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    Annual well attended usually 100+ Military Vehicles Day at the Historic Home of Aviation & Motorsport, Brooklands Museum, Surrey, Sunday 17th November. https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day FREE entry for pre booked MV'S, booking in form below, ..to be in by Nov. 3rd https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/application/files/6815/7080/9035/MV_Day_2019_vehicles_invitation__entry_form.pdf
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    By now 76 years ago at midday A lot of men and women either by chance or design had become involved with the largest amphibious landing in history. Many had by now been killed Civilion non combatant and combatant, Airforce, Naval and Army personel, had by now had the full stop put in place for their time on earth. Many more would succumb by midnight, but this is the day history has recorded as the day. A day of destiny. A day when acts of heroism both seen and unseen would become the norm. A day of contrasts from colossal noise, energy and movement down to a wisper and sigh.
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    The overlord show military vehicles from ww1 to present day re-enactment and living history, we will have RAF section with a spitfire on display come and see a Valentine DD tank and Sherman,T34 and various artillery including a 1942 6pdr which will be firing along with 1942 Loyd carrier, There will be many trade stalls, evening entertainment with bar, food stool and live arena action visit WWW.overlordshow.co.uk for details. follow signs from the A3. This year we are supporting Combat stress for veterans with mental illness
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