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    im new happy owner Austin K2y, very nice original condition, preparate restoration, look for Austin speedometer and instrument case
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    my problém with engine is bigger, now look for set big end bearings .020 and pistons+rings .020 for Tilly engine, damage from Normandy....
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    Found a few more of the missing bits!
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    Rose tinted glasses are a wonderful thing, how wonderful Folkestone was, realy, went a few times always the same jobsworths W&P staff who's one purpose in life to be as unhelpful and disrespectful as they could. A show has its moments some people like it others don't never changes. For me the best days at W&P are twenty or more years ago for others maybe they are still to come as for CMV lost its charm when two mags became one, I find the club magazines a much better read but this is only my opinion
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    Dad dug out of the garage the oil pump which we tucked away some years ago. It is a bit battered but is great to have the original. I dont hold out much hope of finding another one.
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    It was a good time to get the throttle pedal sandblasted as well.
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    Another chain that we have was so encrusted with guck that we dont think that the molasses would have had any effect upon it so this one was sandblasted. It needs to come apart now as a lot of the links are stuck.
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    Front line engineering is held up atm. We are in the queue for liners and also valves, which is a tad frustrating to say the least. However, there are many supporting tasks to keep us busy and the project board is overflowing with likely candidates. The crank and camshafts have undergone a thorough clean up and this has revealed the timing No's 1 and 6 on the camshaft gear rims, which corresponds to the matching numbers on the crankshaft gear. Given the good condition of the camshaft lobes and all the gears, I am thinking the complete set was probably replaced at the time of the rebuild. Lucky me. The mag drive shaft was stripped out with Stan's help and will need the worn centre bush sleeving ( Mike Lewenden is on the case.) Also ball bearings will be replaced. Once again the ball races are standard imperial sizes and still produced. Simply Bearings are good rapid suppliers of mid range bearings. The steering box items arrived the next day ! Mike is also tasked with bushing the steering box bracket which was a non matching part. I will catch up with more pics after Dorset, when we will be looking to trial fitting the crank and cams.
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    2 1/2 years later and I have found a correct GR engine for my project.
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    Just read the Classic Military Vehicle W&P report in the new Sept edition. Highly..........uncritical? As I supposed it would have to be? "Airbrushed" might be a word that would come to mind for some folk who compared the event to what it was just four years ago. It will be interesting to see how it compares with Military Odyssey coming up shortly. Does that show still have its mojo?
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    A few photos of progress so far, most the parts are now fitted to the repaired chassis frame including to correct 1942 Petter PU8 engine which is partly stripped down so that the camshaft can be modified in order to fit the clutch as I was unable to find an original camshaft. The roof is off the postwar trailer which is now no more as I've 'broken it' for parts, the complete roof assembly has been used as it almost identical to the original except there's no hatch in the top so that will have to be fabricated later.
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    Making a fresh start on this project after over 2 years away from it due to poor health, nice easy job silver soldering the new brass nipples onto the new brass water hose connectors, 28 of them to do in total.
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    As a result of this loss of history, a local group is hoping to acquire the site to develop into a museum. A recent local government development plan for the area ( now I believe at the consultation stage ) suggests the site will remain off limits to housing development. While many of the temporary camp buildings to the North of the site, have long gone, there are a number of brick and concrete buildings still surviving on the rest of the site. Many of the buildings are in poor condition, with collapsing walls, missing roofs, covered in graffiti, but still restorable pieces of North East history. It is a large site covering 7.6 hectares and while a great deal to restore and maintain, the space would allow events to be held in future, with space for displays, trade, camping and parking. While there is a great deal of work to bring the buildings back into use, they would provide a huge amount of under cover space for exhibits and exhibitions. The pictures shown here, show "Jessie" in the new "Ordnance Depot" markings at the entrance gate to the site and the road from the gate back into East Boldon. I hope to follow up this report with more information and photos soon. The site is private property, hence the shots by the entrance gate for now. The Tuesday evening photo shoot was for a newspaper article, to raise awareness of the site and the group's plans for restoration. More details about the project can be found on their website and Facebook pages. http://boldoncamp.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/boldoncamp.co.uk/ This Google Earth image shows the site.
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    East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot - August 13th OK, so with new markings made in early August, what have "Jessie" and I been up to? Well, we've been out to a local World War 2 site that until recently, I hadn't heard of. The site is East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot, which is only 7.5 miles from home. The site was an Ordnance Depot for a number of local Anti-Aircraft batteries, including Red Barns Farm, where I used to keep the Dodge. The site was built in 1938, in anticipation of war with Germany. It was to supply ammunition to local anti-aircraft and other gun emplacements guarding Tyneside and Wearside. It was also used post war to become a temporary home to a medical unit, a bomb disposal unit. There was also a POW camp, No.8 POW Platoon, a hutted camp attached to No.20 B.D. Squadron of the Royal Engineers, still being used in 1947. A similar camp at Killingworth was bulldozed and converted to housing in 2014/15. With the development and quarrying of the land where the various other North East anti-aircraft batteries were, Boldon Camp is now the last remaining major above ground Word War Two site left in Tyne & Wear.
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    I am glad to see that the AEC Matador is held in such high regard. This is one of my favourite pictures of one in WWII - blokes who probably didn't want to be soldiers sweating and swearing on some North African road, moving the gun in the dirt and the dust because they had to, uniform almost a memory, no doubt looking forward to a cup of tea or a letter from home more than shelling Jerry... One of my uncles was a bloke like these (but with a Morris Quad and 25pdr in Tunisia and Italy).
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    Has to be AEC Matador. As a kid I bought loads of the Airfix models of them, and always wanted a real one. Into Militants now, but still love the old Mat. Might get one one day
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    To be honest, not much that I could show you, I have been really busy doing other things that were more important or so I am told. The rest has been a good opportunity to plan the next stage, do some more research and reinvigorate the creative juices, after the Victory show, I shall be back on it. Jon
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    Evening All, I have always wanted the barn where I keep my vehicles to be more interesting than just a storage barn, so I have tried to add some interesting vignettes. I have two bunker entrances, which exit into other areas. I have a small piece of 1940 Holland. and a 1/6 Junkers 52 with the little paratroopers jumping out' but an area that I have been left with needed something to fill it. The shape suggested a house, so as I had some wood left over from another job, I started. I made a couple of windows and let my imagination do the rest. There's still along way to go but today I managed to give the structure a coat of plaster. Jon
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    Yes, a bit obvious but I liked Allo Allo. The inspiration actually came from a picture of Clervaux in Luxemberg in 1944 but all I could see on the sign was Café the other word below it was too small to read. Jon
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    We have just spent a few days in the Cotswolds which included providing transport for the wedding of some good friends. Getting the bride to the church on time adds a little stress to the drive. But after that trip went so well it was much less concerning to make it to the village social club. The cab, doors and windscreen provided ample weather protection as described in the original sales catalogue (40mph winds and rain). Back to the venue where the sun came out for the photos. The hill performance is slowly improving (and probably my driving also), but there is probably some more tuning to be done.
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    Some of you may have seen that the Imperial War Museum have remastered their WW1 driver training film "The awkward soldier". It is actually very watchable and entertaining. Here is the link to the them. The third part is especially interesting as it shows a Peerless engine being stripped down at about 12 minutes in. Well worth watching https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060022731 This is part one of three. Parts two and three have clickable links further down.
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    HI larry H57 Built late 1939 . First painted in R A F Blue . Then I think it went to Allen Taylor for conversion to Tractor an then in the camouflage it as now painted in . ?? Pattern & pant where found on removing all the other coats very carefully . Looks like the coped the aircraft camouflage of the same time .
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