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  1. Not much left. Ive reduced the price of the Luger as low as I'm Prepared to go.
  2. I'm down to 14 bags left now. Anyone interested. Let me know also listed on eBay.
  3. Ive got several hoops . Put mine up but fastened to containers to create an engine shed for the steam roller. How may are you needing? Mine are in Burely in Warfedale West Yorkshire. If your interetsed please PM me.
  4. Item number 202591883220 admiralty pattern signal light.
  5. Item number 202589220433 is the listing for my Centurion BARV parts book and user manuals specific to the BARV and 2 CD ROMS from the tank museum which between them covers all the gun tanks and the BARV covers the bits different on the BARV. I spent over £120on the manuals but would like them to go to a BARV owner.
  6. £20 plus postage or collect from Sheffield. Going to give you guys first option before I post on eBay
  7. £425 This has 4 storm lashings with it as well as several spare T piece and angled connectors included with it. The pole bag and poles are included but don't have a photo think I have a spare pole bag as well. I've reduced it to £425 but that is as low as I can go as it is being sold by my local cadet unit and all funds for this to them. The crew and CVRT tents are mine and are separate to the cadet listed item
  8. Price reduced to £110 plus postage or collect from Sheffield.
  9. None are the sacking type they are all as above. The ones available are listed .
  10. I have 2 other cam nets one is the same as those above but much longer being approx 35 x10 foot the smaller is 9x9 feet . Both plus postage. I can do the whole lot including postage to mainland GB for
  11. Still available before I post on eBay.
  12. Gunners visual sight for Centurion. £20 including postage. 0740 15 191 17
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