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  1. agripper

    Camouflage netting

    None are the sacking type they are all as above. The ones available are listed .
  2. agripper

    Camouflage netting

    I have 2 other cam nets one is the same as those above but much longer being approx 35 x10 foot £65 the smaller is 9x9 feet £20. Both plus postage. I can do the whole lot including postage to mainland GB for £140.
  3. agripper

    12x12 tent

  4. agripper

    CvrT crew tent

  5. agripper

    2 man bivy tent

    Hope these help.
  6. agripper

    Action Man CVRT

    Still available before I post on eBay.
  7. Gunners visual sight for Centurion. £20 including postage. 0740 15 191 17
  8. agripper

    2 man bivy tent

    MOD 2 man bivy tent with sewn in fly sheet . This is the type you would find strapped to the back of a ferret or used by drivers of soft skin's if they where unlucky. £45 ono plus postage Sheffield 0740 15 19 117
  9. agripper

    12x12 tent

    MOD 12x12 tent with ground sheet and storm lashings also spare lashings and some spare spiders and t pieces. This has all the poles, bags, connectors and pegs. £475 ono plus postage Sheffield 0740 15 19 117
  10. agripper

    CvrT crew tent

    CVRT crew tent in and storage bag £125 ono plus postage. Sheffield 0740 15 19 117
  11. agripper

    Camouflage netting

    I've dropped the price for these to £30 & £20 respectively plus postage .
  12. Left hand side Indian 741b military scout petrol tank. Original in very good condition has had the tank cut out as would be found on a 640ss but an easy fix. £225ono Sheffield 0740 15 19 117
  13. I've got an original Alvis sales brochure for the Scorpion CVRT. Will offer on here first before list it on eBay. Open to offers, buyers pays postage.
  14. agripper

    Camouflage netting

    I have several camo nets I'm selling. Have a few more but need to measure them first. One is 16x12 feet approx the other 12x10 approx. Listed on eBay. They are £35 & £25 plus postage each or buyers can collect from Sheffield also have a load of 0.5m square repair sections or also helmet covers, I've a ton of these, £2 each. New but shop soiled. 0740 15 19 117
  15. agripper

    MOD Sand bags

    I've got 40 MOD issue sand bags minus the sand. You will have to fill them yourselves. Some have small holes most in very good condition. Got 40 in total. £20 for the lot buyers either collects in person or pays postage. 0740 15 19 117