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  1. agripper

    CVRT periscopes

    Only a single drivers scope left now.
  2. agripper

    CVRT track

    Has been sealed to preserve it. Hope these photos of the full 16 sections help.
  3. agripper

    Interstart cable and box

    Don't mind splitting them. I'll have a look into the postage cost and send you a PM mate.
  4. agripper

    Interstart cable and box

    Long interstart cable and box £100 or £40 for the box and £70 for the cable plus postage. Would prefer collection for the cable as it's heavy and would guess postage would be expensive. PM or call 0740 15 19 117.4014111 64529
  5. Field gun towing light. £25 Plus postage PM or call 0740 15 19 117
  6. agripper

    DAIMLER ferret spot light.

    DAIMLER ferret spot light. PM or call 0740 15 19 117.
  7. agripper

    CVRT smoke dischargers.

    CVRT smoke dischargers with caps. PM if interested or call 0740 15 19 117
  8. If it's of any use to anyone make a donation to the forum and either collect or pay postage and they are yours for free. In very good condition no cuts. 😁
  9. agripper

    CVRT periscopes

    CVRT periscopes no 43 x4 and drivers scope x1. £150.PM if interested.
  10. agripper

    CVRT track

    CVRT tracks nearly new in very good condition.with some track tools and spare pins. Two ful tracks enough for left and right sides of vehicle. Buyer to collect. £2000. For it all. 0740 15 19 117.
  11. agripper

    Alvis Sabre CVR(T)

    Sold now . Thankfully won't have to deal with anymore nobbhead track kickers and time wasters At least the gentleman who has bought here not messed me about so hot a lot of extra with it.
  12. agripper

    WANTED: RAF Ventile, Royal Navy Ursala Suit, Etc.

    Used to have the 8th or 9th one down which used to be my father's when he was an engineer on Vulcan B1 and 2 at RAF Finingley. Was worn until fell apart . Always wanted to get a replacement and would love to get a replica if anyone knows what they are called and where could get one.
  13. agripper

    Land rover Lightweight parts and MOD lights

    Lenses £10 each postage £5 Regardless of number of lenses. Convoy lamp now sold. Lightweight wing and lights £50. 24v distributor £15. Lightweight spark plugs £5 each total of 8 new ones.
  14. agripper

    First registration..

    You will need to start the Tax pretty much within a few weeks of the applications , as it free don't worry to much about it but without the road tax they wont issue a reg r log book. If its been in GB historically then you should not need a nova only proof of age and if you have the old log book that really helps. I had had to register a number of classic bikes over the years and 2 being Indian's. They where both imported from the USA in the 1940 so no NOVA needed for them just the proof of age from the VMCC. and insurance and MOT. Now the MOT has been lifted for over 40 year old vehicles that's removes that problems. Its was a lot easier when you had local DVLA offices you could go to and talk to a human. Hope this helps.
  15. agripper

    Decativated weapons for sale

    Not anymore. Sorry.