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    Yep its mine and yes it looks terrible. Unfortunately living where I do in Central London its a constant fight to stop my motorcycles getting nicked and my Land Rover vandalised which is a problem for virtually every car in the street. Even the houses get tagged by wannabe graffiti artists. The area is big with tourists of all types who come to drink to excess, take drugs, slum it and view the Graffiti art some of which is frankly amazing but this fuels graffiti tourism where wannabe artists come into the area and tag everything that they can even down to peoples cars, houses and front doors. The silver squiggle on the passenger window was done at about 4pm in front of several witnesses who just stood there and watched. My Cypriot neighbours who are quite special needs (seriously, not a joke) have even helped people climb onto it to take photos and been spoken to by the Police about this, they then deny it even when shown the CCTV of them helping.. Annoyingly most of the crime round here isn't by the locals it is by people visiting the area especially white middle class 20 somethings who come in to party and buy drugs especially crack and heroin. When you find a pissed 20something year old girl trying to climb on the roof because she thinks its cool you know you have problems. There is the advantage that looking as it does hides that its a lot better than it looks. Over the last couple of years the brake system has been rebuilt, the cooling system rebuilt, screens replaced, electrics sorted, bulhead and vent panel repaired. At the moment if you look carefully you can see the rear crossmember is removed and will this summer be replaced with a galvanised one I have ready to fit. Before that goes on I have to remove the wiring loom and recover it with braid. Then weld up the passenger footwell, cure an exhaust leak and then its ready to go. Probably repaint and move it out to the other halfs place in South Wales to stop it being vandalised again as well.
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    Hi after restoring and finally getting registered and on the road I have found the old girl is bouncing on the front end and front tyres are getting warm only in top gear from about 20 mph ive looked in the maintenance manual and it just says inflate to correct pressure there is no pressure written on the tyres they are 14x20 22ply I’m currently running at 60psi
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