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    Take a look here: https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1727&context=tsaconf Dunlop. Neoprene rubber substitute. 'Camouflarge cloth' ....secret. Air Ministry Ballon Section built them, so did Shepperton Studios. Search Google widely and deeply and ye shall reap 'facts'. My interest is Force R, who whilst they were the masters of deception in WW2, were at some point brought back into play for the Cold War ...... certainly in Tripolitania in 1955 and as an overtly Royal Engineer unit were based in at least one regiment's base at one time (Homs, 3RHA) to utilise a new unusualy large purpose built aircraft-type hanger ....on the edge of the parade square to house what is anyone's guess as I can't track much in the archives remotely from the lands unfit for human habitation. I was alerted to Force R by a Veteran of 3RHA who was there and he told me that the unit was based in their camp and that personnel of Force R were not allowed to mix with the troops stationed in Homs as 'their work was secret'. They dressed in quasi-military uniforms and were 'scruffy'! What I have found out officially is that Force R were indeed in Libya to build dummy V Force bomber diversionary airfields in the desert .... as the real RAF Idris was a known diversionary real airfield for when the 'balloon went up'. The thinking is the large hanger was for constructing/inflating dummy aircraft ... the hanger, even I can remember as a child there in 1959-61 was huge and most certainly was big enough to house a blow-up Vulcan or two! Whether there ever were inflatable British jet aircraft at that time, or after I know not. The hanger was not used for anything after 1957 when 3RHA departed, seemingly 'empty' during 6 and 2RTR's time in situ though no other Veteran could tell me what the hanger was used for even if they could remember it being there. So if you know anything about dummy airfields, inflatable aircraft and Cold War deception in Libya, do please sing out.
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    I replied to a earlier thread on this subject and at that time could not add any thing to it other than what i knew at that time since then l have been put to gether a list of RAF MU's AAW's AVD BVD RVD and there locations several things have come to light concerning the numbers allocated to them one location can have two or three different numbers on the same site or in a area covered by one area command BURN near YORK and BARLOW near SELBY had the same 41 AVD were is this taking us well up to now with what i already knew i have found one hundred locations and B42 was located at WALLINGTON in the uk ps at the same time DIAMOND Ts were under going rebuilds at the same time
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    The EMER for the Gun tank say 810 BHP at 2800 RPM and 1580 FtLbs torque at 2000 RPM. It is interesting that a Meteor has quite a lot of grunt at idling. The Conqueror ARV will neutral steer with the engine idling. The REME museum's Cent ARV has rubber pads on track and so will generally require a touch of throttle to neutral on tarmac. The cylinder heads on the M120 and the Meteorite are very different from a IVB with its more direct Merlin ancestry. As for he exhaust ports, they are different but I have no idea if they are better or not. John
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    Sye wotherloik, but ee probly duz morn anyuvver geezer to bring in the punterz to see arr clobber an genrilly popyoolaroiz arr obbee . Dunnee? Gits moi vote evree toim. Innit. Muss go; jus seen a genyoowine Waffen SS toasting fork...........ow much?!! Eeemussbeavinalarf!
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    Ah, parts from Jean Duchamps' emporium for the restoration of ex-French Enfields !
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    You could try buying this book: http://www.bookworldws.co.uk/9011-tankograd-british-special-recce-p-3346.html others in the series are also good. Not sure why you need camo on your vehicle, with all those shiny bits etc?
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    Hi Guys i changed my email so i haven't received any notifications from this site (ill update my email) I'm still going slowly... ill try and be more active on here ill grab some progress pictures Monday and put them up I've been a little more active on the Jago Jeep Uk Owners Club on Facebook Looks Great Wheado!!
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    Has anyone any experience with the new MOT regs for post 1960 LGVs? The Milly is due taxing and on checking the V112G it is no longer relevant to any exemption on there, no surprise.. I checked on the latest MOT requirements and plating is a prerequisite also I could not see any reference to testing historic vehicles. I called DVLA and they mentioned the rolling 30 exemption for LGVs, on further questioning this was forgotten. In the end they had no idea what to do. What a load of ....... Anyone with any insight, I'm confused and fed up with the whole process. Beer required! Cheers Iain
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    One method that may be suitable:-
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    The correct colour is Sky Blue EMER WORKSHOPS Chapter 3. Paints in Service Use. Table 1 H1/8010-99-943-4730 Paint, Finishing, Heat Resisting, High Gloss, Sky Blue BSC 101, Brushing
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    Well done Tomo, always thought you were officer material.
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    Thanks for response, it's nice to know that I am not typing to myself and I am glad that my project it interests you. Jon
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    Belfast - Sydenham bypass (near the George Best City Airport)
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    Evening all, Simon, Thanks for the offer when I get to that point and depending on which route I choose to go down if I need any photogrammetry I may take you up on the offer. In my spare time I decided to get the tow hitch made, it's position has a bearing on the tie bar that runs along the rear of the chassis so it needed making sooner rather than later. Jon
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    Friend started restoring his K9 but his ‘engine’ box of nuts and bolts etc have gone missing. Looking for either the TREAD SIZE or spare BANJO BOLT (filter?) for the carburettor inlet. Green Machine has some for the Champ, same or not? Carb is the Zenith 42VB. Any help greatly appreciated
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    well done thanks for sharing your photos it helps to inspire all of us who are doing the same thing
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    If you want to fit a water filter inhibiter in the system RR C range of engines suffer from liner corrosion. Especially if standing a lot I used to keep antifreeze in all year round. It is stilll my favourate engine exhaust note.
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    So much progress since I last looked in. looking very good .
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    Hey Tomo, great to see the project is moving along. Shout if I can be of any further assistance. Shaun
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    Hope the squirrel did not hide any of the nuts 😟
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    Just to confirm, checked the Fox CES list and stock no. 5120-99-827-5311 comes up. Check this link, lo and behold the NSN is allocated to FV774783 , result! https://www.iso-parts.com/NSN/5120-99-827-5311
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    Wednesday begins engine work so today I busied myself fitting the two reproduction engine side panels I had made last year. The two larger ones were fabricated at a Southern California speed shop. Hard to get that work done around here . They match up really well with the two smaller originals. Also had two correct Kerosene headlamps. They are the same type as used on my Dodge truck. Began fitting the steering wheel but it will require patience to get it perfectly aligned and secured as it appears to be about 1/4 inch too long in its diameter. Cleaned up the right side of the engine . Glad to have the correct coupling for the magneto Close up of the data plates on the cowl shows that this truck was number 32 of about 500 built by the Kissell Car Company under license of the FWD company who could not produce enough to meet the demands of the U S Army. Note that on the bronze data plate the number matches the number stamped into the sheet metal below the plate. Just noticed that today. Cleaned up the oil pump so that it can be removed before dropping the oil pan.
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    Yes, thanks again for your help. I had asked many 'knowledgeable' people about the problem over the last two years to no avail. I posted the original question more as a last resort. I hope our paths cross one day. Jeff
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    If I remember rightly OC600 was used in Centurion gearboxes, so I guess Hutch 3674 is a young whippersnapper with experience of more modern vehicles. Great work on this old girl, so good luck with it. Steve.
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    Has anyone else seen this? https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/e10-petrol-consumer-protection-and-fuel-pump-labelling From the FBHVC: "Dear Enthusiast, The Department of Transport has issued a consultation document on the subject of introducing higher levels of ethanol in petrol. Many older vehicles are likely to suffer damage and possibly dangerous fuel leaks if the E10 grade of petrol is used without modification to their fuel systems. For the purposes of this consultation the Government is focussing on vehicles more than 25 years old. Whilst wishing to introduce the higher ethanol level E10 grade of fuel, the Government are guaranteeing a 'protection grade' of petrol at the E5 grade that is equivalent to the currently available 95 RON petrol. However this guarantee will only last until 2020 when further consultation will take place. It is likely that on the introduction of E10 at the 95 RON level, the currently available 'Super' grades with an octane level of 97 RON or higher, will cease to be available. The Federation has designed a survey on petrol useage in older vehicles which will provide valuable evidence in the consultation response. Please complete the survey and help the Federation preserve our right to use 'Yesterday's Vehicles on Tomorrow's Roads'. The survey can be accessed by clicking this link. Ethanol Survey. If you wish to read the consultation document it can be found by following this link Department for Transport consultation. Please encourage your friends and fellow enthusiasts to complete the survey, just forward this email and they will be able to follow the survey link. The survey will close on 31 August 2018 in order to collate the results for the Federation's response to the consultation. A copy of the response will be made available on the Federation's website. Thank you for supporting the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and helping to keep historic vehicles on the road. Paul Chasney Director - Research" The survey is here: https://paulc1.typeform.com/to/Bt7HKS Andy
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    These ground anchors were used quite a lot in Bridging operations with the RE, they are indeed WWII and immediate post-war. Interestingly enough Bassett-Lowke reproduced these in 1/6th scale as part of the Bailey Bridge training models that were made between 1944 - 1962
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    I’ve spoken to my mate who repairs and refurbs burners and stoves. hes asked me to pass on his info if needed Steve Darby grizzly.darbs@btinternet.com or message him on 07771521115 paul
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    Good day today .mounted the two front tires and installed inner wheel bearings. The bearings had been seized on the axles and required a lot of pressure to separate them. To reinstall them we spent several hours honing the inner aspect. Interesting is that 3 of the 4 wheels were Firestones the 4th was either Goodyear or Goodrich There was a "G" on the bolts and this one had straight bearings The Firestones had tapered bearings. The wheels them selves were slightly different as well the "G" wheel has the tire mounted slightly offset from center. The Firestones also have a slot that the rim slides into when mounting. Both are retained on the wheel by a wedge inside and out which itself is held fast by the outer rings. These are hold the wedges and when drawn in seat the wedges and center ,or in the case of the "G" wheel, slightly off center the mounting of the rim tire assembly
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    I have had a bout of the dreaded man flu and as I am unable to sit still for too long, I decided to rise from my death bed and start the canvas covers for the seat bases. I have an old back rest cover for the drivers seat, which I can use as a pattern to make a new one but does anyone have a picture of the passengers seat back rest. It's attached to the rear bulkhead by four turn buckles but that's all I know. I don't want to assemble too many parts to the front of the vehicle before I fit the engine and as we are now in week five of a four week production schedule for the engine and that's before I get it back for rebuilding, I decided to start the rear body. There's not much of the original body left and what is left is very rusty, so its start again. There are some sections that I can use, the front bulkhead but the lower section was rusted out and needed replacement. The strengtheners for the wheel arches that are in excellent condition. Front body corner sections that need repair And the wheel arches that are in fairly good condition. The new base, is based on a picture that I took at the Coberton collection, I assume that it is original, I think that I may have gone over the top a little but surprisingly, in its current state, its no heavier than the old body, but then as my wife pointed out rust doesn't weigh that much.
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    Also owned by T & K Weavers at some point.
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    always amazed me on the news footage, the guys are on one side saying there's a tunnel on this side, but quite clearly seen on the opposite side are several concrete vent shafts that obviously served underground areas of some sort. I know where I'd be digging.....
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    I have managed to do a bit today and have fitted the patch to the sump. It started out as a bit of 20swg copper from the drawer suitably annealed. Then a bit of tapping around using the bossing mallet and a panel beaters hammer, annealing between each go. I annealed it about twelve times altogether. I drilled and tapped the casting for 2BA. The casting is horrible in this area, full of porosity and only 1/8" thick. Then just screwed it down. I shall seal it with modern silicone instant gasket which I think is forgivable in this case but that will have to wait until I get down to Devon again. Wing mirrors next. It never had any but I have tried driving without and it is scary as hell! They will go on the cab frame under the wing nuts. Steve
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    I see Terry and Drew every couple of weeks or so so I can also assist..........
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    Just spoke to Terry and his daughter is back in the office so hopefully she'll find your email. If they don't get back to you, PM me with your email address and parts required. Ron
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    ~Greetings, Tankers!~ So Project38 has this auto-publish updates feature that I was using on our website, but apparently it hasn't been copying over to this website. Anywho, we're still chugging along, slowly and methodically. We've been doing a lot of research to please the rivet-counters out there and to keep the tank accurate. we have a guy going to see Bob Graebe about a transmission and final drive, so we'll soon have some photos of that as well as updated website and schedule. I'll come back periodically to say hi and give y'all a what's what, but for weekly updates follow us at Project38.net and our Facebook page. Thanks! -T.ankmann
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    We recently offered our services to Lancashire fire service to help with the fires on winter hill nearby us, they were quick to accept our offer ! the vehicle turned out to be ideal, accessing areas that were otherwise out of reach.
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    There is a lot of contention over this topic. I would suggest contacting the oil manufacturer and asking them whether it is suitable.
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    All that carnage just from a loose grub screw. I feel for you, mate. It might be easier to remove the ball end of that joint from the drag link, and leave the other end stuck in the drop arm. They are spring loaded and adjustable, slacken the adjustment right off and the ball slides out of the end. Alternatively, remove the drop arm from the steering box. It fits on a tapered spline, bit of gentle heat and four penny one with a big hammer should crack it off. That would give you less weight to lift getting the actual box off.
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    I went for a full week and had a great time again! While there are always things that can improve I just don't understand that attitude of trying to bash everything. If you don't like it, adapt next year or just don't go. It's really as simple as that... I went through the stalls every day and it was indeed a bit quiet except for the Saturday, but I guess that was largely due to the heat. Usually I went around 9am, then would go back to my tent around noon for some shade, a cool drink, a nap and maybe reading a book before heading out again around 3pm. After dinner I would usually walk or drive around the fields to admire all the vehicles on display. Can't comment about the toilets either as our group had booked our own (cost me a whopping £5 for the entire week) but the public ones seemed a bit scarce indeed. Also, I agree about the bins. There should have been more. There were a good number of water points though, which were essential in this weather. I will absolutely try to go again next year!
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    I'm not sure that I agree about the booking and paying and not what you bring. I was under the impression it was a military vehicle sort of show, not a white van show ??
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    I've never understood why people moan about the cost of getting to the show, no one is forced to attend, its your choice.
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    I don't think the vip toilets are anything but a good idea, you don't have to use them and i didn't but choice can only be a good thing surely.
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    Just back after 7 days at the show. Nothing to complain about, a lot of different vehicles appearing, plenty of armour from all eras. Met up with a lot of old friends from all over the world. We all enjoyed ourselves and it was a good laid back week. Weather excelled itself, just like the early years of the show, when it had a reputation of being hot and dry. Look forward to the next one.
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    From memory it's just a flat disc. T484 , but I think the revised part number is 57 0484. It slides behind this retaining plate. Ron
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    That depends... it could have spinner hubcaps 🤣
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    Taking advantage of the recent dry spell the Retriever was moved from the barn into the new workshop with the help of Trevor the tractor and my wife Anne Pete
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    Is that starting handle long enough ? David
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