2/3 Ferret, 01 DD 06. I live in a smallish town called Granbury about 30 miles West of Fort Worth, Texas. I have had my Ferret since 2003, it was purchased from Karl at Lionheart Vehicles and I have been adding bits and pieces nonstop since then. i retired from the Army last year and look forward to spending more quality time enjoying this hobby. Cheers, James Newport
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