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    Yes it sure has! and I think I can Now Confirm that we are all agreed that we like and dislike Guy Martin, Like and Dislike the replica Tank, think that machines and systems are safer in the old days before health and safety and are safer today, we need more and less people in engineering and are pro and anti Europe, want to get rid of people who use their money to push technology forward and also want to keep them. I'm Glad that's all now settled, better close this thread off before it gets out of hand!
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    My mate Brian built the engine up for me today, everything went well thank goodness. I Passed spanners, parts and mugs of tea 😎 Using the flywheel to turn the crank. Setting the torque wrench for the main caps. Using plasti gauge to check tolerances. Fitting pistons. Old sump used for protection while transporting then re fitting, all new core plugs fitted. Hopefully this should be back in the chassis tomorrow afternoon.
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    Well, we have had a productive day but, as usual, never quite as fast as we would like! Roy came over again with his big sash clamps and battery drill, both of which proved very useful. We started the day by screwing down the floor boards. This proved hard on the knees but with Roy's clamps to pull them all up, it all went well. When we reached the last plank, they were over-width by 3/16" so I ran a pencil along the last one and then planed it to fit. The challenge was in holding it but we pushed it up against the post of the garage and my big plane soon made short work of it. Mind you, this was helped by the quality of the timber which was beautiful. It is softwood but has a lovely straight grain and no knots. I don't know how Mark gets it. It certainly isn't from B & Q! A test fit and all was well. We removed the kerb rails so that Dad can paint them separately. Once that was done, we turned our attention to the water elbows. Dad drilled the bolt holes in the last one and it was fine, except that it fouled the radiator stay bar so I had to file a bit off the top. Eventually, all was well so all we need now is some hose and we can fit them permanently. That really will be a landmark event. It is back to reality tomorrow, getting ready for work, which is a great pity as I am just getting some momentum going. Oh well. Time to study the job list! Happy New Year everyone! Steve
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    I finally got around to watching the whole programme on catch-up or iplayer or whatever last night. I think it was phenomenal - regardless of some of the comments on here - because a fairly ordinary bloke uses his celebrity, and the power of TV, to recreate something huge from 100 years ago and get it running with a lot of, widely acknowledged, help. His enthusiasm is infectious and, as he didn't know much about the scale and detail of WWI or H licences, as he learned on screen, he will have enthused others about the subject, engineering, welding, tanks in museums and more. The late Fred Dibnah didn't have the monopoly on being 'a bloke with a regional accent who liked British engineering history' and, as he's dead, the next generation needs a new folk hero. Then, finally, driving the tank at Cambrai, in my opinion, was far more poignant than threading it up a high street. The world is changing and we need to embrace that, in order to see the history that interests us is remembered. I can't wait to see the tank itself somewhere next year. JC
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    Search BS381 241 and you will see a number of sites that sell the dark green paint. This site also gives the make up the paint:- http://www.e-paint.co.uk/
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    It's still a BS381 colour. Dark green.
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    Might be worth asking here http://www.classic-british-car-jacks.uk Nice bloke on Retro rides restores German made ones too
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    Just a plus 1 for anyone else who finds themselves in the same sitation. Jacking one wheel up and letting it spin the the tension out will prevent a nasty bang. Then you can change back to 2wd.
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    Jack up both wheels on the same axle then rotate one wheel the other one should turn or you will hear some noise.
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    And would surely invalidate your warranty.
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    I don't understand why this has not sold. Try advertising in America through Khaki Corps imports.
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    I heard my brother say once when I had the gas axe in my hand, Give him half an hour an we willl know if he is fixing it or scrapping it. I learnt the hard way to plan be there at least an hour after using it, Ideally be on site 4 hours after using a set of cutting gear fire watching, to make sure everything is O.K. I have found a smouldering rag nowhere near the work area Two hours later.
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    I've been trying PULSETECH XTREME chargers (well the MOD apparently use them), thinking it might be a solution to my dilemma of a shed full of OPTIMA batteries hanging around for months before being called upon to earn their keep. I know Antar on here has had very good results with them on Hawker batteries. I also know some of my batteries are sulphated - but unless badly sulphated they should still take a reasonable charge even if they don't last as long. I've had some batteries on charge for over 3 months continuous and the red lights flickr about and indicate 'duff battery'. When tried they are dead. So it is a bit annoying to then put the same batteries onto a more modest OPTIMATE 4, only to have most of them charge up to decent cranking power. Some of them do not last as long as a tip top battery might, but quite adequate none the less. I've then put the same battery back onto the PULSETECH only to find it won't charge - straight back to the annoying row of flashing red lights. To my mind the PULSETECH would display more intelligence if it had an indicator on it which said "Well mate, your battery is f*&@%d, but I've put as much in as it will take so at least you're out of trouble, but don't blame me if it fails somewhere down the road". Just to sit there smugly flashing your tiny red LEDs saying "Look - I'm not going to charge any old sh&t batteries OK? Don't bother me until you've bought a new battery" displays a degree of arrogance and an attitude which quite frankly is not helpful in the slightest. I feel so much better having offloaded that - I think I'll cancel today's appointment with my Analyst.
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    Sent you a message with contact details of a chap who will be able to help you Andrew
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    DFC1943Fl.Lt, I couldn't agree more. I think some of these sellers have been riding the classic car wave. The evidence is that the investors looking for a quick buck have disappeared, and the price of classic cars have come down. This is great news for the enthusiast who need to take a long term view. Let's hope that we start to see WW2 Willys/Ford project jeeps follow suit and come down in price.
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    When my local MVT area asked for clarification back in August, the following was received from Simon Bromley, MVT General Secretary: "I can categorically confirm that for the purposes of the VCRA, the MVT is classed as a re-enactor group. MVT members are therefore members of the “MVT re-enactor group”. So what does this mean in reality? This is a massive question with massive answers but starting with the basic point that the sale of realistic imitation firearms is banned, the MVT can then rely on exemptions from the ban. Firstly, the MVT holds events which are historical re-enactments and we hold public liability insurance for such events. Secondly, the MVT acts out and recreates military scenarios, and once again we hold PLI to cover such events. On this basis, that makes us re-enactors, which in turn, allows dealers to sell our members realistic imitation firearms." Andy
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    I can see these replicas filling the gaps left by the EU deac laws. They are that good that It took me a while to sus that they weren't real and I have worked with the live guns for years!
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    They are quite complicated and with a limited market I expect a replica to be next to impossible to find. I have an original 1917a1 and tripod if you need some reference dimensions to have a go your self. There’s also an eBayer in Greece selling original T&E etc. Which may make things easier.
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    Ditto the above sentiments, though not a regular contributor always an avid follower! I will miss your insight.
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    Very sad to see this, Ive loved the discussions and insights this thread has provided. Please BlueBelle keep us up to date with the progress of your book.
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    Hi 1068, You came to the right person, it was rebuilt at 44 District Workshops REME, Ashford, Kent. Land Rover and Bedford engines of all variations were built on the engine line for very many years, as well as other makes and types of engines. I was on the line around 1974 to 75, when I first started work there.. regards, Richard
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    Could always go and get some white lead, Tomo! Call it a "work of art"!
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    Believe it or not after a few years of trying on and off I found the Archive this afternoon. The only problem was they have not uploaded the film I want but I have emailed to request it The Archive is called MACE and has a great selection of films so have a search through. It is amazing what is on film archive and online too. http://www.macearchive.org/mace-themes
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    Hiya mate nice to see your making more progress than I am . I would be happy to have both of them in my shed haha . The scammell is coming on well , keep up the good work , Doug.