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    Well, it works! We have had some fun and games this morning but eventually, it went and I have some film files to post once I have worked out how to do them.. Idles nicely but dies when I try to open the throttle so I will need some advice about Solex carbs. More later! Steve
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    My mate Brian built the engine up for me today, everything went well thank goodness. I Passed spanners, parts and mugs of tea 😎 Using the flywheel to turn the crank. Setting the torque wrench for the main caps. Using plasti gauge to check tolerances. Fitting pistons. Old sump used for protection while transporting then re fitting, all new core plugs fitted. Hopefully this should be back in the chassis tomorrow afternoon.
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    We haven't balanced the shaft. The rotation depends on how well I drilled the leather so there will be some variability in it. Hopefully, there won't be a problem but if there is, then I will have to get it done. No time left at this stage! Dad is still pressing on and has sent this report: Our old friend and great old lorry enthusiast, John Corah arrived to do the Sign Writing for us. Previously he completed similar work on our FWD and then on our Dennis and we have always been full of admiration of his wonderful skills. Steve had made life quicker and easier for him by completing all of the Art Work full size, before hand so that when he arrived, John could go directly into his procedure of covering Steve’s writing showing through to the back of Steve’s paper with a white chalk crayon so that when the paper was impressed against the position to be signed , all John had to do was to go over the drawing on the outside with a pen to leave a chalk impression on the surface to be sign written for the chalked shape to come off.. The following sequence of pictures will show what happened. Incidentally, John has written book entitled “The writing’s on the the Truck” which demonstrates his skills and procedures and contains dozens of photographs of old vehicles which will be enjoyed by any old lorry enthusiast. And then it was exactly the same procedure again for the remainder of the writing on the side of the lorry. And then the Number Plates and lastly, painting the Thornycroft Name Badge! Thanks John. Now it looks the part! Steve
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    Four blade would be right for that Pete, you shouldn't need a six blade unless the radiator is partially blocked. Be careful taking the 'chrome' trim off the radiator shell. It is fitted with a bunch of non-standard threads and coach bolt type fasteners. Difficult to get it off and on again. It will probably be mild steel painted but it did vary with the years.
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    Thanks Rick, to be honest I've learned a lot on this forum and the chaps, and chapesses, here have been absolutely brilliant and very generous with their time and knowledge! So I'm kinda standing on the shoulders of giants. I'm now working on the 75mm Breech Ring and Block, I've got most of the Breech ring figured out and some of the Breech Block. Sitting here trying to work out how the Breech ring looks from underneath where the innards are exposed at the bottom of the slot for the breech block. I think I might actually be able to work this out with a couple of paper cut outs, but we'll see. I could just as easily go mad counting the hairs on the palm of my hand!
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    In a search for a humber box for quite a while i found this one by pure luck in the north of Sweden 2 years ago. The oldest known Humber box number 65 build. Deposited paid will collect soon when the snow has gone. Lots of work to do to it but overall complete missing some details has not been running for some years.
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    Just a suggestion but if you want the to get the most orders the two sizes to go for are 900X16 and 1100X20.
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    BUMP. This thread not within my ownership, however during a idle moment today I remembered it , to me - the design and construction seems to be British, typical of built to order or just small batch..
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    Track return rollers shafts manufactured and bolted in place. Jon
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    Just a plus 1 for anyone else who finds themselves in the same sitation. Jacking one wheel up and letting it spin the the tension out will prevent a nasty bang. Then you can change back to 2wd.
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    Jack up both wheels on the same axle then rotate one wheel the other one should turn or you will hear some noise.
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    And would surely invalidate your warranty.
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    There were variations in the nuts for halftracks, IHC using a slightly different style to White etc. They were an all metal locking nut and have been reproduced in the US in the last year or so. Look on G503. Nylocks weren't in use at that time but fibrelocs were. Similar in design but using a fibre insert, better resistance to heat! Fibrelocs were used by the UK and US during the war.
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    There's always Mr. Bean's solution:
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    I have it written down somewhere, if i cant find it i'll have to look at the tin of the last lot I bought from RR Services Also restoring an IHC M5
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    I know it was a spelling mistake, but visions of troops digging in trees to winch on, hell we don't use any Kraut trees!
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    Once you open up the hubs, look for any bearing numbers on them.
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    Used as a Daf YA 126 trailer then, i learned that the Ben-Hur ww2 trailers got repurposed between 1954 and 1958 by Polynorm. Someone can fill in more.
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    Similar Dutch Army water bowser, dated 1980, on Ebay, has different drawbar, this type of trailer not really of much interest to collectors, compared to a cargo trailer its only use is carrying water https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Water-Bowser-Military-Trailer/273044621224?hash=item3f92ba47a8:g:djUAAOSwD39abaQe
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    There is, you can click the heart icon on the bottom right corner of the post. Back to the original post.. I don’t think we need to continue this thread anymore.
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    Sorry fadedsun, just spotted your post. No recent progress on the Saladin. I've been sadly distracted - one of the joys of MVs and life! The Saladin is on its 6 wheels and parked nose in to side of shed. Engine is off getting restored. Got a NOS Saracen hydraulic pump that has a single pulley and I need to change that to the double pulley for the Saladin, or change the whole pulley set up to the Saracen type (but that would waste the Saladin PTO). Think it's doable but haven't quite got around to it yet. Soon... SHMBO then decreed I "tidy up the shed, or else.." (whatever that means, ) so bought an old forklift and pallet racks and put the stuff that was annoying her up so high she'll never have to worry about it again. The floor looked good for a few weeks. Got sidetracked with a Ferret that became incontinent of water, oil and petrol. All sorted now (posted about that). Drove the Saracen to a Xmas party - nearly wiped out the missus on a steep hill and it boiled, which is the subject of yet another posting. Feeling confident that it will soon(ish) be back on the road. Along the way a HMMWV fell into my lap - well, you never know when it'll come in handy... At least it is driving nicely with no issues, although you do need to keep well to the left! Hmmm, what else.. found the tarp cover for an old landrover series one 80" (thought it was the cover for the barbecue for a year or so) and have just got that back after getting its beading re-stitched. And a new grand daughter couple of weeks ago - worth much more than anything else! Hoping I'll be back on the Saladin in the next month or two, so hopefully some more-interesting posts before too much longer. Cheers James
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    Must be pretty rare 6 stud split rim trailer wheel https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-military-split-rim-wheel-6-stud-airborne-jeep-champ-6-50-X-16-Goodyear-Tyre/232638175504?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
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    Hover your cursor over 'Activity' button in the header, then a row of options appears below, click on the one you need and bingo there it is.
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    Then finish in whatever colour is required. I didn't take a pic with the shiny new discs attached, should have done to show completion.