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    Good evening I am new to this site but have always liked old military stuff, I have passed the location of these vehicles many times over the years but finally got round to having a look in the bushes and was surprised to find a number of somewhat neglected old trucks , there are the remains of several QL's including what appears to be an RAF tanker, a Matador tanker with the RAF blue showing through, there appear to be a couple more Matadors and a number of truck rear bodies stacked up in the trees, there is a long forgotten Scammel growing into the trees that appears complete but is pretty rotten. It would appear efforts are being made to clear the yard they are in, so it may be these long forgotten hulks will go , in addition to the military stuff there are old land Rovers , Leyland octopus trucks, stacks of old military axles and wheels, and a small engine mountain some of which are pretty huge, in this day and age it's odd to come across so much old stuff, it's a bit like a seventies scrappy, but possibly not for much longer. Bill.
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    All fixed up and running great! The gearbox is now full of oil, as is all diff’s and the transfer box, axles and springs all greased up. Tyres to 55psi, engine has had a full service (I need to get a new dizzy plate) but everything is working fine. Good day for a 25 mile drive my daughter loves going in these.
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    This is an all alloy metal model, approx 1:5 scale weighing around 200kg was built during the early 70's to develope the Mk3/Mk5 Chieftain at Chertsey (MVEE) MOD. A custom built one off, accurate model 148cm length x 69cm x width 62cm . Length with gun foward approx 210cm, Nut and bolt (imperial BA) construction, using unique castings, working Horstmann suspension units, stainless steel sprockets and alloy tracks. This was a quality professional build. (not an apprentice model) It is believed it was used for some investigation trials, but I think was squirreled away when it's gear box failed. After which it was pushed around in a steel frame, stored and forgotten . It has since been restored, uprated to 2.4g radio control using Q4D's speed controllers, twin high torque wheel chair motor/gearboxes gives excellent performance, includes turret transverse and a quality benidini sound system. Brought out of storage a couple of weeks ago fitted with new radio control and two new 12 volt 22 amp batteries. Comes with 24 volt charger making the model ready to run and charge. Weighing in at around 200kg she can be carried round in a small van or estate car This is probably one of the biggest radio controlled all metal model tanks in the world and comes with MOD heritage. £5000.00 For more pictures and details PM or Email john.rclarke60@gmail.com
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    This entry to the blog concludes the sub project to get the rear axles cleaned, diffs checked and set up and all brake shoes, drums hubs and brake linkage cleaned adjusted and refitted effort will now be switched onto the D15T project with a view to getting the frame, brackets axles and springs blast cleaned and undercoated so this thread will be dormant for a few months while attention and focus shifts to that project. A few photos to be going on with. Brake drums awaiting there turn for cleaning After a session with the wire wheel on the angle grinder fortunately the inner drum surfaces were in good condition with no scoring or permanent rust damage, without doubt the quality of the steel used in the construction of the truck has played a major part in it's survival. After a coat of phosphate rust killer on the outside surfaces a coat of etch primer is applied And to close this chapter in the restoration saga a photo of the reassembled axles and drums along with the WD articulated bogie system. This basic design was common with minor modifications depending on manufacturer for all 3 ton 6x4's produced from the mid thirties onwards up to the point the type was phased out in favor of 3 ton 4x4 variants around early 1942 . Pete
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    Leo is a pure bred Belgian Shepherd dog, which is a lighter build of German Shepherd. He still has problems telling a 1/4" Whit. spanner from a 1/2" AF but he is getting there :-D !
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