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  1. agripper

    What sight is this?

    Thanks Terry. If anyone can make use of the Chieftain sight it's for sale £100 including postage.
  2. agripper

    Centurion BARV manuals

    £60 plus postage for the lot. All proceeds will be donated to the RBL.
  3. agripper

    Sold CVRT smoke dischargers.

  4. agripper

    Sold CVRT track

  5. agripper

    Sold CVRT periscopes

    All sold now.
  6. agripper

    Decativated weapons for sale

    Amended some.
  7. agripper

    DAIMLER ferret spot light.

    £50 plus postage
  8. agripper

    What sight is this?

    Thanks, I got that one was a Naval sight but what type of ship would have been a destroyer cruiser mine sweeper or what is the information was looking for. As for the other sight did not think the listing you have linked is correct as only belives though is that someone way of covering there back?
  9. agripper

    What sight is this?

    Can anyone tell me what these sights would have been used for and which vehicles ships?
  10. agripper

    parachute brooch

    My mother and her friend where both presented with one each after the parachutes they packed where used successfully by there crew
  11. agripper

    Sold CVRT periscopes

    Only a single drivers scope left now.
  12. agripper

    Sold CVRT track

    Has been sealed to preserve it. Hope these photos of the full 16 sections help.
  13. agripper

    Interstart cable and box

    Don't mind splitting them. I'll have a look into the postage cost and send you a PM mate.
  14. agripper

    Interstart cable and box

    Long interstart cable and box £100 or £40 for the box and £70 for the cable plus postage. Would prefer collection for the cable as it's heavy and would guess postage would be expensive. PM or call 0740 15 19 117.4014111 64529
  15. Field gun towing light. £25 Plus postage PM or call 0740 15 19 117