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  1. Here is one of a humble Austin 8 Military Tourer in a desert, this is the only picture I have seen in Caunter. If anyone has a clearer photo please post it. I had no idea they were used in the desert, just don't seem tough enough. I wonder if anyone knows if the cooling system was modified in any way? Am I brave enough to repaint mine to match, ( with or without masking tape?) Regards ernestmontgomery (monty)
  2. Hi everyone, At last I have joined HMVF, been promising myself for the last couple of years. I have a Austin 8 AP Tourer 1939 ex WD of course, that I hope to finish for next summer. I will be asking questions about bits and pieces and explain some of the problems I have . I should say I have had plenty of help and advice from Richard F, so credit where its due. I live near Dover, Kent and I am a active volunteer at the Dover Transport Museum, a member of the Tilly Register, The Austin Eight Register and Austin Counties Car Club. Look forward to seeing lots of Tourer gossip! Regards Monty Dixon.
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